The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.81


Early in the morning, at the court.

All the ministers fell silent, watching the Old Master of the Liu Family, dressed in the official robe of the Ministry of Personnel, earnestly remonstrating with Emperor Xiao Yunzhou.

"Sire, you wish to admit the son of a servant, who possesses no scholarly honors, into the Ministry of Works. I agree with the words of the Minister of Works—he is not worthy!"

The corners of the Minister of Works' eyebrows twitched fiercely!

"What virtues or abilities does this servant's son possess?"

From the Minister of Works to the Vice Minister... all their mouths twisted, unable to utter a single word.

"Oh, according to Old Master Liu, Liu Runnian does not deserve to enter the Ministry of Works." Emperor Xiao Yunzhou suppressed a laugh, deliberately wearing a stern expression as he looked at the ministers.

"Do others deserve it?"

A chill ran down the neck of the Minister of Works, and sure enough, the next moment, Xiao Yunzhou blew up!

"I have a court full of scholars and warriors!"

"But the people still can't afford to eat meat, they can't wear warm clothes!"

Xiao Yunzhou sat on the throne, tapping the table.

"Improving the silk spinning machine for women was thought of by the women of my harem."

"Improving the method of pig farming for the people was my idea."

"Now, the method to increase duck farming yield was thought of by Liu Runnian, who has no scholarly honors!"

As Xiao Yunzhou said this, he began to feel distressed too. As he got carried away with his act, tears welled up in his eyes. Looking at the courtiers standing below, he said, overwhelmed with sorrow, "I don't want to break the ancestral rules, nor do I want to practice nepotism."

"But you scholars, could you come up with something useful for me!"

Xiao Yunzhou slapped his own face, "Do you have any shame in opposing Liu Runnian's entry into the Ministry of Works? I'm embarrassed just hearing it!"

Minister of Works: "......"

Chancellor Fu Cha: "......"

"I can't count on you at all, I can only count on the talents among the people!"

"Am I wrong?"

"Am I wrong to want the people to be able to eat meat?"

The courtiers opened their mouths, rendered speechless.

Since some time ago, whenever the Emperor came to court, he was like a fighting rooster, vastly different from his previous style.

His words were harsh, and between the lines, he was subtly scolding them, and the worst part was, he seemed to have a point?

The courtiers fell silent.

"Seeing is believing, hearing is not," Xiao Yunzhou stood up directly from the throne, "In the next few days, I will take you to enjoy a full duck banquet raised and hatched by Liu Runnian."

The courtiers opened their mouths.

"Especially Lord Chen of the Ministry of Works, you eat more."


"If you can learn a thing or two while eating, and apply what you have learned, I won't need to face the ridicule of all the officials, and desperately scout talent for the Ministry of Works."


The face of the Minister of Works turned red.

Old Master Liu, Liu Wenchang, was also somewhat embarrassed.

If it weren't for his son listening to the Little Princess's heartfelt words, how could he have achieved this?

He truly wanted to reject the Emperor's idea of employing Runnian.

But while sighing, Old Master Liu heard a soft voice from Wei Zheng's arms.

【Wow, that's great.】

【Although maybe it's because I used points to exchange for a skill book, and it was only after that my uncle and Emperor Dad had a flash of inspiration and understood the technique of force-feeding ducks.】

【But why can't others do it, and my uncle can?】

Of course, it's because he listened to your heartfelt words.

Liu Wenchang blushed.

Of course, it's because I heard your heartfelt words, that's why I enlightened your uncle~

Xiao Yunzhou also felt a slight warmth in his ears.

But they soon faltered.

Xiao Chuchu's grape-like eyes sparkled with anticipation, her mind buzzing, "Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared."

"If it wasn't for my uncle’s imaginative mind, always tinkering with household appliances, kites, and fireworks..."

"Even with the secret manual, he might not have succeeded."

"There were no thermometers in ancient times... How to control the temperature for hatching eggs relied entirely on my uncle's self-exploration and daring to try."

