The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.88


The common folk had some spare cash, but not much.

Especially when faced with the unknown and potential risks, they were more cautious with their purses.

But when the first batch of Jing Country Banks opened, they got a bit carried away!

They had initially thought these banks would be similar to grain shops.

But little did they know that as soon as they entered, they were almost scared out of their wits - on the first and second floors of these banks stood sword-wielding soldiers with cold expressions!

Six soldiers per floor, standing inside the bank like guardians, their roving gaze constantly inspecting every person who entered the bank!

"Oh my, what's going on here?"

"I didn't break any laws, did I..."

"I hope I don't say anything wrong and end up in jail!"

The common folk, some carrying a few coins and others just wanting to take a look, were instantly flustered.

When a scholar encounters soldiers, even with reason on their side, they can't explain themselves clearly.

What more for these ordinary people?

But soon, the smiling managers in the bank's main hall came out to reassure them, "Aunties and uncles, these elite soldiers were hand-picked by our emperor himself."

"They're not here to apprehend you, but to guard the silver you deposit in our bank."


The commoners stared in amazement.

Well, they certainly didn't expect this answer.

Hugging Xiao Chuchu close and having barely squeezed into the bank, Xiao Yunzhou and Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue watched secretly from a corner.

[Woo-woo, the emperor is so clever, he's even arranged bank guards!]

Xiao Chuchu was overjoyed.

Xiao Yunzhou couldn't help but smile, for he had heard his daughter's thoughts!

"Lord Xiao, how wise!" Jiang Li took the opportunity to flatter the emperor.

Xiao Yunzhou beamed with pride as he looked towards the bank's general manager.

As expected, the bank's general manager, having been trained by the Ministry of Revenue, said to the astonished commoners, "This is the emperor's instruction."

"The emperor thought, 'If I had to entrust my dearest little princess to strangers for three days, I would be utterly restless.'"

"So today, uncles and aunties, when you take out the silver you've saved for half your lives - your life's most precious savings - to deposit in our Jing Country Bank, you must be uneasy."

"Therefore, our bank must guard every single coin of yours."

This speech by the bank's general manager was based on the words Xiao Yunzhou had devised after hearing his daughter's thoughts and taught to the Ministry of Revenue.

"With this, uncles and aunties, you can go home and rest assured every day."

"- Your silver is being guarded day and night by Jing Country's elite soldiers!"

"These soldiers have been on the battlefields and won victories, worth three times their number, without a doubt."

Oh my, goodness me.

The commoners in the bank were awestruck.

Depositing their silver in this bank means it will be guarded day and night by battle-hardened soldiers!

When they kept their silver at home, they didn't have such luxury... at best, they hid it in their shoes, walls, or pillows.

If thieves broke in while they were out working, they were helpless.

"How can there be such a good thing?" Those with outgoing personalities were already exclaiming loudly, "Not only do they provide guards to watch our money, but they also give us interest?"

"Oh yes, in front of the imperial bulletin earlier, if you had said soldiers would guard our money, I would have gone home to get more money right away!"

This guarding service isn't free, so why not take advantage of it?

The manager chuckled, "No need to rush, madam, you can deposit a sum first and come back next time."

"Oh, and if you deposit ten taels or more, you'll be considered a VIP guest of our bank."

"You can go to the second floor for tea, and have a dedicated manager provide one-on-one service."

"You can ask about your principal and interest at any time, how much you currently have."

The commoners blinked, this was truly reassuring.

"Additionally, VIP guests can check the daily prices of meat, vegetables, cloth, and grain in the eastern and western markets of the capital and neighboring cities."

"We also provide price predictions for the following day's meat, vegetables, cloth, and rice in the regional markets."

The commoners were dumbfounded.

Wow, there's even such a good thing?

Depositing money and getting all these services?

Knowing the prices in various markets today and the next day, they won't be deceived by merchants!

So reassuring, too reassuring.

[Oh my, the emperor has even started controlling market prices!]

Xiao Chuchu was amazed.

Xiao Yunzhou smiled, for he had studied the basics of finance from the immortal realm!

