The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.77


The news about Hong Xing quickly spread throughout the streets and alleys.

The reason was none other than the crime for which he was stripped of his property by the Emperor - it was too attention-grabbing for the commoners!

"Is the imperial edict posted here real? Is it true that he was exiled for neglecting the welfare of the people's pigs?"

"What? It really says he was stripped of his property for keeping a concubine and neglecting the people's pigs?"

The commoners gathered outside Hong's residence to watch the spectacle. Many were illiterate, but when those who could read explained it to them, they were astonished.

"That's right, our Emperor of Jing Country wrote this edict himself, because he recently gained the affection of the Third Princess, whom he treats as a treasure. One day, the Third Princess cried inconsolably, so when the Emperor took her out for a stroll, he heard about how we commoners can't afford to eat pork."

"The Third Princess wept for our plight, as if she was grieving for us commoners. Our Emperor empathized deeply, and in his remorse, he sent Hong Xing to investigate why we can't afford pork."

"Who would have known that Hong Xing would bungle the whole thing?"

"The Emperor was heartbroken, believing that officials should treat our households like their own, let alone our livestock."

"The Emperor was so enraged that he confiscated the corrupt official's property for public use, to be used entirely to improve the conditions of our commoners' pigsties."

The commoners discussed the edict amongst themselves.

Soon, they were all awestruck.

"Oh my! In the Emperor's eyes, our pigs are as precious as officials?"

"The Emperor really said that!"

"Is such a thing even possible?"

"Of course!"

"If that's the case, we would gladly share a portion of our pigs with the Emperor!"

The commoners from nearby villages who had come to the city market were excited upon seeing the edict.

Some couldn't help but wipe away tears.

"The Emperor also said that he hopes all officials will learn from his three-month-old Third Princess, to be moved to tears when they hear of the people's suffering."

"Oh heavens, the Third Princess must be a reincarnated immortal, and our Emperor must be a celestial being!"

"Our Emperor of Jing Country has suddenly become so benevolent!"

How did he become so benevolent?

Xiao Yunzhou, who had been strolling in commoner's clothing and overheard the Liu family's update on their egg hatching, was walking with his hands clasped behind his back, beaming.

He looked down at his beloved daughter Chu Chu, cradled in Wei Zheng's arms.

How did this Emperor become so benevolent?

It was all because of his precious daughter that this father and ruler had become so!

Xiao Yunzhou felt like weeping.

In all the years since his ascension, this was the first time he had heard such sincere praise for him as an Emperor from the commoners.

[Wow, I never imagined my fatherly prestige would rise like this.]

Chu Chu was also beaming.

[Eating more meat means the commoners will be happier and healthier!]

[Father Emperor, hurry up and teach the people how to care for pigs, so our national strength will gradually increase.]

Xiao Yunzhou nodded repeatedly.

His daughter was right!

This father and ruler must heed her!

"Wei Zheng, what do you think about me assigning the idle former officials at home to teach the commoners how to care for sows?"

Wei Zheng's eyes widened in disbelief. What kind of idea was that?

Xiao Yunzhou felt it was an excellent idea. "For instance, the father of the Empress, the former Chancellor Lord Tong, is sixty years old but still hikes mountains and teaches students, so he's still quite robust."

"But he's wasting away at home."

Wei Zheng didn't dare utter a word.

Yet Xiao Yunzhou grew more convinced as he spoke. "Not long ago, Lord Tong produced two monstrous disciples from the Zhou Family, but I didn't hold it against him."

"Now is the perfect opportunity - he can take a few months off from teaching and instead teach our commoners first."

"Wei Zheng, what do you think of my idea?"

Wei Zheng opened his mouth.


Lord Tong, the former Chancellor, would probably think it's a terrible idea!

Which former high official would deign to rear pigs?

But Xiao Yunzhou had made up his mind, and upon returning to the palace, he drafted an edict to immediately summon all the retired old troublemakers back home to receive training in raising pigs.

[Awesome, my Emperor Father has even come up with the modern concept of retirement and re-employment!]

Chu Chu was dumbfounded.

Xiao Yunzhou was also stumped. What was retirement? Re-employment?

There were so many things in the immortal realm that he had never heard of.

[Ah yes, this is a good move. Some healthy elders in their sixties who are still more active than the youth.]

