Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.87: Decisive and Ruthless


Confronted with Jin Sanyes question, Bai Meixiang chose to remain silent. It was Chen Luo who was the leader here. If anyone was to speak, it would be him.

Bai Meixiang had come to fully trust Chen Luo. He had kept his word about a surprise for her if she could locate Ye Chens subordinates.

That surprise was an enhancement of Bai Meixiangs abilities. Chen Luo had used the system to obtain something that improved her skills significantly. Now, Bai Meixiang was nearly equal to the protagonist, capable of almost matching Ye Chen in combat power.

This special means of boosting her abilities secured Bai Meixiangs absolute loyalty. Chen Luo had even promised her future rewards, including extended longevity.

Before Chen Luo had augmented her power, Bai Meixiang might have doubted his claims, considering them jokes. But now, she believed him without question. Her ambition was not meager. Her initial goal to become the queen of Magic Citys underworld had now expanded even further.

However, realizing these grand ambitions hinged on her alliance with Chen Luo. For Bai Meixiang, the price of obedience seemed a small one for such potential gain.

Youve managed to subdue White Rose. Quite the impressive feat, Jin Sanye observed, turning his attention from Bai Meixiang to Chen Luo, acknowledging her identity as White Rose by implication.

Chen Luo responded to Jin Sanye with a smile, Then, how about you choose to submit to me?

Jin Sanye laughed heartily in response, his eyes betraying a glint of coldness, Are you joking, sir?

Do you really think Im joking?

Chen Luos expression shifted abruptly as he seized Jin Sanye by the neck and hoisted him up. Moments before, there had been a five-meter gap between them, yet suddenly, Jin Sanye found himself in Chen Luos iron grip.

Jin Sanyes men, initially caught off guard, swiftly drew their guns. But Chen Luos movements were too rapid for them to react in time. Only Ye Chen, among Jin Sanyes entourage, could discern Chen Luos swift actions, but even he couldnt intervene to save Jin Sanye. Instead, Ye Chen kept his distance, knowing that the guns aimed at Chen Luo would hardly threaten him.

You Jin Sanye uttered, his face reflecting sheer terror.

Whats the matter, afraid now? Chen Luo asked, a slight smile playing on his lips.

Your fate today hinges on your choice. Submit and live, or resist and die, Chen Luo stated, his voice laced with a chilling firmness. He wasnt bluffing, he had given Jin Sanye two stark choices.

If you kill me, dont expect to walk out of here, Jin Sanye managed to choke out, struggling to speak under Chen Luos tight grasp. His face turned a ghastly shade of blue, his lips tinged with cyan from oxygen deprivation.

Listen to him, Jin Sanye gasped out strenuously.

Upon hearing Jin Sanyes command, his men reluctantly lowered their guns, except for Ye Chen, who still clandestinely held onto his firearm.

Watching Jin Sanyes men lay down their arms, Bai Meixiang swiftly signaled her team. They quickly gathered the guns from the ground, aiming them at Jin Sanyes group.

Ye Chen, eyes narrowed, watched Chen Luo intently, seeking a moment to fire. Haunted by dreams of killing Chen Luo with a single shot, he desperately sought his chance. However, Chen Luos attire, a bulletproof vest acquired from the system, thwarted his plans. Hitting Chen Luos head would require an opening Ye Chen simply didnt have.

With Jin Sanye gripped in Chen Luos hold, he inadvertently shielded Chen Luo from Ye Chens line of fire. Any shot from Ye Chen would likely hit Jin Sanye first.

Now the tables have turned. Do you really think Id let you go? Chen Luo asked, his voice tinged with amusement as he addressed Jin Sanye.

I am aligned with the Wang family. Making a move here will cause a huge uproar, and its not worth it, Jin Sanye retorted, still confident in his safety. Yet, he severely underestimated Chen Luo.

I gave you a chance to live, which you chose to ignore.

