Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.94: Can You Give Me a Hundred Billion?

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.94: Can You Give Me a Hundred Billion?

Chen Luo had previously expressed to Luo Mingde his willingness to collaborate against Ye Chen. Now, Luo Mingde was suggesting they bring Li Zhong into their alliance, bolstering their strength in the campaign against Ye Chen.

“If Mr. Li is inclined to target Ye Chen, I’m more than ready to join forces,” said Chen Luo, his face wearing a warm smile. The Li family’s animosity towards Ye Chen was a crucial part of his plan.

“However, it’s not going to be easy to take on Ye Chen. The Wang family is in his corner. Overcoming them is our first hurdle in this pursuit,” Chen Luo shifted the focus to the Wang family.

The Luo and Li families’ growing discontent with the Wang family was evident, and it would be ideal if they agreed to move against them. Chen Luo, eyeing the Wang family as a lucrative target, saw them as the perfect ‘fat sheep’ for his financial ambitions, making them his prime choice.

“Chen Luo’s got a point. To get to Ye Chen, we first need to deal with the Wang family,” Luo Mingde agreed, nodding.

Had it not been for the Wang family’s interference, the Luo family would have already handled Ye Chen. This left Luo Mingde with a deep-seated bitterness toward them, their relationship having soured significantly.

Then, turning to Li Zhong, Luo Mingde gauged his reaction regarding the Wang family.

“Are you suggesting we move against the Wang family?” Li Zhong asked, looking at Chen Luo and Luo Mingde.

Their demeanor made their intentions abundantly clear.

“Do you really think you can let this go, Mr. Li? Have you forgotten our previous encounter at the Wang residence?” Luo Mingde’s words fanned the flames of Li Zhong’s anger.

Ye Chen was clearly sheltered by the Wang family, who had made a fool of him. This was a grievance Li Zhong was adamant about settling with the Wang family.

“The Wang family has extensive resources and won’t be easy to tackle. Do you have any plans?”

Li Zhong’s question was a clear indication of his readiness to confront the Wang family.

“At the moment, we don’t have a solid strategy. My plan is to start by undermining the Wang family through business ventures,” responded Luo Mingde.

As both families were among the four major powerhouses in the city, they were relatively on par with each other. Thus, they could gauge the Wang family’s strength through their own resources. However, defeating the Wang family, even with the combined efforts of the Luo and Li families, would be challenging unless they were prepared to incur substantial costs.

“Then let’s focus on targeting the Wang family through business for now,” Li Zhong conceded, lacking a better alternative. Dealing with the Wang family would prove difficult unless they made a misstep.

“Gentlemen, I would like to propose a collaboration,” Chen Luo then addressed Li Zhong and Luo Mingde.

“What kind of collaboration?” Luo Mingde promptly asked, with Li Zhong’s eyes showing a spark of interest.

For a collaboration to be intriguing, it needed to involve a project that captured their interest.

“You’re certainly familiar with the scar removal cream. I plan to appoint you both as its distributors.”

Although the scar removal cream was already in partnership with Xiao Qingxue, the Yongqiang Group couldn’t monopolize the entire market, leaving room for cooperation with the Luo and Li families.

Upon hearing the mention of the scar removal cream, both men’s eyes brightened. The Yongqiang Group had reaped substantial profits from it, and they were undoubtedly eager to participate.

“The domestic distribution rights are already with the Yongqiang Group. Would you be interested in the international market?” Chen Luo asked.

“Absolutely,” Luo Mingde and Li Zhong replied in unison, immediately expressing their interest.

While the domestic market was already under the control of the Yongqiang Group, the international market represented a substantially larger opportunity, potentially even surpassing the domestic one. Given their existing international business operations, they were well-positioned to manage it globally as well.

“How much is needed for the distribution rights?” Luo Mingde asked.

“One billion per year.”

Luo Mingde’s eyebrows arched upon hearing the annual fee of one billion. While not a small sum, it fell within their capacity.

“I’m in,” declared Li Zhong without hesitation.

