The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.87


What nonsense is this?

Is the Emperor giving them money to make more money?

"If I give the Emperor ten coins, will he give me twelve coins back after a year?"

"This... if I give the Emperor ten taels, wouldn't that be earning two taels for free in a year!?"

The commoners stared at the Imperial edict in astonishment.

They had never heard of such a good thing before.

Not only did the Emperor send ministers to the countryside to teach them how to tend to sows and piglets, but he was also handing out money to them for no reason?

In the past, they had only ever paid taxes to the court!

The commoners could hardly believe it.

At this moment, with the sun three hours high, the latest Imperial edict had been posted at all the city gates of the capital.

Not only that, but soldiers and provincial governors were also rushing with the Imperial edict and decree, carrying them to all regions.

"The capital will try out this policy first, and then other regions will follow suit."

"The Jing Country Bank currently offers two main services: national debt and savings deposits."

"The former has a minimum term of three months, while the latter can be withdrawn at any time."

"The former offers higher interest rates."

In front of the Imperial edict, there were minor officials explaining the Bank's policies.

Xiao Yunzhou and the ministers of the Ministry of Revenue were afraid that many commoners could not read or understand the meaning of the Jing Country Bank, so they specifically sent people to explain it to the commoners.

For the first time, the commoners felt respected!

If they didn't understand something, they could ask questions on the spot.

"The longest term for national debt is three years. What if we can't get our money back after three years?"

"Can we just show this certificate and get our money back from the Bank on the same day?"

"Is this really true!? What if we hit a famine year, will the national treasury have enough money for all of us?"

"We won't lose our principal, right?"

The commoners' biggest concerns were whether they could get their principal back, and whether the interest rates would be as high as promised.

It was not easy for ordinary folks and farmers to save up a little, so they were afraid of suddenly encountering an emergency with no money to use.

But the court was the court, backed by the Emperor and ministers, which was much better than lending money to a poor relative.

Most importantly, they paid interest, and quite a handsome amount!

"Don't worry, elders, each national debt certificate and savings deposit certificate has the Emperor's and the Ministry of Revenue's seals on it."

The minor officials on the scene showed the commoners the national debt and savings deposit certificates.

"Two copies each, with serial numbers, so when you take them to the Bank later, your copy can be checked against the Bank's copy, leaving no room for deception."

"If you still don't believe it, you can observe for a while and see how others deposit and withdraw before deciding."

When the commoners heard this, they were swayed, "These have the Emperor's seal?"

The minor officials in front of the Imperial edict all smiled, "Yes. But this is all voluntary, so you elders can consider it further."

When the commoners heard "consider further," they became anxious instead of relaxed.

"Why do we need to consider it further?"

"Hey, if this is giving twelve for ten, is there a limit? First come, first served? What if there's none left for those who come later?"

The minor official smiled, "That possibility can't be ruled out. After all, the capital is only the trial run. The interest rates may be lowered later on."

"Oh no!" The commoners panicked!

In the crowd, Xiao Yunzhou secretly carried Little Princess Chu Chu out of the palace in plain clothes to observe the commoners' reactions to the Jing Country Bank.

Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue stood beside him.

They were both a little nervous.

Today was the first day the Imperial edict had been posted, and there were only four Jing Country Banks set up in the capital.

Each one was located near a city gate, not in the central part of the imperial city.

For the commoners living in the city, depositing and withdrawing money was not very convenient.

However, since this was just the initial implementation, Xiao Yunzhou had no confidence and set the Bank locations near the city gates. If the implementation failed, they could use the excuse of an inconvenient location.

Xiao Yunzhou thought about it and looked down at his beloved daughter Chu Chu, who was wearing a little red cotton jacket and cradled in his arms.


If the banking system from the celestial realm failed to take root in Jing Country, it would be Jing Country's problem, not the celestial realm's!

The fault would lie with him as the Emperor for not doing it properly.

Xiao Yunzhou thought and looked at Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue with utmost sincerity, "Have you and the minor officials explaining the national debt and savings deposits in front of the Imperial edict made it clear? You must not coerce the commoners, and you must explain all the pros and cons to them."

His daughter said that the most important thing for a bank is to gain the trust of the commoners!

Jiang Li, with a middle-aged belly sticking out, was already drenched in sweat, "Your Majesty... I mean, Xiao sir, rest assured, we would never deceive the commoners in the slightest."

Xiao Yunzhou nodded.

