The Primordial Record - C.835 Demon Spawn

The Primordial Record

C.835 Demon Spawn

'Let's finish this,' Rowan thought as he outwardly licked his lips in nervousness, "I do not believe you, as far as I can tell, you are powerful, there is no denying that fact, but you are nothing but a mad outer universal creature, who is against his siblings. Even if your father returns, how much change can he bring?"

Golgoth went still like a corpse, and for nearly eight minutes he made no sound, he just simply observed Rowan.

Anyone else would crack under such intense scrutiny from such a creature, and Rowan began to fidget, a bead of sweat rolled down his brows and the God King sighed,

"You are not as wise as you think, welp, and you should remember, you only live now because of my tolerance. You know nothing and you have experienced even less. You were rash at first, sprouting insults and false claims in your ignorance, and now you are afraid? You are playing a role, Rowan, but you are playing it too well. Even now, I believe you are not truly afraid of me. How moronic. Your stupidity is commendable, and you will need to learn a lesson."

Rowan grinned inwardly, 'Got you!'

He could effortlessly play any role, but he could not play one well, that role was fear. There were few things in existence that could cause Rowan concern, and those were so few and far between it was almost improbable for him to come in contact with them.

He could feel concern, not fear.

Like many things that had been scrubbed from his character after decades in this universe, fear was one of them, and if he tried he could recall how it felt to be afraid, but like how the God King had tried to make him bow to him, it was impossible for Rowan to feel fear.

The most he could experience was a heightened sense of things like at this moment he found himself.

He could see things with much more alacrity, and feel everything much more deeply, and as the God King began to devour another of his consciousness, the pain was excruciating and did nothing else but increase his alertness.

He knew he could not feel fear so he used it as a tool. The God King would discover his bad acting, and he would either try to break Rowan mentally, or he would rage and perform something more dastardly in order to gain an advantage, or something else.

Rowan did not care what the God King would choose, he just needed to shake him away from his previous path of thoughts and bring him to a place where Rowan could easily manipulate him.

The God King devoured two of his consciousnesses and he did not stop, he seized the last of his consciousness, and when Rowan thought the God King wanted to destroy him completely, he sliced off his head, ate his body, and returned to his throne. He placed Rowan's head beside him.

If the God King wanted to make Rowan feel fear, then he would have to do better than this, because Rowan was not feeling anything.

Golgoth was a one-trick pony, but he did not need to learn another trick. Devouring a consciousness was almost the same as erasing a soul. Although he could not gain as many benefits as Rowan when he devoured souls, it was unmistakably a frightening ability.

Rowan was irritated when the God King rested his right hand on his head and began speaking,

"The weak never get the chance to choose how they die, so you are lucky to get this chance. Yet I am benevolent, and before you die I shall show you what is to come."

Golgoth waved his hand and the battle ongoing on Trion was revealed. Telmus had kept his word, and at this moment, he was fighting against the seven gods of Trion, and he was pushing them back.

Rowan could appreciate talent, and Telmus was displaying to him the extent of what talents could bring you. His blade of Intent sliced through reality, parrying, blocking, and reversing countless godly techniques and abilities thrown at him.

In a range of a thousand miles outside Aroth, the amount of power being unleashed in that area was so devastating it could be seen all across the galaxy.

Telmus had a way of fighting where he defended for the most part and waited for an opportunity to attack, and all of his attacks were costly. Every single one killed an Avatar of a god and except for Minerva who seemed to be adept at dodging his blows, she was the only one who had not perished, but from the black blood staining her clothes she had been repeatedly injured.

Her face was set in a frown that could not hold all the rage inside her heart, and she released countless webs to entrap Telmus, but he sliced through all of them and with a stunning move, he deflected her webs back at her, and before she could tear it off, he had stabbed her more than a hundred times, shredding her chest and cutting off all her limbs in a series of vicious thrust.

She was only saved from death by a beam of flaming energy from Kuranes that Telmus had to deflect, allowing Minerva to vanish from the battle.

The goddess had fled.

This act drove Golgoth over the edge and he slammed his left hand on his throne, squeezed Rowan's decapitated head, and screamed in anger.

His cries of rage traveled through Elysium and reached Aroth where the faces of the gods went pale in shock and fear.

"I tire of your insolence Telmus!"

His words reached Aroth and Telmus frowned as he looked all around him before his gaze pierced through space and he saw Elysium.

His cool eyes widened in surprise as this was the first time he was witnessing the elusive God King in all his six hundred thousand years of life. His eyes looked around his throne room and settled on the head of Rowan, who winked at him.

He looked at Rowan again before turning his gaze towards the God King, "Are you Golgoth?"

"How dare you refer to the God King by his name." Tiberius roared in anger.

"Silence!" The God King slammed his hand on his throne. "You all have disappointed me for too long, with all the boon I gave to you, a mortal bests all of you in combat. He is a thousand times more worthy of speaking my name than the rest of you combined."

Telmus pointed his blade at the God King, "I had hoped to speak to you, instead of your puppets. I request that you let my people go, or I shall come for you."

The God King shook his head in irritation, "You were amusing for a while Demon Spawn, but it is time for your story to end. I no longer require the aid of your master in this venture."

Golgoth ripped his sword from the ground beside him and he made a slice, before returning the sword back to the ground.

The move was precise and simple, it released a black light that reached Trion, and the entire planet froze in place and fell into darkness.

Telmus looked into the skies as a wave of darkness descended on his location and he raised his blade.

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