Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.95: The Plan to Kill Xiao Yongqiang

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.95: The Plan to Kill Xiao Yongqiang

“Wait, what are your exact terms?” Xiao Yongqiang blocked Chen Luo’s path again, his gaze filled with ferocity.

“Didn’t I already make it clear? I want a hundred billion,” retorted Chen Luo with a sly grin. “Don’t stand in my way, or you’ll regret it.”

Chen Luo’s suddenly emitted an overwhelmingly powerful aura, his sharp gaze intimidating enough to make Xiao Yongqiang involuntarily step back.

“Chen Luo, my days are numbered. You really shouldn’t push me too far. A man with nothing to lose is capable of anything,” Xiao Yongqiang warned, his words laced with a threat.

“Your threats mean nothing to me.”

Finishing his words, Chen Luo seized Xiao Yongqiang by his collar and flung him aside before entering his villa.

“Don’t let him in. I don’t want him ruining my mood,” Chen Luo instructed Chun Mei.

“Understood, Brother Luo.”

Chun Mei kept a vigilant eye on Xiao Yongqiang, prepared to eject him if he attempted to enter.

“It’s time for Xiao Yongqiang to die.”

Upon entering the villa, Chen Luo was already mulling over the idea of killing Xiao Yongqiang. He was not someone who tolerated threats lightly. Xiao Yongqiang’s intimidation had only fueled Chen Luo’s murderous intent.

If Xiao Yongqiang had refrained from threatening him, Chen Luo might have spared him for a little longer. But now, Xiao Yongqiang was sealing his own fate.

The original plan was to eliminate Xiao Yongqiang and frame Ye Chen for it. Chen Luo was now set on executing this plan, intending to further complicate Ye Chen’s situation. He was curious about how much Ye Chen’s protagonist aura would plummet once Xiao Qingxue harbored hatred against him.

“Dear, did you encounter that old man Xiao Yongqiang again when you returned?” Zhao Yingxuan asked of Chen Luo.

“Yes, I did run into him. His visit was about Xiao Qingxue. He wants to remove the leverage we have over her,” confirmed Chen Luo with a nod.

“That old man’s only worry now seems to be Xiao Qingxue,” Zhao Yingxuan remarked, her lips curling slightly. “Also, he had someone send over a divorce agreement.”

Zhao Yingxuan produced a divorce agreement. Along with it, Xiao Yongqiang had sent a warning that if she refused to sign, she would be left with nothing. It was an obvious attempt at intimidation.

Zhao Yingxuan was undeterred by such threats.

“My guess is that Xiao Yongqiang is starting to tie up loose ends for Xiao Qingxue. After removing the leverage we hold over her, he’s likely to turn aggressively against us, knowing his days are numbered,” Zhao Yingxuan speculated, confident that her theory was about eighty percent accurate.

“Now is the time to act first. We should send Elsa to take care of Xiao Yongqiang,” she suggested, glancing toward Elsa.

“Master, I assure you that if you entrust me with this task, I will accomplish it,” Elsa promptly volunteered, eager to curry favor with Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan and reduce her own suffering.

A dying beast is always the most perilous. Xiao Yongqiang was like a tiger on the brink of death, and if not swiftly dealt with, he could unleash a final, desperate fury.

“Eliminating Xiao Yongqiang is indeed necessary, but not through Elsa. I plan for Xiao Yongqiang to meet his end at Ye Chen’s hands,” Chen Luo said, his expression turning cold.

“How could Ye Chen ever kill Xiao Yongqiang?” Zhao Yingxuan questioned, skeptical of the feasibility of such a plan.

“He himself won’t, but I have something that will make it possible,” Chen Luo revealed, taking out a lifelike human skin mask.

Framing Ye Chen wasn’t going to be difficult. He intended to demonstrate that even if it wasn’t factual, appearances could be misleading. Finding someone of a similar build to Ye Chen wasn’t too challenging.

