The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman - C.451


Raon turned around after he left the lords manor. He clapped his hands while looking at the Light Wind division, who were following him while hugging the silver tablets that Glenn had given them as if they were their treasures.

Thank you for your hard work so far.

The Light Wind division had fought against the Black Towers demonized humans with their lives on the line and didnt even have any time to rest after that, yet they thoroughly took care of the injured Warring Steel division and hostages.

Since theyd been paying a lot more attention to them than when they were fighting, they shouldve been exhausted in many ways.

You can rest for four days starting from tomorrow.

Raon gave them a holiday since even their willpower shouldve been at rock bottom, on top of their stamina.


The training is crazy hard, but hes so cool about giving us some time to rest!

This is why I cant hate the vice division leader.

I know, I know.

The Light Wind swordsmen started to talk about what they were going to do during their days off with faint smiles on their faces.

However, Burren, Martha, and Runaan clenched their hilts without saying anything, unlike the other times.

Those four

Raon rolled his lips into a smile while reading the team leaders pupils, which looked like a faint heat haze was burning inside of them.

Are they planning to train instead of resting?

Theyd previously mentioned that they wanted to become Masters before Raon became a Grandmaster.

Their determination mustve been genuine since they didnt look like they had any plan of resting or playing around.

I dont know who is going to teach them, but they are serious about it.

He was proud of them for resolving themselves on their own even though no one had called them weak.

Raon turned around since he trusted Burren, Runaan, and Martha to be fine with their training.

When he was about to return to the annex building, Trevin and the Warring Steel Swordsmen came towards him.

We owe you our lives. We will repay this gratitude no matter what.

Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen thanked him from the bottom of their hearts and bowed.

You dont need to thank me like that.

Raon shook his head while watching Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen straighten their backs.

If you want to thank us, please return as fast as possible. We would be embarrassed if the Light Wind divisions rivals stopped their advance.

Trevin and the Warring Steel swordsmen hardened their faces upon hearing it.

Wasnt that what I told you before?

Indeed. That's what you said when you saved us in House Arianne.

Raon smiled while looking at Trevins trembling eyes.

I think the same. No, I should be saying that we think the same.

Raon nodded and spoke from the bottom of his heart.

You dont need to care about owing us your lives or whatever, since we are wielding our swords in Zieghart with the same mind. I will be satisfied if you keep wielding your swords by our side just like youve done before.

Raon bowed to Trevin before heading toward the annex buildings direction.

It was simply our turn this time.

Return as fast as possible.

We will be waiting, too.

Martha, Runaan, and Burren also smiled at the Warring Steel swordsmen before leaving in different directions.

We need a rematch later on.

You wont even see our back anymore if you return too late. Make sure to come back quickly.

The Warring Steel division is our only rival. Actually, you are the only ones weve gotten close to

The Light Wind swordsmen also talked to the Warring Steel swordsmen before leaving the area near the lords manor.

The Warring Steel swordsmen lowered their heads and stayed like that for a long time in front of the lords manor, even after the Light Wind division had left.


Trevin sighed quietly and raised his head.

I thought it would take a long time, but we need to get back up quickly.

He clenched his fist while looking at the setting sun.

Red vitality returned to his eyes, which used to show nothing but sadness.

Yes, we should.

Because they are waiting for us.

I cant let them stay ahead of us.

The Warring Steel swordsmen also looked at the sunset that Trevin was looking at with smiles on their faces.

Trevin calmly turned around.

Lets go.

He nodded after checking out the Warring Steel swordsmen one after the other. They had already regained their motivation.

Lets prepare to send them off.

* * *

Raon was standing in front of the annex buildings entrance. It looked like they were preparing dinner, as the delicious smell of food was leaking outside the building.


Wrath extended his waist like a rubber band to fly in front of a window.

Ooh! Pasta, steak, and even ribs! M-moreover


Pineapples are included in all of them! What a great day it is!

Wrath could tell what kind of food it was, and even knew that pineapples were included, just from smelling them. It was an insane sense of smell.

What are you waiting for?! Go inside already and sit at the table! The food is getting cold!

You are so extreme.

Despite being the Monarch of Wrath, he hadnt shown any interest during the battleyet he was so passionate about food.

Raon was seriously curious about how hed become a demon king, and how he became the monarch of wrath specifically.


Raon shook his head and opened the annex buildings door.


Yua was carrying ingredients inside a large basket, and her eyes widened.

Young master!

Yua put down the basket and ran towards the entrance.

Did you bring the misters from the Warring Steel division back?

She immediately asked about their well-being. It looked like she was sad that she couldnt join the mission.


Some of them didnt manage to return, but Raon quietly nodded since he didnt need to mention that part.


Yua removed the smile from her mouth. She mustve realized the meaning behind his nod.


Is the young master back?

Young master Raon!

The maids frantically ran towards the entrance since theyd heard Yua say young master.

Young master!

Are you okay?

Are you injured somewhere?

How did the mission go?

Since they were aware that he was gone to save the Warring Steel division that had gone missing, the maids worriedly came to him and examined his body.

Im fine.