Though securing the rights would cost a billion, recouping the investment was feasible, especially since they could potentially earn it back within a month of entering the market.

With Li Zhong on board, Luo Mingde wasn’t going to fall behind. They both recognized the lucrative potential of the scar removal cream, known for its astonishing efficacy. Its popularity was assured, both domestically and abroad.

Next, they reviewed and signed a contract brought by their secretaries. Chen Luo agreed to supply them at the same price as Xiao Qingxue.

Securing a direct revenue of two billion from agency fees, with more profits expected from future sales, made the initial fee seem modest by comparison.

Forming a collaborative bond with Luo Mingde and Li Zhong, their alliance was now solidified. Business interests often forge the strongest ties.

“It’s time for me to establish a few companies of my own.”

With the money earned from trading items through the system, accumulating a billion in a short period seemed feasible. For instance, innovative products like smartphones and cars represented high-profit projects. Just the markup on these could fill Chen Luo’s coffers to the brim.

When the time was right, Chen Luo intended to employ a few androids to oversee his companies. All he needed to do was to act as an effective overseer, simply waiting to reap the profits.

Later on, Chen Luo, Luo Mingde, and Li Zhong continued their discussion on how to handle Ye Chen. Chen Luo cautioned Li Zhong about Ye Chen’s formidable combat skills, advising caution in any covert actions they might consider against him. He was aware that the Li family might try to target Ye Chen stealthily.

However, challenging Ye Chen could be likened to serving themselves up to him. How many truly stood a chance against Ye Chen’s prowess?

“He’s a mercenary too?”

From Chen Luo, Li Zhong gleaned more insights about Ye Chen. By sharing this information, Chen Luo intended to urge Li Zhong to proceed with greater caution. If they managed to gain even a slight edge over Ye Chen, it would be an unexpected boon.

After wrapping up their discussion, Chen Luo lost interest in continuing the conversation with the two men and excused himself to leave.

“Chen Luo.”

As he arrived back at his villa, Chen Luo was intercepted by Xiao Yongqiang.

Xiao Yongqiang’s appearance was pale, his hair streaked with more white than before, betraying his deteriorating condition.

“What do you need, Mr. Xiao?”

Chen Luo greeted Xiao Yongqiang with a knowing smile, already surmising the purpose of his visit.

‘It must be about Xiao Qingxue.’

Otherwise, Xiao Yongqiang likely wouldn’t have sought out Chen Luo.

“I’ve canceled the hit on you on the dark web. Now, I have just one request. Hand over whatever you’re using to threaten Qingxue.”

Chen Luo’s assumption was correct, Xiao Yongqiang’s visit was indeed motivated by concerns for Xiao Qingxue.

Realizing his time was limited, Xiao Yongqiang wished to do something meaningful for Xiao Qingxue in his final days.

“Heh, are you trying to mock me?” Chen Luo chuckled coldly at Xiao Yongqiang.

“Hold on, I’m not finished yet. I’m willing to offer compensation. Just tell me how much you want.”

“Oh, would a hundred billion do? Can you afford that?” Chen Luo inquired casually. “If not, you’d better leave quickly. I don’t want you hanging around and bothering me.”

Chen Luo no longer felt obliged to show any courtesy to Xiao Yongqiang. With his current status, he had every right to disregard him.

Xiao Yongqiang’s expression turned grim. He had braced himself for Chen Luo’s steep demands, but a request for a hundred billion was out of the question.

“I’m not joking around,” said Xiao Yongqiang, his eyes burning with frustration.

“Neither am I. I really am asking for a hundred billion.”

“That’s impossible,” Xiao Yongqiang flatly refused.

“Well then, there’s no reason for you to linger here,” Chen Luo dismissed him.

He was no longer interested in profiting from Xiao Yongqiang. After all, upon Xiao Yongqiang’s death, all his wealth would eventually come into Chen Luo’s possession.

Whatever Xiao Yongqiang owned now would soon be Chen Luo’s.

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