[This will greatly reduce unscrupulous merchants,] Xiao Chuchu remarked, [they won't be able to make dishonest profits.]

Xiao Yunzhou nodded in agreement.

"Then I'll go home and get some money to deposit..."

"Hey, let me deposit ten coins first, no, fifty coins!"

"I don't have ten taels now, but if I save up to ten taels, do I count as a VIP?"

In an instant, the bank's managers, cashiers, and staff were surrounded by commoners.

Xiao Yunzhou, holding his daughter, was eventually pushed out of the bank along with Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue.

He had planned to wait at a tea house for the bank's final revenue amount, but even as night fell, the bank was still bustling with people.

Not only commoners, but even wealthy merchants who were initially just observing also sent servants to deposit money and buy government bonds.

"Lord Xiao, one hundred thousand taels have already been deposited!"

"Lord Xiao, the owners of the neighboring grain shops have all come to buy government bonds and deposit money, depositing one million taels!"

Traveling merchants, who usually had idle cash, also came to buy three-month government bonds or deposit large sums!

"Lord Xiao, one million five hundred thousand taels now!"

And this was just the first day.

Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue was so excited his hands were shaking.

Xiao Yunzhou, standing at a tea house across from the bank, was also excitedly moved to tears.

"Jiang Li, you previously wanted to sell foie gras to Wuyun Country, but large-scale foie gras farming would require a considerable amount of feed and silver."

"Transporting it to the grasslands, with stops at relay stations in between, would also be costly."

"Previously, the national treasury didn't have enough silver for you to pursue this venture, but now..."

Xiao Yunzhou gripped the railing of the tea house, watching as commoners came and went from the Jing Country Bank, feeling a surge of grand ambition.

"We have money now!"

Jiang Li was deeply moved, "Your Majesty..."

He was even moved to tears.

So this was it, the emperor had long been thinking of ways for the Ministry of Revenue to make money!

How brilliant, truly brilliant!

First borrow money from the people in the short term, invest it in profitable projects, and then return it to the people once profits are made!

The silver in Jing Country's national treasury has started circulating!

"Your Majesty, I am no match for you," Jiang Li vowed to keep up with the emperor's pace.

Xiao Yunzhou smiled, "Flattery, I don't like it."


Jiang Li's mouth twitched, the emperor was truly aloof, even though he was clearly pleased!

Xiao Yunzhou cleared his throat lightly and glanced at the little princess. "Jiang Li, the money given by the common people should be used on the blade. Apart from necessary expenditures like military provisions, don't undertake or minimize undertakings that don't yield returns for the people of Jing Country."

"Otherwise, you'll have to return the money to the people."

"...!" Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue immediately became alert.

The money collected had to be returned to the people with interest!

It couldn't be used recklessly!

"This minister will not slack off. I will go back to the Ministry of Revenue and review the project application forms for funds from various departments."

"Any projects that are unqualified or unprofitable, the Ministry of Revenue will not provide funds!"


That evening, the palace consorts heard about the large sum of money collected in the national treasury and were overjoyed.

Consorts like the birth mother of the Fourth Prince, the foster mother of the Fifth Prince, and Consort Li were delighted.

If her son, the Fourth Prince, was fortunate enough to ascend the throne, a wealthy national treasury would be a boon.

Even if her son did not become emperor and ended up as an idle prince, a wealthy national treasury would still be beneficial.

"Cui Ming, go to the kitchen and request three days' worth of rice porridge with bird's nest and ginseng. I need to nourish my body."

She needed to live long to enjoy prosperity with the Fourth Prince.

Consort Li was in a great mood.

The palace maid promptly went to carry out the order.

But soon, she returned with a pale face.

"Your Ladyship, the kitchen says they don't have it."


"The kitchen went to purchase supplies today and asked the Internal Affairs Department for silver. But the Internal Affairs Department said that any monthly purchases over a hundred taels by the kitchen would require a profit projection report."


Consort Li was dumbfounded. "What kind of thing is that?"

The palace maid spread her hands helplessly. "It's a new rule from the Ministry of Revenue. They say that for you to consume bird's nest worth a hundred taels, they need an estimated profit first."

Consort Li stared in disbelief.

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