[I wonder how much money our national bank will receive on the first day!]

Chu Chu was excited.

Xiao Yunzhou took a deep breath as they stood in front of the Bank near the West City Gate.

This Bank was set up in less than three days, originally an unsuccessful calligraphy and painting shop.

After the Ministry of Revenue rented it, Xiao Yunzhou had it decorated according to Little Princess's wishes.

—The celestial realm meant that this national bank must treat the commoners like deities, probably meaning to respect the commoners like gods.

But at this moment, Xiao Yunzhou looked at the Jing Country Bank, decorated with red silk banners for its opening day, and couldn't bear to look directly at it.

The front hall was deserted, with hardly anyone entering the Bank... such a bleak scene, he didn't even want Little Princess to see it for fear of disappointing her.

"Ah, Your Majesty... ahem, I mean, Xiao sir, our Bank has customers coming in!" Jiang Li from the Ministry of Revenue exclaimed excitedly.

Xiao Yunzhou's eyes widened as he expectantly looked over while holding Chu Chu.

But as soon as he saw, both he and the little one craning her neck in his arms let out a disappointed whine.

[Oh, I thought it was commoners, but it's just my mother and grandmother!]

Xiao Yunzhou sighed as he saw clearly.

At the Bank's entrance, it was indeed Concubine Liu and Old Madam of the Liu Family, walking in hand-in-hand, the first to enter.

Xiao Yunzhou closed his eyes. Concubine Liu was a good one.

No matter what new thing it was, she always supported him as the Emperor.

How much savings could a palace consort have?

Yet she was wholeheartedly trying to support him by taking out her money.


The Liu Family's small, run-down courtyard didn't have much silver either.

Xiao Yunzhou was touched.

Compared to the Liu Family and Concubine Liu, the wealthy Tong Family, the Empress, and all the civil and military officials of the court seemed unsympathetic!

"Ah, Xiao sir, more people are entering the Bank!"

Xiao Yunzhou immediately perked up again, only to be disappointed once more.

The second batch of people entering the Bank was none other than the virtuous Lady Min Rou, granddaughter-in-law of the Zhou family whom he had once saved!

Xiao Yunzhou shook his head. This woman was also doing it out of respect for him, not as an ordinary commoner.

But Lady Min was also a good one.

Xiao Yunzhou silently noted the Liu Family and Lady Min as those who helped him when he was in need.

Then, he erupted in silence.

"Not a single civil or military official in the entire court supports me... ahem, supports the Jing Country Bank?"

The Minister of Revenue, Xiao Yunzhou, wiped the sweat from his brow, "Our Ministry of Revenue has already deposited money in the bank, Lord Xiao."

Xiao Yunzhou fell silent.

The Minister of Revenue was the one who had pushed for the establishment of this bank!

What use was it if only they deposited money? How many people was that!?

It was a mere drop in the bucket.

But not long after, the Minister of Revenue, Jiang Li, excitedly cried out again, "Hey, hey, Your Majesty, there are more people—"

Xiao Yunzhou was furious and turned to scold him, "You are at least a second-rank official, yet you make a fuss over every little thing. Where is your dignity?"

"It's just that the bank has one or two customers, and you're shouting about it."

"Look at how unsophisticated you are!"


Minister Jiang Li gritted his teeth, "No, it's not that, this time it's not just one..."

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou closed his eyes, exasperated.

If I trust Jiang Li again, I'm a pig!

He, as the Emperor, had realized that it was not so easy for the common folk to take their spare money and deposit it, nor to trust the failing state of Jing Country.

"No, Lord Xiao, this time it's true..."

Xiao Yunzhou smiled bitterly, but only for an instant.

[Oh my god, a huge crowd of commoners is rushing to the bank! Oh no, the bank's entrance is too small! It's about to be trampled down!]

Chu Chu's soft, sweet voice suddenly echoed in Xiao Yunzhou's mind!

Xiao Yunzhou whipped his head around and looked towards the remote location of Jing Country's first bank in the western part of the city. There he saw—

The bank's doorstep was indeed about to be trampled down by four or five people trying to squeeze in at the same time!

Not only that, outside the bank, there was now a long queue of commoners!

In the blink of an eye, the line kept growing longer, even turning the corner to another street!

"Can I deposit just ten coins to try it out first?"

"Can I just deposit for one month? Will you accept two copper coins?"

"Can I come and deposit one copper coin every month?"

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