The Regressor Can Make Them All - C.32


Located in the third sector of the north section of Aqar Quf was a private training room that was created for students who wanted to hide their abilities from the public eye. However, the right to use it was a privilege granted only to a select few students at Babel Academy.

To use this facility, they needed to meet one of the following conditions: be ranked within the top 100 of the Hall of Martial Arts, be among the top thirty of any department, or be recognized after an interview with the dean.

With such conditions, most students graduate without ever having the chance to see this place.

Se-Hoon, however, was able to easily enter the private training room with the help of Sung-Ha.

[Access granted.]

After showing that message, the door to the training room opened with a short mechanical sound. The entire interior—the ceiling, walls, and floor—were covered in white tiles that were marked with a grid-like pattern, presenting a rather desolate scene.

“You can change the room theme, right? Try changing it to something else,” Se-Hoon said, urging Sung-Ha.

“It’s fine as it is.”

“I’m not fine with it, so change it quickly.”

“How pathetic...” Sung-Ha muttered before tapping on the panel in the air to tweak the room settings. The walls shimmered with mana, and the scenery changed instantly.


A small house with a blue-tiled roof and a courtyard enclosed by a fence appeared. Beyond the fence, trees swayed in the wind and hills stretched endlessly. Everything was under a clear blue sky, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

This is not bad.

Se-Hoon looked around slowly and discovered a sign that read “Flame Sect” above the tile house. He smirked at Sung-Ha.

“You say that I’m pathetic, yet it seems you use scenery quite often. Perhaps you’re homesick?”

“My master sent it to me, so I used it occasionally.”

“Yeah, yeah. Sure.”

“You’re not even listening to me.”

Ignoring Sung-Ha’s gaze, Se-Hoon gently touched the wall of the fence.

The replica accuracy is about eighty percent.... Their technology is about twenty years ahead of the outside world.

The technology used in this room was environment creation via mana. At this current point in time, the technology was still under development and not very efficient, yet at Babel Academy, it was provided to the students on such a large scale.

It was truly a sight only possible here.

I could maybe even use this for forging sessions later on.

Taking note of the room, Se-Hoon turned his gaze to Sung-Ha, who was looking at him disapprovingly.

“What about the weapon I mentioned earlier?” asked Se-Hoon.


Sung-Ha tapped the panel again, opening a section of the courtyard. There, neatly organized spears, part of the standard equipment provided to those using the training room, rose from the ground. There was a variety that ranged from spear blades to shafts, and the quality of each was not bad at all.

Hmm. These should do it.

After choosing suitable spears, Se-Hoon approached the idly standing Sung-Ha. He held out the spears to him.

“Take them.”


Sung-Ha made a strange expression as he looked at the two spears Se-Hoon held out.

They were approximately 150 and 100 centimeters in length. There was nothing particularly faulty with them since they were standard spears provided by the academy, but the issue was that there were two spears rather than just one.

“Am I really supposed to handle these?”

“Yes. My arms are getting sore, so hurry up and take them.”


Handling a single spear was awkward enough already, yet dual-wielding?

As Sung-Ha hesitated, Se-Hoon lightly spun the spears and aimed the ends of the shafts at him.

“You said it yourself, didn’t you? That you’d do anything.”

“...I did, yes.”

To Sung-Ha, once he promised something, he had to uphold it. So he received the two spears and tried adjusting his grip here and there before tentatively executing the basic moves of the Inferno Ring.


The two spears traced circles, one large and one small, in the air. As he was about to furrow his brows in frustration from how clumsy his movements were...


His expression softened as he observed the movement of the spears gradually becoming smoother.

The spacing between the two short spears meshed perfectly, dominating the space around them. Although the attack range was shorter than when using the traditional long spear with the Inferno Ring, the density of mana had increased.

Now that I’m using Nighshade Soul, this might indeed suit me better...

Although it was still awkward to use both hands independently, there was a feeling that he would become stronger than before once he got used to it.

As Sung-Ha looked at the two short spears with a mixed expression, surprised by the unexpected outcome, Se-Hoon took out Sung-Ha’s Fatestone, the Dark Crimson Stone.

“What’s that?”

“Your training tool. Just wait a moment.”

Closely examining the black and red patterns engraved on the Dark Crimson Stone, Se-Hoon gathered mana into the tip of his finger and lightly struck the ore.


The Dark Crimson Stone cleanly split into three pieces; it was almost like it had been sliced with a knife. Sung-Ha looked on with a slightly surprised expression.

“How did you do that?”

“I just hit it in the right spot. Now, bring the spear tips here.”

With a reluctant expression, Sung-Ha held out the spear tips, and Se-Hoon tightly secured a piece of the Dark Crimson Stone to each. From a distance, the two short spears would now look like poles.

Se-Hoon stepped back after confirming they had been tied tightly.