Chen Luo decided to hand over this task to Bai Meixiang, confident in her abilities. Tasking her with arranging someone to impersonate Ye Chen and assassinate Xiao Yongqiang seemed well within her capabilities.

Handing the skin mask to Chun Mei, Chen Luo instructed her to deliver it to Bai Meixiang, along with directions for Bai Meixiang to arrange for someone to disguise themselves as Ye Chen and kill Xiao Yongqiang.

“Are you sure about leaving this to White Rose?” Zhao Yingxuan voiced her concerns.

What if the plan failed and Xiao Yongqiang survived? She had long harbored a deep-seated desire to see Xiao Yongqiang dead, having poisoned him with a slow-acting toxin a long time ago.

“There’s no need to worry. I have full confidence in her skills,” Chen Luo reassured her. With Qiu Zhu and Dong Ju at Bai Meixiang’s side, surely this minor task was within their capability.

“Once Xiao Yongqiang is gone, the Yongqiang Group will be ours,” Zhao Yingxuan said, a hint of excitement in her voice, her long-awaited goal finally within reach.

Even with Xiao Yongqiang’s looming death leaving Xiao Qingxue as the heir, she now had to comply with their commands, effectively placing the Yongqiang Group under their control. Once Xiao Yongqiang was out of the picture, taking over the Yongqiang Group from Xiao Qingxue would be considerably easier.

“We should celebrate,” Zhao Yingxuan suggested.

Xiao Yongqiang’s fate was sealed in Chen Luo’s mind, even though he was still alive. For Chen Luo, it was already time for festivities.

“And how shall we celebrate?”

“What else? Celebrate with me, of course.”

Zhao Yingxuan sent a flirtatious glance Chen Luo’s way, sending ripples through his heart. Her allure was undeniable, and in the art of seduction, Zhao Yingxuan was unparalleled.

Without hesitation, Chen Luo scooped Zhao Yingxuan into his arms and strode toward the bedroom. Zhao Yingxuan, in Chen Luo’s embrace, cast a glance at Elsa and beckoned her to follow.

Elsa hesitated momentarily, then quietly trailed behind. She knew what was about to unfold and had mentally prepared herself, thanks to Zhao Yingxuan’s teachings.


Elsewhere, Ye Chen departed from the Wang family and arrived at Xiao Yongqiang’s residence. His mission was to seek Xiao Yongqiang’s support in aiding the Wang family against the combined threats of the Luo and Li families.

Aware of Ye Chen’s visit, Xiao Yongqiang permitted him entry.

“Uncle Xiao, I represent the Wang family in proposing an alliance with you,” Ye Chen addressed Xiao Yongqiang.

“Are you here to discuss an alliance between the Wang family and the Yongqiang Group?”

Xiao Yongqiang’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, well-informed about the Wang family’s current predicament and the troubles stirred up by Ye Chen.

Once, Xiao Yongqiang held Ye Chen in high regard, considering him a lifesaver with skills far surpassing the average person. He had even entertained the idea of encouraging a union between Ye Chen and Xiao Qingxue.

However, Xiao Yongqiang had long since abandoned such thoughts. The reason was simple. Ye Chen was too prone to causing trouble, an absolute magnet for chaos.

His actions had offended both the Luo and Li families, making Xiao Yongqiang hesitant to associate with Ye Chen, lest it draw unwanted attention to the Yongqiang Group. Despite its strength, the Yongqiang Group lacked the profound resources of these major families and couldn’t afford to provoke either the Li or the Luo family.

“I wonder, Uncle Xiao, if you would consider an alliance with the Wang family? Such collaboration could be mutually beneficial for both sides. I hope you’ll give it some thought.”

Xiao Yongqiang regarded Ye Chen intently.

Despite Ye Chen’s convincing pitch, Xiao Yongqiang, a seasoned and shrewd operator, could easily infer the Wang family’s real motive in seeking an alliance. They simply wanted to rally support against the Luo and Li families – a mix-up Xiao Yongqiang preferred to avoid, knowing the Yongqiang Group was not in a position to engage in such a conflict.

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