With a swift and decisive snap, Chen Luo cleanly broke Jin Sanyes neck. The crisp sound sent a shiver through everyone present, particularly Bai Meixiang, who vividly remembered the sensation of Chen Luos hand around her neck. Unlike Jin Sanye, Bai Meixiang had chosen to submit and live. Jin Sanye, not truly fearing death but overly confident in his safety, ultimately paid with his life.

These people are your problem now, Chen Luo stated, turning his attention to Bai Meixiang. freewebno

Chen Luo, in a swift move, hurled Jin Sanyes lifeless body at Ye Chen, who was in the midst of drawing his gun. Before Ye Chen could react, he was struck down by the corpse.

Now, Im stronger than you, Chen Luo declared, instantly closing the distance to Ye Chen. He delivered a powerful punch straight to Ye Chens chest.

With a loud thud, Ye Chens body crashed into the floor. A muffled groan escaped him, his face ashen, blood trickling continuously from his mouth. Chen Luos single punch had grievously injured him.

With a sharp kick, Chen Luo sent the gun spinning out of Ye Chens grasp, breaking it into pieces mid-air. He swiftly followed with another kick aimed at Ye Chens neck, a blow that, if landed, would certainly snap Ye Chens neck, killing him instantly.

Move! Ye Chen roared, adrenaline fueling his battered body, enabling him to dodge Chen Luos potentially fatal kick. Filled with a sudden burst of power, his heart rate spiked, his blood coursing rapidly, his entire body burning with intensity.


Pushing off the ground, Ye Chen gathered all his strength and charged into Chen Luo, his newfound potential forcefully driving Chen Luo back. Seizing this moment, Ye Chen turned and fled, his instincts warning him that staying meant certain death.

Ah Da tried to block Ye Chens path but was swiftly kicked aside. Neither Qiu Zhu nor Dong Ju could halt Ye Chens explosive escape.

Chen Luo, with a silenced pistol in hand, fired two shots. One bullet hit Ye Chens arm, but the other missed entirely.

Ye Chen, having crashed through the glass, leapt from the ninth floor. A fall from such a height would usually be fatal, even for someone with Ye Chens robust physique. However, as he descended to the seventh floor, he skillfully grabbed onto the window ledge, shattering the glass and entering the building.

Brother Luo, are you okay? Qiu Zhu asked, coming up to Chen Luo with concern.

Im fine, Chen Luo responded, unscathed despite being pushed back by the force of Ye Chens collision.

Dong Ju, Ah Da, theres no need to chase him, he instructed.

Ye Chens escape wasnt merely luck; it was the result of his protagonists aura. Catching him would be futile. Not even Chen Luo himself could catch up. It was a stark reminder of the power and resilience granted by the protagonists aura, particularly in critical moments.

Bai Meixiang, can you manage things here? Chen Luo asked her.

Jin Sanyes death was a significant event. He was a figure propped up by the Wang family, and his demise was tantamount to an open conflict with them. Jin Sanye had handled numerous dirty deeds for the Wang family, making him an invaluable asset.

Dont underestimate my abilities, Bai Meixiang replied with assurance.

Good, Ill leave the follow-up to you. I need to leave now. Chen Luo fully delegated the responsibility of handling the situation to Bai Meixiang, confident in her ability to manage the aftermath. He trusted that even if Bai Meixiang encountered any complications, he could assist in resolving them.

Although Chen Luo had succeeded in eliminating Jin Sanye, his main goal of apprehending Ye Chen was not achieved. In the moment of action, his lethal intent towards Ye Chen paradoxically enabled Ye Chen to escape. Had Chen Luo focused solely on capturing Ye Chen without the intent to kill, he might have been able to succeed. Despite the protagonists aura making it challenging to kill Ye Chen, Chen Luos superior strength should have been enough. Yet, at the crucial moment, Ye Chens explosive burst of energy allowed him to slip away.

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