“From now on, use your left hand to create flame rings with Crimson Flame Soul and your right hand to release Nightshade Soul. Got it?”

“Do I just need to keep releasing Nightshade Soul through my right hand?”

“Yes. You don’t even have to move your right hand. Just make sure the release isn’t interrupted.”

“Hm... Got it.”

Following Se-Hoon’s instructions, Sung-Ha simultaneously released both types of mana.


Fiercely blazing flame rings and heavily dispersing darkness both filled the air. Maintaining the release of the two types of mana, Sung-Ha increased the number of flame rings one by one.


Suddenly, the sound of something resonating burst from the tip of the spear in his left hand.


“That sound indicates that you unconsciously sent some of Nightshade Soul to your left hand.”

Sung-Ha’s eyebrows slightly furrowed at Se-Hoon’s explanation. He was certain he was only using Crimson Flame Soul with his left hand, so to have Nightshade Soul mixed in was unexpected.

After all, it meant that he didn’t have proper control over his own mana.

“It’s natural for your mana to mix if you possess multiple types of elemental mana. However, yours are entangling to the point of hindering each other.”


“It’s probably because you’ve been suppressing Nightshade Soul that you’re having trouble controlling it now. Once you get used to handling both types of mana simultaneously, you’ll be able to create six flame rings easily.”

Contemplating Se-Hoon’s explanation, Sung-Ha asked, “If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to train with flame rings mixed with both types of mana...”

“Just call them Black Flame Rings.”

“...Right. Won’t it be better to train with Black Flame Rings?”

“That might be effective, but it won’t be as efficient.”

If Sung-Ha was able to establish the basics, creating Black Flame Rings would naturally become possible, so there was no need to take a more difficult approach.

“Okay. I’ll trust your methods this time.” Sung-Ha nodded.

“Good. Then wear this as well for your training.”

Wearing the Inkstone Bracelets that had just been on Se-Hoon’s arms, Sung-Ha’s expression twitched slightly.

“You have pretty good equipment,” he calmly muttered.

“Well, work hard.”

“Don’t worry. This is important to me too,” answered Sung-Ha seriously before he resumed swinging the spears around, drawing flame rings and scattering darkness in the air.

Humm-! Humm-!

Even though the training seemed to be going well, the sounds of mana resonating kept emerging.

Due to how the bracelets absorbed mana, Sung-Ha wasn’t able to last as long as he did initially, but he didn’t blink an eye and repeated the practice over and over. With each occurrence of the sound, he managed to last longer, and the awkward movements of the short spears also became slightly smoother.

He’s adapting quickly. Maybe it’s because this training method was created by his future self.

Like he had stolen a glance at an exam sheet already filled with answers, Sung-Ha found the right answer in no time and grew stronger quickly.

His astonishing rate of growth made Se-Hoon smile bitterly.

Meanwhile, I never managed to do it well, no matter how hard I tried...

As Se-Hoon watched Sung-Ha train, he recalled how, before the regression, Sung-Ha used to harshly scold him and then sigh heavily at how Se-Hoon was unable to do what he was told.

Let’s see how great you actually were in the past, Se-Hoon thought before calmly observing Sung-Ha’s movements from the corner of the courtyard.

Se-Hoon was able to observe the shifting of Sung-Ha’s center axis to the movement of his muscles, the pattern of his breathing, and the wavelength of the mana released from the tip of the spear as it circulated through his body.


Feeling the gaze, Sung-Ha slightly flinched, but he quickly continued training as if nothing had happened.

Two hours had quickly passed, and they were nearly approaching the third hour.

“Huff... huff...” Sung-Ha was breathing roughly due to his depleted mana.

“What are you... staring at...” he said between breaths as he slowly turned his head.

Annoyed, he looked at Se-Hoon, who continued to observe his breathing and movements.

“I’m just collecting data.”


“The data needed for the weapon you’ll use.”

“...” Sung-Ha widened his eyes in surprise.

Se-Hoon chuckled at his reaction.

“Don’t get too excited, though. I’m making it for an assignment.”

“...I wasn’t expecting anything from a weapon forged by a first-year,” replied Sung-Ha gruffly. He then continued training after replenishing his depleted mana with Adrenaline.


The wind created by the training room brushed past them, gently swaying the trees.

The sight of Sung-Ha calmly swinging his spears in the courtyard of the Flame Sect resembled a scene from a painting and made Se-Hoon feel a strange emotion.

This must be where the Inferno Ring began.

Although the Flame Sect’s headquarters was currently a ten-story building located in the middle of Seoul, he had heard that the original headquarters was in a forest in the countryside. That was Sung-Ha’s childhood home.

Having only heard stories of the scenery, Se-Hoon naturally asked, “Is there a reason why you must retain your heirship?”

Before the regression, Sung-Ha had loudly complained about the events that made him who he was, but he was always reticent about this particular aspect.

