Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.92: Forcing Ye Chen Out


The soundproofing in this place was impeccable. Li Ting’s wails, though desperate, were inaudible to the bodyguards outside. But even if they had heard, there was nothing they could have done to save her.

“Shut up!” bellowed Ye Chen, his fury reminiscent of a lion in a rage, as he thundered at Li Ting.

“I’m so tempted to just kill you.”

His eyes, cold and devoid of mercy, were locked onto Li Ting. Ye Chen was inclined to end her life right there, but the implications of Li Ting’s status held his hand. Eliminating her would render him a fugitive, not just in the metropolis but across the entire nation, relentlessly pursued by the Li family.

The Luo family would surely seize this opportunity for their gain, and Chen Luo would undoubtedly move against him. Not even the Wang family could guarantee his safety under such circumstances.

The Wang family’s prior involvement had led to a compromise with the Luo family, leading to Ye Chen’s release. However, a united front between the Li and Luo families could easily sway the Wang family.

After picking up his tattered clothes, Ye Chen unleashed a ferocious beating on Li Ting, then left the hotel room, his steps awkward gait.

Li Ting, rendered unconscious by Ye Chen’s brutal assault, lay motionless.

The bodyguards, startled upon seeing Ye Chen walk out, rushed into the room. They were greeted by the sight of an unconscious Li Ting, battered and beaten.

“You stay here and call for an ambulance, We’ll chase after Ye Chen. We can’t let him escape,” one bodyguard ordered, his face pale with dread.

They all knew too well that with Li Ting harmed, escaping the Li family’s wrath was impossible. Their only hope was to apprehend Ye Chen and somehow redeem themselves.

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They were oblivious to Ye Chen’s true capabilities. Had they known, they certainly wouldn’t have recklessly attempted to seize him.

Li Ting’s bodyguards managed to catch up with Ye Chen, but their pursuit was short-lived. Ye Chen swiftly overpowered all three with mere punches, leaving them grievously injured.

After exiting the hotel, Ye Chen made his way straight back to the Wang family estate.

“I beat up Li Ting,” he informed the elder patriarch of the Wang family.

“You did what?” The patriarch’s expression shifted upon hearing Ye Chen’s words, aware of the potential fallout with the Li family. “I’m aware of your disdain for Li Ting, but was it necessary to resort to violence?”

Ye Chen hesitated, choosing not to divulge the full details of the encounter to the patriarch. Some matters were too difficult to discuss.

“Her injuries aren’t fatal, are they?” asked the patriarch.

Noticing Ye Chen’s reluctance to discuss further, the patriarch refrained from probing into the reasons behind Ye Chen’s actions against Li Ting. Ye Chen had once saved his life, so the Wang family owed it to him to help navigate this predicament.

The severity of Li Ting’s injuries remained unknown. If they were grave, then the situation could be complicated.

“She won’t die because of this.”

Ye Chen had restrained himself. His blows, though not intended to be lethal, were still delivered in a fit of rage and carried significant force. Li Ting’s condition was likely to be somewhat less dire than Luo Zixuan’s, but still far from minor.

“This is a problematic situation. It’s best you stay with us at the Wang residence for now.”

Even the patriarch could sense the complexity of the matter. Ye Chen might not have aimed to kill Li Ting, but his heavy-handed approach was certain. All they could do now was to wait for the results. Meanwhile, the Wang family patriarch sent people to investigate the situation, anticipating the Li family’s response.

This incident wasn’t just a concern for the Wang family. Chen Luo was deeply involved, having masterminded the entire situation.

“Ye Chen restrained himself from killing Li Ting. It’s hard to tell whether that’s commendable or disappointing.”

Chen Luo had originally thought that an enraged Ye Chen would kill Li Ting outright. Had Ye Chen indeed killed her, the repercussions would have been dire.

Li Ting’s survival likely meant Ye Chen’s ‘protagonist halo’ would save him, though it must have suffered a significant blow this time.