Raon smiled and shook his head.

He wouldve been irritated if other people had approached him like that, but he was feeling a pleasant warmth instead, probably because they were his family.

Its extremely important to save your companions.

Sylvia smiled brightly while coming down from upstairs.

Raon, you worked so hard.

She calmly walked towards him and hugged his shoulders tightly.

Her perfume made him comfortable, like he was lying on a freshly-dried blanket under the sunlight.

Everyone did their best to prepare the dinner, since the external commander told us that youd returned after completing your mission. Take a quick shower and join us.

Sylvia smiled while saying that the dinner was going to be really delicious since shed acquired a large amount of high-quality ingredients.


Raon nodded while feeling the tension leaving his body.

Just as he was about to go to the restroom, Wrath was examining Sylvia from top to bottom.

Hey, what are you waiting for? Come here alread

Did you prepare all of those for the King of Essence?

Wrath stuck to Sylvias arm. He seemed to believe that the food was prepared for him.


Did he really go insane?

* * *

* * *

Raon returned to his room after eating the hearty dinner that Sylvia and the maids had prepared.


Wrath exclaimed and jumped onto the bed.

This is home, and this is life! Lying on the bed after filling the stomach with Moms food feels like heaven!

He smiled brightly while enjoying heaven despite being a demon king.

This isnt your home, and shes not your mom.

Dont care about those small details. We have a bigger problem on hand.

Wrath bobbed his head up from the bed and spoke in a low-pitched voice.

Whats the problem?

Raon swallowed nervously because his eyes suddenly became serious.

Its impossible to pick only four flavors of bead ice cream no matter how he thinks about it! Hes going nuts right now!

Raon sighed deeply, saying that he was still contemplating about that.

Cant you have just one more set? Picking four out of thirty-three is too cruel!


Raon shook his head while slapping Wrath away with the back of his hand since he kept sticking to him.

He was going to buy him an extra set because he kept contemplating it all along, but he felt baited and didnt want to do it anymore.

You cheap bastard! Its not even that expensive

Its more expensive than you, at least.


While Raon was arguing with Wrath, three knocks could be heard. Since it was Judiels signal, Raon stood up and opened the door.

Judiel silently bowed and entered the room. She calmly went on her knees and raised her gaze.

I heard there was a conflict against the White Whale. Are you okay?

Yes, it wasnt a big deal.

Raon nodded and briefly explained what had happened.

Their extraordinary might was one thing, but they were a lot more loyal to their master than Id thought.

The Sickle of the Bloody Cloud and the White Wolf Saber were surprisingly powerful, but they had never said anything about the White Whale on the way to Zieghart.

Raon had previously thought they were nothing but a sandcastle, but they seemed to be a lot more solid as an organization.

Ive further investigated the Five Divine Orders while you were outside.

Judiel stated that shed investigated the White Whale just in case.

As you are already aware, the White Whales leader is the Thespian Emperor. She holds as much information as the Black Market, and

Wait a moment.

Raon raised his hand. What Judiel had just said was completely unexpected to him.

She? The Thespian Emperor is a woman?

Yes, she is a woman. They say that her appearance seems to be in her thirties, but she must be a lot older than that.

Judiel slowly nodded.

To continue what I was saying, the White Whales true power lies in their information rather than their might. The rumors say that they know everything that happens in the entire continent.

Are they using the same method as the Black Market?

Its similar but slightly different.

Whats the difference?

There are rumors that the Thespian Emperor can read the heavens movement.

Heavens movement?

Yes. It means that she reads the flow of the sky and predicts the future.

Judiel pointed at the night sky where the dim moonlight was dappling from.

Lots of people think that she is a prophet because her prediction of the future is correct most of the time.

Now that you mention it

The Sickle of the Bloody Cloud and the White Wolf Saber had murmured that it was different from their prediction when they were fighting.

It mustve been the Thespian Emperors prediction that allowed them to know that the Black Tower was inside the frozen lake.

Its a frightening ability if thats true.

Raon moistened his dry lips.

On top of that ability, the Thespian Emperors dignity and leadership made lots of famous warriors join the White Whale. There are rumors that they have at least two Grandmasters.

And how powerful is the Thespian Emperor herself?

Its completely unknown.

Judiel shook her head, saying that she couldnt find out about that. However, she was definitely more powerful than a Grandmaster, since she had at least two of those as her subordinates.

The White Whale is the most unpredictable group among the Five Divine Orders. You should be careful when you deal with them.

I see.

Raon nodded his head.

That is very helpful.

Since he was going to get the information out of the Sickle of the Bloody Cloud and the White Wolf Saber starting the next day, Judiels information was bound to save him a lot of time.

He was so lucky to have her because she brought him important information whenever he needed it.

Ill be taking my leave.

Judiel calmly smiled and left the room.


Raon licked his lips while looking at the door where Judiel had left.

She didnt even talk about her brother.

She avoided the topic about her brother, probably because she didnt want to pressure him. Raon was thankful for her consideration, but he was feeling a heavy responsibility at the same time.

Ill need to find him no matter what.

Finding Judiels brother was one of his important goals.