All he mentioned was that everything went wrong after he was stripped of the heirship. He never specified what the problem was or what occurred.

Thus, Se-Hoon wanted to hear about it from him right now, if possible.


But Sung-Ha just continued swinging his spears as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Hm... is it still difficult to hear it from him directly?

Considering that Sung-Ha never told him the backstory even when their bond was level five before the regression, it was perhaps a natural reaction as their bond was still level one.

Did I accidentally make him wary of me? Oh man, it’s going to be a headache once this guy starts doubting—

As Se-Hoon fretted over possibly having caused unnecessary suspicion, his thoughts were quietly interrupted by Sung-Ha who continued to swing his spears.

“My master wants me to become the next sect master. And as his disciple, I am simply following his wishes. There’s no other necessary reason.”

His answer felt genuine and not evasive, which made Se-Hoon stroke his chin thoughtfully.

It’s probably more accurate to say it was the wish of his father rather than his master.

Sung-Ha was actually an orphan who was adopted by Yeom Jin-Hyun, the founding father of the Flame Sect.

Yeom Jin-Hyun was once an S-rank hero, but he retired due to injuries. Although everyone regarded him as a has-been who lost all real power within the sect, he still wielded absolute influence over Sung-Ha.

It might be good to learn more about Yeom Jin-Hyun.

Before the regression, Se-Hoon had met Sung-Ha after Yeom Jin-Hyun’s death and the dissolution of the Flame Sect. However, right now, they were both very much alive.

Understanding the relationship between Yeom Jin-Hyun and the sect seemed crucial for navigating the future with Sung-Ha smoothly.

Being on good terms with Yeom Jin-Hyun might make things easier, considering how devoted he is to his master.

Maybe getting close to Yeom Jin-Hyun could directly boost their bond level to level three. As Se-Hoon entertained such idle thoughts, he was interrupted by Sung-Ha.

“Why are you helping me, though?” asked Sung-Ha in turn after halting his spear-swinging.

“Did someone pay you to?”

His question was mixed with suspicion and genuine curiosity. After a moment of contemplation, Se-Hoon answered candidly, “You know about the Six Great Demon Realms, right?”

“I do.”

They were places where the Abyss of Demons had engulfed everything, altering the ecosystem entirely. Although they were teeming with demons now, Se-Hoon knew of the secret hidden within each realm.

The cores that maintain the environment of the Demon Realms are the fragments of the Harbingers.

Before the regression, he had only learned of this after the Six Harbingers had emerged in their full forms, catching humanity utterly defenseless. But this time, he had no intention of being foolishly caught off guard.

“I plan to enter all the Demon Realms. To do that, I need people who can protect me and materials for their weapons.”

Even if he didn’t tell Sung-Ha the full story, just sharing the necessary parts should be enough. Without holding anything back, Se-Hoon revealed the rest of his plan to Sung-Ha, “So, I thought the next sect master would be a good candidate, both in terms of skill and financial ability.”

“...That’s rather avaricious of you.”

“Of course it is. Why else would I help you when we only just met? It’s all about give and take.”

Well, there was also the goal of preventing him from becoming the Mad Dog this time around, but mentioning that now would only make him seem crazy.

Considering Se-Hoon’s response for a moment, Sung-Ha slowly opened his mouth.

“It seems we won’t get along after all.”

“Is that so?”

“If it were me, I would have become strong enough to enter the Six Great Demon Realms on my own. I can’t trust my life to anyone else."

“Well... that’s a valid point,” Se-Hoon agreed readily.

Sung-Ha, after looking at him for a while, added, “I’ve said it before. If you’re planning to receive my help, you should offer something reasonable in return.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“So help me become the sect master.”


“In return, I’ll accompany you into the Six Great Demon Realms.”

Sung-Ha’s casual proposal reminded Se-Hoon of a scene from before the regression.

“Forge a weapon for me, then I’ll kill the Harbinger for you.”

The Mad Dog always kept his word, no matter what he said. Seeing the similar determination from Sung-Ha’s younger self made Se-Hoon smirk unwittingly.

“Are you sure you won’t regret this?”

“I don’t regret such matters.”

“Heh... alright. If you say so, I trust you.”


While Sung-Ha was contemplating whether their deal was somewhat unfair, Se-Hoon took out the Fatestone he had previously shown Sung-Ha from his pocket.

“What’s that?”

“What else could it be? It’s the material for your weapon.”

After taking a quick look at the piece of ore in his hand, Se-Hoon covered it with his right hand, and mana began to swirl inside.

[Bond Imprint ‘Dark Crimson Stone’ has been activated.]

Two types of vibrations flowed from his right hand.


Surprised by the energy that far surpassed anything he had unleashed before, Sung-Ha looked on in astonishment.

“Starting now, I’ll make you a sect master even if you say you don’t want to later.”

Se-Hoon announced Sung-Ha’s future with shining eyes.

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