Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.303 - Falling into River

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.303 - Falling into River

“Go to hell!” Zhao Tianjue roared and unleashed his strongest punch, hoping to kill Chen Fan with that one attack.

The brief pause he had taken allowed Chen Fan to get close to the River of Rage. He felt so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.

Zhao Tianjue even ignited a bit of his golden core, wasting three years’ worth of bitter cultivation, to increase his speed further; almost instantaneously, he was behind Chen Fan, just a thousand steps away.

Zhao Tianjue now hated Chen Fan to the bone.

An Illusory Core realm expert like him had been chasing Chen Fan like a dog. Yet, he hadn’t succeeded. Wouldn’t the entire imperial city laugh at him now?

Even after igniting a bit of his golden core, he had failed to kill Chen Fan. He would truly become a laughingstock now.

So, he had used his strongest attack, capable of killing someone at the ninth level in one blow.

Zhao Tianjue no longer cared about Chen Fan’s flying technique. Now, only one thought crowded his mind: kill Chen Fan, leave not even his bones intact.

His punch shot out like a massive, lightning-fast millstone, aiming straight for Chen Fan's back.

Zhao Tianjue knew all too well the slim chance of defeating Chen Fan if he managed to jump into the swift currents of the River of Rage.

The rolling River of Rage churned with turbulent waves. They were so rough that a single wave could sweep someone away. Where would he go to find Chen Fan?

He could have used his senses to locate Chen Fan had he not been wearing a mask blocking others’ senses. Simply put, if Chen Fan got in, he wouldn’t get Chen Fan.

Chen Fan was no more than thirty meters away from the turbulent River of Rage. He could leap into its protective flows in the blink of an eye.

However, Zhao Tianjue’s strongest attack was fast like lightning. If Chen Fan did not block it, it could kill him even if he entered the River of Rage.

“Heaven Piercing Spear!”

“Undefeated King’s Fist!”

“Myriad Elephants Divine Art, Unparalleled God’s Strength!”

“Primeval force, ignite!”

Chen Fan twisted himself around. All of his aura exploded and boiled like water. Terrifying power surged out of him like ten thousand horses galloping.

His might shook the space, and rumbles flooded the space.


The force of the clash was monumental, causing the ground within a five-mile radius to shatter and split, forming a network of cracks that spread like a web.

The waters of River of Rage rolled backward, generating a colossal wave, a hundred meters high, that seemed to consume the land itself.

The enormous force struck Chen Fan, and he screamed, falling into the River of Rage faster.


A minor splash in the water quickly turned into a massive wave that engulfed everything in its path, erasing any trace of its origin.


Zhao Tianjue flew over, standing above the River of Rage. His rolling aura rushed to the sky.

He did not care and shot out streaks of qi, which fell into the turbulent river and directly exploded.

Boom, boom, boom...

Zhao Tianjue targeted the area around where Chen Fan had disappeared into the river, sending his primal force cascading into the water. These explosions triggered a series of massive waves, creating something like torrential rain.


This lasted for half an incense stick of time before Zhao Tianjue’s bombardment stopped. His forehead was covered in sweat, and he was panting heavily for air.

His complexion was pale.

To catch up to Chen Fan, Zhao Tianjue had executed a secret art and ignited a bit of his golden core. Next, he had erupted his cultivation, bombarding at random, exhausting an enormous amount of qi.

However, his expression was hideous.

He was not sure if his random bombardment had killed Chen Fan.

It would be for the best if he did, but if he failed... That would be akin to leaving a huge threat behind for the Zhao Clan.

Ultimately, Zhao Tianjue could only console himself and return to the imperial city.

“He’s probably dead.”

Zhao Hong’s group of five sped along as fast as possible, but Chen Fan and Zhao Tianjue were too fast. As Zhao Tianjue returned, they caught sight of him.

“How is it, Father? Did you kill that beast?”

Zhao Tianjue shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. He fell into the River of Rage. Under my bombardment, he’s probably... dead.”

The five’s eyes flickered.

He escaped?

They failed to bring him down even when Zhao Tianjue, an Illusory Core realm expert, took action?


That night, the imperial city was anything but calm.

The incident in the Zhao Clan had spread throughout the imperial city by early morning.

“Did you hear? The same mysterious figure who caused chaos in the Zhao Clan appeared again last night. He killed Zhao Feng right in front of Zhao Hong and the others. He was chased by Zhao Tianjue and ended up jumping into the River of Rage. No one knows what happened to him after that.”

“Heavens! Zhao Tianjue is an Illusory Core realm expert. They still couldn’t kill that mysterious person?”

“My curiosity about this mysterious man is growing by the minute. Who is he, daring to break into the Zhao Clan not just once but repeatedly, and this time even killing Zhao Feng in front of everyone?"

“Who did the Zhao Clan offend? This time, they really lost face big time. Zhao Feng was killed in front of Zhao Hong and the others. Tsk, tsk, how savage.”

"He must have some vendetta against the Zhao Clan. Why else would someone target them like this, going so far as to kill their members? This smells like revenge to me."


The entire imperial city was talking about it.


Nangong Clan, Moon Bloodline manor:

In the main hall, Nangong Baxiong listened to the news reported by his subordinate. “A mysterious man sneaked into the Zhao Clan last night, killed Zhao Feng in front of everyone, and jumped into the River of Rage under the pursuit of Zhao Tianjue...”

“Does that mysterious man have any notable characteristics?” Nangong Baxiong asked.

For some unknown reason, Chen Fan surfaced in his mind.

“I heard this man wears a mask that conceals his aura...”

Before that person could finish their sentence, Nangong Baxiong immediately exclaimed, “What? A mask that conceals aura?”


The subordinate raised their head with difficulty and looked at Nangong Baxiong, wondering why he suddenly became so agitated.

Nangong Baxiong also realized he had acted inappropriately. He waved his hand and said, “Alright, I got it. You may leave.”

After the subordinate left, Nangong Baxiong paced back and forth in the main hall. He muttered, “Is it really Xiaofan? How can it be? Isn’t he at the fourth level? How can he kill Zhao Feng and escape under Zhao Tianjue’s pursuit?”

Nangong Baxiong didn’t want to accept it, but he just couldn’t calm down.

A voice in his heart told him that Chen Fan had attacked the Zhao Clan last night.

“No, it can’t be, it can’t be. I must be wrong.”

A gloomy look flickered in Nangong Baxiong’s eyes.

This matter was too much of a coincidence.

Chen Fan had just quietly left last night, and such a huge incident happened in the Zhao Clan. The timing was so precise, not to mention the information he had heard from his subordinate.

Moreover, Chen Fan had the motive to commit the act.

Back then, the Zhao Clan was the main force that went after Chen Zhengqing.

“If it really is Xiaofan, then I’ll make sure the Zhao Clan pays with their destruction!”

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