"He is courageous, meticulous, skilled, and well-read, with rigorous logical thinking."

"If it were someone else, success might not be guaranteed!"

Xiao Yunzhou's pupils dilated dramatically.


As an emperor, he was at a loss when he heard about artificial egg hatching.

Like Liu Runnian, who divided the process into twelve groups to experiment with hatching containers and temperature control methods. After all, not everyone can master this technology.

He, as the emperor, knew how to use people to their best potentials!

Xiao Yunzhou nodded approvingly at Old Man Liu.

Old Man Liu also had a beaming smile on his face, feeling content.

"My grandfather certainly couldn't do these things. Five days ago, I saw on the Liu family's live broadcast that my grandfather wanted to help my uncle but ended up smashing three duck eggs. In the end, they could only be stewed for eating."

Old Man Liu: "......"

"So to speak, my uncle is truly remarkable."

"Today, the emperor father exceptionally promoted him, which is in line with the modern exemplary motivation, the alpha wolf motivation strategy."

Xiao Yunzhou pricked up his ears.

Alpha wolf motivation?

What is this? A treasure trove of management techniques from the Immortal Realm's Jade Emperor?

"In any organization, the manager is the mirror of the subordinates."

"A benchmark needs to be set for the employees."

"Let everyone see that as long as they reach this level, they can receive generous rewards and inspire others in the organization to follow in the alpha wolf's footsteps."

Xiao Yunzhou: "!!"

His eyes widened in shock. The Immortal Realm is indeed the Immortal Realm.

Every sentence they pick out makes sense.

Isn't this the same as selecting a top scholar?

By the same logic, every profession in Jing Country should also pick out an example!

Good at raising ducks, get promoted!

Good at raising pigs, get rewarded!

Why worry about Jing Country lacking talents?

Xiao Yunzhou was enlightened.

So was Old Man Liu.

Today, Liu Runnian is indeed the benchmark. Rewarding him is necessary, and it will inspire all officials and even the people of Jing Country!

"My uncle is also a special technical talent."

"Out of all the trades, there are top scholars in each. Labor models should also be awarded, and technical talents should have their own tracks."

Xiao Yunzhou's eyes lit up, and he immediately bent over to look at the several Chancellors and Vice Ministers in the cabinet.

"You all, draft a charter."

"Besides Liu Runnian, whoever comes up with clever ideas that benefit Jing Country and its people, report to the local County Magistrate's Office."

"After verification that it's indeed useful, I will reward them. Particularly excellent individuals will not only receive silver, but I will also promote them to court officials."

Chancellor Fu Cha and other Vice Ministers looked at each other, feeling that the emperor's step was a bit big.

But they couldn't find a reason to refute it for the time being, because it indeed... sounded pretty good.

"We obey your majesty's command!"

"Good, tomorrow you all, accompany me to enjoy this feast of artificial hatching and duck stuffing!"

"Oh, finally I can taste otherworldly roasted duck~"

Upon hearing this, Xiao Chuchu almost drooled.

She was a food lover, but there was no good food in the world of the novel.

She grew up in this world, and she might not be able to eat the food she loved in her past life. For this reason, she had been worried for a long time.

But now, the duck needed for roasting has been invented.

The duck for filling is plump, with thin skin and large chest...

After roasting, the skin's oil is golden and red, full and crispy. When the duck skin is cut piece by piece, just dip a little sugar, and it melts instantly in your mouth, with a fragrant aroma.

Also, you can use a thin layer of hot steamed white pancake to wrap the tender thin slices of duck, along with crispy cucumber shreds, fresh green onion segments...

Roll it in sweet bean sauce...

The more Xiao Chuchu thought about it, the more excited she became.

Xiao Yunzhou and Elder Liu's eyes were flashing wildly, and their stomachs rumbled.

"Ahem, um... Wei Zheng, bring your ear closer, I have something to tell you."

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