Chen Luo’s plan had succeeded in drawing the Li family’s hatred towards Ye Chen. Now, it was a matter of seeing how the Li family would counteract. Yet, there was also the Luo family to consider. Luo Mingde was not one to stand idly by.

Chen Luo had orchestrated all this, but now he was merely an observer, waiting eagerly for the ensuing drama to unfold.

Li Ting, hospitalized with no life-threatening injuries, was still seriously hurt.

“What use are you if my daughter ends up in such a state?” Li Zhong, seething with anger, confronted Li Ting’s bodyguards.

Of the four bodyguards, only one remained unscathed. The rest were critically injured. He felt fortunate for not having joined the chase after Ye Chen, or he too would have been severely wounded.

Faced with Li Zhong’s wrath, the bodyguard was at a loss for words. No excuse could justify his failure to protect Li Ting.

“Leave my sight!”

In a fury, Li Zhong dismissed the bodyguard and set off for the Wang family’s place. However, on his way, he was unexpectedly intercepted by Luo Mingde.

“Mr. Li, do you mind if I accompany you?” Luo Mingde asked Li Zhong.

When Li Zhong encountered Luo Mingde, he immediately understood that Luo Mingde intended to confront the Wang family alongside him. Naturally, he had no reason to oppose.

“Mr. Luo, I apologize for any past grievances.”

Li Zhong was alluding to the previous incident involving their support for Ye Chen, an event that had since created a strain between the Li and Luo families.

“What’s done is done. I harbor no ill will towards the Li family,” Luo Mingde declared. Despite his words, it was doubtful he bore no resentment. But now, united by a common enemy, they were temporarily allied. After all, there are no everlasting enemies.

The pair proceeded directly to the Wang family estate. Li Zhong, unrelenting in his approach, displayed no deference even towards the senior Wang patriarch.

“Where is Ye Chen? Bring him out,” demanded Li Zhong, his tone icy.

Li Zhong’s daughter, despite not being conventionally attractive and struggling with her weight, was the apple of his eye, pampered to the extreme. This was why he had previously agreed to assist Ye Chen against the Luo family at Li Ting’s request.

Little did he anticipate that Ye Chen, whom he once aided, would retaliate by grievously harming his daughter. A blatant betrayal of kindness.

Li Zhong was oblivious to the exact circumstances, but even with knowledge, he wouldn’t have considered his daughter at fault. In his eyes, she could do no wrong–such was his authoritarian affection.

“Regarding this issue, I will extend an apology to the Li family on Ye Chen’s behalf. How is Li Ting currently?”

The old patriarch of the Wang family stood up, bowing deeply to offer his apologies to Li Zhong.

A snort of disdain.

“As if! Do you really think, Mr. Wang, that a mere apology will stop me from pursuing this matter?”

Li Zhong openly sneered at the patriarch’s attempt at an apology, making it clear that a simple sorry would not sway him.

“Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Wang. It’s time for Ye Chen to face us.”

Standing alongside Li Zhong, Luo Mingde also let out a cold laugh. They were both eager to see whether the Wang family could still shield Ye Chen. “I’d like to see you try convincing the other major power in the city, the Xie family, to intervene on Ye Chen’s behalf.”

Even if the Xie family were to support Ye Chen, Luo Mingde was not afraid now that the Li family was certain to stand with the Luo family.

The face of the Wang patriarch darkened. He had anticipated trouble the moment he saw Luo Mingde and Li Zhong together, and his suspicions were quickly confirmed.

It was apparent now that the Luo and Li families had joined forces against Ye Chen. Despite this, the patriarch was not ready to give up on Ye Chen. The man had saved his life, and the Wang family owed him a debt of gratitude.

Though, in truth, the Wangs were not known for their righteousness. Their current stance of loyalty and repayment might well be influenced by Ye Chen’s protagonist aura.

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