The Primordial Record - C.831 Completing The Rune

The Primordial Record

C.831 Completing The Rune

?Rowan was deep in thought considering the effects of probabilities and coincidences, he was getting deeper in his understanding of an unknown realm of power but he did not forget to analyze the treasure of Kuranes.

Every god of Trion was showing him a separate facet of their psyche, and Rowan was surprised that learning more about the gods and the choices they made when it came to the treasure that selected and their path of advancement accelerated the model he was creating in his consciousness.

The treasure of Kuranes was a world of magma and unending fire that had been shrunken and hovering near her feet, spewing out as much heat as a star. To Rowan's surprise, this was not just an average world that could be found in the universe but a fragment of a Supreme World.

If he did not have previous experience with a similar treasure, he would have failed to recognize how powerful this treasure was.

Rowan had built his Dimensional body using a fragment of a Seventh Dimension Supreme World—The Mountains and Seas Supreme World, and although this fragment was barely a fourth-dimensional world, it was smaller, barely the size of a Major world, but it had a complete ecosystem.

It had gods living inside it and billions of mortals, all of whom controlled fire and lava, they resembled golems and were hundreds of feet tall. This treasure must have taken all her savings for the past million years to acquire because she was still trying to fuse with it, and from the progress he was glimpsing, it would take her a few centuries before it would be completed.

Kuranes did not have access to Will nor could she comprehend the concept behind such a world, but this fragment had been previously refined and placed under a lock, what she would be doing was refining that lock so she could control this world.

It was an ingenious design that was quite eye-opening to Rowan, he had many powerful treasures, but his subordinates may be too weak to wield them, but it would be a different case if he could create such locks over them.

If Kuranes spent enough time with this treasure after her refinement had succeeded, then this fragment of a Supreme World had the potential to elevate the goddess to greater heights, maybe even up to the realm of Will, but for now, it was not a threat to him.

It solidified his conclusion on the Exchange Space. Anyone who could create treasures that could assist in the creation of Will must be stupidly powerful, most likely a Primordial.

However, Rowan was not truly focused on the gods, or the battle ongoing on the surface of Trion, he had begun driving more of his consciousness into completing the model to unlock the secrets of Trion.

The gods of Trion were only a means to an end, and this unexpected understanding he was gaining due to the Rune Keys was the end he was pursuing, not the gods themselves.

True to the form that it was one of the most complicated Runes he had ever come across, he was only making progress because he literally had the keys with him, which were the six Runes copied while in Golgoth's palace, and yet it was almost impossible for him to unravel the lock, even when he felt he had the complete Rune.

This was the reason he no longer used his subconscious but began channeling more of his consciousness power to solve this riddle, and he reached the core of the problem after countless simulations,

'Something is missing… there should be a physical manifestation in three-dimensional space to anchor these vaults to Trion,"

As Rowan muttered to himself, the consciousness with Tiberius watched the God of War roar in anger and panic as Telmus used a tricky move to push his avatar through the barrier before destroying it.

Tiberius was almost shaking in panic, and Rowan watched in interest as he began siphoning massive amounts of essence to create powerful avatars. Rowan's gaze traveled from the panicking god to Aroth, the God of War was not scared of Telmus, but something else.

The final piece of the puzzle clicked, and Rowan was no longer looking at the battles but at Aroth, and then he smiled.

'Aroth is the anchor, I have solved it!"

The folded space that covered the capital was the most extensive he had ever seen before, and no matter how much space was pushed into a small region like that, it should not be enough to cause such drastic changes.

The only conclusion was that the capital was hiding far more space than was shown on the surface. The anchor linking Trion to the Sea of Destruction and the Vaults was Aroth.

The Rune Model reached completion with a subtle clink in his consciousness and he almost collapsed with the weight of carrying the entire model inside his head.

Just the weight of the Simulation Model was nearly enough to cripple his consciousness then the power needed to activate it must be atrocious, even the entire Blood Pool of Tiberius would not be enough to activate two percent of this model.

With the potency of Rowan's current Aether capacity then it would take his entire pool of Aether to power this rune!

This was disturbing, Rowan had always thought that it was impossible for him to ever run out of Aether, but this Rune was placing that concept to shame.

"What the hell were they hiding inside this thing?"

He had a clue about what was going to happen if he activated that Rune, but for now the direction of the battle had begun to interest him.

If Telmus succeeded in destroying Aroth, then it would break one of the barriers blocking Rowan, although he did not think Telmus would be able to succeed, with the powers of the gods arrayed against him, he was strong but not infallible, a single chink in his armor and he would fall.

Telmus would fail, but if he had Rowan's help, he just might succeed.

Rowan pulled back his concentration into himself and checked his progress towards the Third Dimension. The research with the Runes had pushed understanding of this level to a stunning ninety-five percent.

He went silent as considered his moves going forward. He had expected this level of progress in two weeks, not two minutes.

'Was it enough to move his plans to the next level?'

He deliberated for a single second and decided that it was enough.

The consciousness of Rowan wrapped his hand around the throat of Kuranes, Tiberius, Bacchus, and Volgim, Horush was a special case and he had other methods to deal with him.

He could kill them in less than a second, he just needed to squeeze. Of course, it was not the squeezing that would kill them, but his power over Souls, as touching them with his consciousness was the same as his Nascent Primordial bloodline Sheol touching their souls.

Disregarding their weapons or abilities, Rowan was striking directly at their soul, and none of them had the defenses to stand against it.

It would be so easy to kill them, but this was simply a trap laid for him by the Golgoth, it was a shame that Rowan was pursuing something else. His true enemy was not these puppets, but their master.

He loosened his hands from their necks and behind him, he heard a sigh.

"You are like him in so many ways. Our father."

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