[They feel lonely at home, no longer needed by the young, and become desolate.]

[This way, we can make good use of their expertise and talents and give them an opportunity to radiate their remaining warmth and glory!]

Chu Chu's grape-like eyes sparkled brightly in Wei Zheng's arms.

Xiao Yunzhou was stunned.

Radiate their remaining warmth?

These elders feel lonely and desolate at home?

Ah, isn't that the portrait of the Empress's own father?!

—Trying to control the court from afar at home, with all his energy going to waste!

Xiao Yunzhou's eyes flickered.

The immortal realm was so wise, keeping these 'desolate' homebodies who wanted to cause trouble busy!

Too busy to think of anything else, while continuing to serve this Emperor.

Xiao Yunzhou nodded repeatedly, then turned to Wei Zheng. "Go post another edict - any other retired former officials or scholars in the capital who are willing to participate in this postpartum sow care program should be gathered."

Wei Zheng: "!"

The Emperor had gone mad again!

This was going to drain these scholars dry!

Wei Zheng couldn't even imagine himself having to work until he was seventy or eighty!

"Hmm?" Xiao Yunzhou raised an eyebrow at the dazed Wei Zheng.

Wei Zheng shuddered. "Your Majesty is wise. This servant will go make the arrangements immediately!"



In the Kunning Palace, the Empress had pricked her hands on the branches of the tea flowers.

"The Emperor wants my father to come to the capital to receive training in... caring for sows?"

"And then go to the villages to teach people how to care for... sows giving birth..."

The Empress was shocked.

Her father was the former Chancellor!

When Xiao Yunzhou ascended the throne in his first year, she became the Empress, and her father promptly retired from the capital.

"The Emperor must be holding a grudge against my father."

"This is his way of humiliating my father, questioning how he produced corrupt disciples like Hong Xing and the Zhou Family scions!"

The Empress was alarmed and indignant.

"If my father has to tend to pigsties... how will the Crown Prince ever have the dignity to ascend the throne in the future?"

"This will be recorded in the histories - that the Emperor had a pig-raising grandfather!"

"Absolutely not, Chun Tao, hurry and discuss this with the Chancellor."

"This cannot be agreed to in the morning court, we cannot let the Emperor have his way!"

"Also, send word for my father to pretend to be ill!"


The next day, when Xiao Yunzhou attended court, he had arranged for Wei Zheng to stand behind the curtain, cradling the little Princess.

Xiao Yunzhou tiptoed lightly, careful not to disturb his sleeping daughter. He took his seat on the throne, his face beaming with pride as he looked upon his ministers.

"If you have business, present it. If not, court is dismissed!"

Just as the eunuch made the announcement, an official stood up.

"Your Majesty, this minister has a matter to bring forth."

"This minister humbly requests that Your Majesty relieve Lord Tong of his duties. The former Grand Chancellor, Lord Tong, has retired. The court is not without capable men. Why then does the aged Lord Tong still toil for the court?"

The noise awoke Third Princess Chu Chu, who opened her eyes in a daze. With nothing better to do, she spent her credits to obtain an instant visual feed of her stepfather, the former Grand Chancellor.

After watching for a while, she couldn't help but giggle.

[Look at this, in the depths of winter, my stepfather at fifty-eight years old is out there in just a single robe, practicing his martial arts.]

Xiao Yunzhou was just about to waver, thinking that Lord Tong was indeed getting on in years.

But then he heard his daughter's next comment.

Xiao Yunzhou was taken aback.

[Heavens, Lord Tong is far more robust than my not-yet-forty-year-old father the Emperor!]

[Haha, my imperial father gets winded after just a short walk, but Lord Tong isn't even breathing hard or flushed in the face.]

[And he was engaged in battle with a consort until dawn last night?]

Xiao Yunzhou: "...!"


Xiao Yunzhou was silent.

"Your Majesty, Lord Tong is advanced in age. What if something were to happen to him?" the remonstrating official threatened.

Xiao Yunzhou took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Not on your life!

According to his beloved daughter, if anyone was likely to have a lapse, it was him, the Emperor - not the vigorous and ambitious Lord Tong with his impressive physical condition!

"Very well," Xiao Yunzhou smiled at the remonstrating official and nodded.

"I shall have the imperial physicians examine Lord Tong thoroughly before sending him on his way!"

The remonstrating official opened his mouth but...

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