If even the Black Market couldnt find anything about him, he was going to get the information out of the Central Martial Palace Master, Karoon Zieghart, even if he had to confront him directly.

Yes, Ill do it no matter what

When Raon was resolving himself, Wrath stuck himself on Raons head.

The King of Essence finally understands it!

What are you talking about?

You must be venting your anger on the King of Essence because you didnt gain anything special.

Anything special? What?

Thats right. You worked so hard to rescue them, and all you got was a shit-colored tablet.

Wrath frowned, saying that it mustve been because he was unsatisfied with the reward that he wasnt buying more ice cream for him.

Im not, though?

Raon shook his head. Hed never thought that since the golden tablet was already more than hed expected.

Stop lying! The King of Essence knows how cheap you are. Theres no way you would be satisfied with that shitty rewar

When he was shaking his head, the Blade of Requiem hanging around his waist started to vibrate violently.


Messages appeared in his vision along with an aloof sound of sword resonance.

[The Blade of Requiem has finished absorbing the demonic energy.]

[The Blade of Requiem offers the purified demonic energy to you.]

It was the same message hed gotten every time the Blade of Requiem had absorbed the other types of negative energies.


Wrath dropped his jaw because hed never expected that the message would appear at that exact moment.

[All stats have increased by 10.]

[Trait Adaptation to Ghastly Energy has increased in rank.]

[Trait Divinity Blooming from the Underworld has increased in rank.]

On top of the stats, he got a rank up on two whole traits. He could feel the new energy welling up in his exhausted body.

[The Blade of Requiems trait Ghastly Flow of Mana has been improved.]

And there was more. Even the Blade of Requiems trait became better. However, the messages were still not over.

[Youve consecutively defeated enemies at a higher realm than yourself.]

[All stats have increased by 10.]

[Trait Perception of the Snow Flower has increased in rank.]

[Trait Poison Resistance has increased in rank.]

The next set of messages was the systems reward, unlike the previous ones that were given by the Blade of Requiem.


Wraths eyes became so distorted that they looked like they were going to burst.

What the hell is this?! Why are you giving him so much?!

He frantically shook his head while shouting that it couldnt be happening. He looked like cotton candy in the making.

Thank you, Wrath.

Raon simply patted Wraths violently trembling shoulder.

Your mouth should be called the heavens gate. Rewards pop out whenever you start to speak. Do you have anything else to say?

Shut uuuup!

* * *

The next day, Raon was the only one in the fifth training ground. He repeatedly practiced the Fangs of Insanity and the Blizzard Sword Art from daybreak.

He finally lowered his sword when the sun started to set and nodded in satisfaction.

Im finally starting to get used to them.

Hed been practicing swordsmanship to get used to his body since hed had so much improvement in stats and traits, and his movement finally became satisfactory in the evening.

Raon clenched his right fist and smiled.

I think my body is stronger than a Grandmasters now.

The reformation of his body was supposed to happen upon becoming a Grandmaster to adjust the body into the perfect shape to use his martial arts. However, he felt like his body was even better than that thanks to Wrathall without going through the reformation of the body.

Its so overpowered

Argh, eat some ice cream if you are grateful for it! The King of Essence thought he was going to die from standing under the scorching sun all day long!

Wrath pointed his hand, asking him to run towards the bead ice cream shop right away.

Well, I guess I have a promise to keep.

Raon nodded and unsheathed Heavenly Drive.

He figured it would be perfect if he bought some ice cream for Wrath and went to tortureor, rather, interrogate the Sickle of the Bloody Cloud and the White Wolf Saber.

So, did you manage to decide the flavors?

About that

Wrath carefully raised his head while rubbing his round hands against each other.

Can you add one more please? A single one is enough. Its impossible to decide no matter what! There are way too many flavors out there!

He shook his head, saying that it was a sin to ask to pick four and that choosing a single one wouldve been easier. Raon couldnt understand what the hell he was saying since he was a sin himself.

Im only going to buy one in that case. That solves the issue, right?

You fiend!

Raon chuckled and left the training ground.

I guess it wont hurt to buy him two more sets.

Regardless of the reward, Wrath was extremely helpful during the mission. He was fine with buying him twenty sets of ice cream instead of two.

He left the training ground. He found a familiar face when he was walking towards the shop.

It was Dorian, who had crumbs around his mouth.

Vice division leader!

Why are you in such a hurry?

Th-the White Lotus division is currently returning!

White Lotus division?

Yes. I was chatting around the main gate, and I saw them return before heading to the lords manor.

Dorian nodded, saying that he came running as soon as he saw the White Lotus divisions return.

But they looked so depressed, almost like defeated soldiers. Their clothes were all in tatters too.


Raon shook his hands with a frightening smile on his face.

In that case, this isnt time to be eating ice cream.

Since the White Lotus was heading to the lords manor, it was time for him to follow them and tell Glenn about how stupid and selfish they were.


Raon changed direction towards the annex building while thinking about how he should mess the White Lotus division up, and Wrath barked at him.

The ice cream shop is going to be cloooosed! Please keep your promise, you damn fiend!

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