Yuan's Ascension - C.293: Fifteen Years Of Immortal Wu (1)

Yuan's Ascension

C.293: Fifteen Years Of Immortal Wu (1)

"Young Master, as a voidrealm, the Middle Land Immortal Hall indeed has numerous wondrous features,” Fang Xia said. "One of the primary reasons the Wu Sect hesitated to keep it open for an extended period was its huge consumption of etherstone."

"The more individuals enter, the more etherstone required to power it," Fang Xia warned.

"I understand," Wu Yuan replied impassively, "Now that the Wu Empire and Middle Land Guard have pooled the world's resources, establishing a large scale spirit-gathering array should be feasible. We can simply place the core of the voidrealm within the array. I believe it shouldn't be too difficult for the entire Middle Land to power a single voidrealm."

Fang Xia was slightly surprised by Wu Yuan’s proposal, pausing to consider it.

"If that is the case, it won’t be difficult," Fang Xia said. "Young Master, your ingenuity knows no bounds. Since this is your decision, I shall make the necessary arrangements promptly."

Wu Yuan nodded.

"There is one more matter," Fang Xia said hesitantly.

"What is it?"

"Should we put some measures in place to limit the Daoist scriptures available to Arctic King, Bei Li, Hai Feizhang, and the others?" Fang Xia inquired

Wu Yuan naturally understood what Fang Xia was implying.

The number of peak powerhouses in the Middle Land had greatly dwindled. Only a few left had any hope of reaching the Golden Core phase.

Despite the unfavorable cultivation environment of the Middle Land, the Arctic King, Hai Feizhang, and some others had managed to reach the ninth-stage Qi Sea phase. Once they acquired a substantial number of Daoist scriptures and grasped the methods within, their power would likely surge rapidly, potentially even breaching the Golden Core phase in one fell swoop.

If they grew too powerful, they might prove challenging to control.

"No need." Wu Yuan shook his head, "For those with the potential to reach the Golden Core phase, we must not only refrain from curbing their progress, but provide all the support and guidance they need, illuminating the correct path of cultivation."

"Golden Core phase? Old Fang, should you keep managing all these matters by yourself, it would impede your cultivation. Enlisting a few individuals at the Golden Core phase could help alleviate your burden," Wu Yuan smiled, "As for any repercussions? I have faith in my abilities."

"My aim is to transcend the Amethyst Cradle phase and eventually become a fabled Archeldritch. Why should I fret over them?"

"In due course, I shall unite Summerpeak," Wu Yuan chuckled, "No matter how quickly they cultivate, they will only lag far behind me."

Subduing underlings? Even if their loyalty was lacking, Wu Yuan saw no need to do so. Ultimately, figures like the Arctic King, Hai Feizhang, and others may harbor ulterior motives, but they have yet to exhibit any signs of treachery.

"Moreover," Wu Yuan stated, "we have all read the ancient texts and writings left behind by Dong Pan and Wan Xing. Based on past occurrences, when the Xin Continent's passageway is revealed with the receding tide, a connection to other regions may be established."

"That period will be the most perilous time for the Middle Land. Hence, producing stronger individuals is advantageous," Wu Yuan mused. "My concern is not that they will grow too strong, but rather that they’ll still be too weak."

"Understood, I shall attend to it promptly," Fang Xia responded softly.

He understood that the youngster who once relied on him for protection had now grown up and had his own independent thoughts. Whether power or foresight, Wu Yuan had now surpassed him.


After his conversation with Fang Xia, Wu Yuan remained in the Yanqing Hall to cultivate.

Days turned to weeks.

Alongside his cultivation, Wu Yuan diligently worked on constructing the Daoist Scripture Tower within the Middle Land Immortal Hall.

This tedious task involved uploading a number of cultivation teachings into the voidrealm in the form of virtual immortal slips.

The majority of these teachings were from the eight immortal slips the realm master had given him.

Numerous basic qi refining and body refining methods, as well as ordinary alchemy and equipment crafting secrets, were all considered top-tier teachings within the Middle Land.

Additionally, methodologies such as the Dark Moon Sword Manual he obtained from Jin Quan were also included in the Daoist Scripture Tower.

Wu Yuan even incorporated two sets of basic ether arts, reserved for potential future body refiners of the Middle Land.

With his inherited memories, Wu Yuan had a plethora of ether arts to choose from. Conversely, for loose cultivators like Qiong Sea King, acquiring a single ether art was already extremely difficult.

Furthermore, certain sword arts, saber techniques, pill refining secrets, and other more advanced techniques could only be redeemed with the corresponding level of contribution.

Regrettably, those advanced ether arts and the top-tier teachings such as the Archeldritch Divine Codex from my inherited memories cannot be shared with others.

Wu Yuan was bound by unbreakable restrictions due to his oath. Even if a powerhouse attempted to extract knowledge from Wu Yuan’s memories through a soul search, they would find these inherited memories inaccessible.

Time flowed by as Wu Yuan meticulously inputted the teachings into the Daoist Scripture Tower one at a time. The process of erecting the Daoist Scripture Tower served as a unique form of cultivation for Wu Yuan.

Teaching is also cultivation! To teach students is to teach oneself. Wu Yuan realized.

Many great scholars also developed themselves in the process of imparting knowledge to their students.


On the 8th of October in the year 3232 of the Eastern Martial calendar, all Heavenly Rankers in the Middle Land Guard received a message from Fang Xia via their hall jades, and convened at the Middle Land Immortal Hall.

One by one, the Heavenly Rankers arrived. Their numbers had dropped sharply after the worm devil calamity and the war with Great Jin. In total, less than 40 remained.

"What is that?" one asked as they beheld the massive new building beside the Conference Hall.

"A new hall?" another mused.

Soon, Wu Yuan and Fang Xia appeared before the gathered Rankers.

"Due to his benevolence, the Alliance Leader has made the decision to share his knowledge of the immortal cultivation world with everyone here. This includes cultivation teachings and secret arts, culminating in a treasure trove surpassing any sect in the Middle Land today," Fang Xia announced.

"But remember, teachings are not to be shared lightly. Only the most basic teachings and knowledge are free. Advanced teachings and secret arts require corresponding contributions."

A treasure trove surpassing any sect in the Middle Land? The Heavenly Rankers were not surprised. They knew that Wu Yuan's strength and progress hinted at a powerful inheritance. Naturally, they yearned to learn the teachings as well.

Fang Xia continued. "As for advanced teachings, those who learn them will have to vow never to share the knowledge."

"Where can we find these teachings?" the Arctic King inquired.

"All teachings are hosted in the newly built hall in the distance, the Dao Scripture Tower," Fang Xia revealed with a smile. "You are all welcome to explore the tower and learn any of the teachings within, as long as you offer the corresponding contributions."

With a loud rumble, the gates to the hall opened. Just as the Arctic King and Hai Feizhang were about to step forward, the voices of the Qiong Sea King and Mountain Devil King boomed. "Thank you, Alliance Leader, for the grace of your teachings."

The two of them bowed respectfully.

"Thank you, Alliance Leader, for the grace of your teachings," echoed Liu Junxing, Meng Cai, and the other Heavenly Rankers, offering their own respectful bows.

Witnessing this display of deference, the Arctic King, Hai Feizhang, and Bei Li had no choice but to follow suit.

"No worries. Fellow Daoists, you may continue with your cultivation," Wu Yuan said lightly before his avatar scattered into particles of light.

Wu Yuan was no fool. He knew that this performance was likely orchestrated by Fang Xia and Qiong Sea King to elevate his standing and establish a leader-subordinate relationship between himself and the Heavenly Rankers.

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