The Primordial Record - C.834 The Mantis Stalks The Cicada

The Primordial Record

C.834 The Mantis Stalks The Cicada

When Rowan separated these six consciousnesses from his body, he could no longer share his experience with it, as he had already sacrificed them to whatever might come, but his consciousnesses could easily link up with his main body again, and share their experience.

Besides, it was not truly a loss for him, his consciousnesses might be destroyed, but his consciousness pillars remained. It would not take too long for another consciousness to be born from the pillar.

Although what he heard was very important and should have been enough for him to link up to his main body to reveal the truth behind the Rune and the resurrection of the Primordial of Evil, he did not do so.

Rowan could not tell if the God King might be able to trace any communication between him and his main body, and so he had no reason to risk such a move.

It was a good thing that Rowan had anticipated something like this happening and so the first time he entered Elysium, he had dropped a piece of his consciousness inside it.

This consciousness was so weak, that even the consciousness of an ant would shine brighter, and although it could not do many things, it could listen and transmit.

Rowan's consciousnesses did not need to connect to his main body, because, in a manner, his main body was already here and watching everything happen.

He had sacrificed six consciousnesses to draw out the God King, so he could have the opportunity to spy on him and reverse the table.

While he was inside the vault, the God King had been able to spy on him, and now it was Rowan's turn.

The Mantis stalks the Cicada, unaware of the Oriole behind.


Rowan's silence was enough for the God King to rant, his fervor and madness could no longer be hidden.

"This will not be anything you can stop Romion or even comprehend… Oh, Romion, if only you could see the true reach of our vision. The slaves and their children would match to the continents of battle, and they shall all perish. Their death would herald the change that would sweep through all creation. If I can do this to my loyal slaves, what more you, a disobedient child? So I ask you Romion, will you bow?"

Rowan no longer mocked the God King, at this point, there was no reason to do so. What he had just learned had surpassed whatever plans he had for Golgoth.

He was learning many new things, and confirming all his wildest fears. At the beginning of his struggle, Rowan had always felt his greatest enemy would be his father; it became worse when he understood that there was not just one of this monster, but four, and he did not doubt that just like Golgoth, all four were insane.

Before he had time to wrap his head around the idea of killing four insane Reflections of a freaking Primordial, he was set upon with the knowledge that the Primordial was about to be resurrected.

He had always wondered what was the motivation behind the actions of the Reflections, and resurrecting the dead Primordial was one of the worst outcomes he had predicted.

'Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.'

This was a mantra he always used, fighting against the sort of enemies he faced, he could only win by thinking one step ahead, but sometimes the worst he faced was greater than anything he could ever plan against.

There was no way he could fight against a Primordial.

He only suffered a few moments of panic before he brought himself back together, and understood the various loopholes in the plans of the Reflection when it came to resurrecting a Primordial, especially one that was killed by multiple Primordials, but he pretended outwardly that he was still panicking. There was no way the God King knew he understood such high-level powers to such an extent.

The usefulness of the God King was no longer as important, but he could still learn other surprising secrets. Rowan was already focused on other matters, and his remaining consciousness shifted gears to push the God King in another direction.

Rowan's voice was now weak and except for one of his consciousness speaking, the others remained with their heads facing the ground, this gesture seemed to please the God King.

He needed more information about their plans, and it was not difficult to feign ignorance on the subject, due to the Primordial Record, he was able to access more secrets than should have been ever possible, and Golgoth did not know that.

From what he had noticed, the Third Prince must not have revealed the full nature of the Singularity to Golgoth, if he did the God King would have been foaming at the mouth at the thought of possessing such a treasure.

This was another advantage that Rowan had over the God King, and he would take advantage of it.

Golgoth might believe he had all his memories of the last one million years that had been taken from him by his mother, but that was not the case, even though he now had access to it via the Eld Seed given to him by Maeve, he had sensed something off with this knowledge and he decided to place it aside for now.

Whatever knowledge was hidden inside it could wait because Rowan feared that the Eld Seed contained more than just memories, his intuition as a Nascent Primordial spoke of a hidden power inside it that almost equaled his Sheol bloodline.

It shook his assumption about the background of his mother Elura and he knew he could not have the eyes of a Primordial on his affairs, because he was linked to the Primordial of Evil, Rowan was sure that any Primordial would kill him on sight as a matter of principle.

If the God King thought he had all his memories, then he would expect Rowan to know scant details about his father or any other greater subject, after all, he had spent most of his life being tormented.

He may also suspect that Rowan would comprehend they served a greater master, but he would not figure out that Rowan knew that this being was a Primordial, or even what sort of Primordial it was.

Such profound knowledge was known by only a few individuals in all of creation, how could the child Rowan who was barely a million years old know about Primordials?

Rowan understood that in a manner, the God King saw Rowan as nothing but a child, he knew he had potential, but he expected that the Third Prince would have shattered all hope of Rowan's advancement.

He had simply told Rowan their father was coming, and without any context, there should be no way Rowan should understand how troubling such an event was to be.

However the God King knew that this news must be devastating to Rowan because Golgoth and his brothers were already so powerful, did Fourth not just kill the universe?

With all these points, Rowan understood that he was in a unique position to learn more about the Primordial of Evil and his Reflection if he played his card right.

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