The Primordial Record - C.829 Escalation

The Primordial Record

C.829 Escalation

?The cries of rage from the God of War could be heard all over the capital, and the Dominators fleeing towards the other continent huddled together in terror. Their blood thirst was shadowed by fear, as the rumor that the God of War was fighting against Telmus the mutant.

This unexpected shield that arose from nowhere had blocked the entire capital city of Trion from being eradicated.

Yet the force of this move was so massive, that Tiberius' body depressed the barrier until it sank, and a series of high-rise buildings that were unfortunately too close to the edge of the capital were shattered to pieces.

This devastation spread to the ground where a couple of miles of real estate crumbled to dust. The cost of mortal life was minimal since almost everyone had been evacuated.

The shield stabilized and snapped back into place, flinging the dazed god towards the earth where he crashed into the Crystal Lake like a meteor, flinging the waters of the lake hundreds of miles into the air, as a mass of water nearing a million gallons was flung into space, birthing a new comet.

The earth below the lake exploded as the Crystal Lake was divided in two. A massive crack in the earth was created that reached hundreds of miles deep, this created a channel for the water of the lake to pour down into the earth, creating the most spectacular waterfall on Trion.

The city of Aroth shifted as the earthquakes that resulted from the crash nearly toppled it into the cracked ground, but a massive force stabilized the capital from sinking.

The creator of the shield over the capital turned out to be the Empress, who had become freed from the prison of stars made by Telmus, most likely by the intervention of the gods, and she gazed towards her captor with such madness and hate that it turned the sky yellow.

Not bothering to hold back and disregarding the strain on her body and psyche, the Empress began pulling on the power of the seven gods from her royal crown into her right arm.

With the actions of Telmus, she had every right to execute him, and she would do so before anyone stopped her.

The power of all seven gods destroyed her body but their power also healed her, and she screamed in pain and exultation, this power was not meant for mortals, and even as it was killing her, the sheer enjoyment she derived from wielding all the powers of the gods were the most pleasurable sensation she had felt in her life.

Her hatred and her stubbornness kept her pleasure at bay, keeping her mind focused and ensuring she placed all that power into her right hand which was beginning to turn silver.

When she could no longer hold on, she cut off the flow of power from the crown and gazed at Telmus with a smirk, but he glanced at her before ignoring her, focusing on the tremors below the earth as the Avatar of Tiberius fought his way out of the ground.

"This would be your final mistake!" The silver hand of the Empress tore off from her body and effortlessly passed through the barrier, heading for Telmus who seemed not to be aware of the coming danger.

The hand easily slipped through the gaps in between space, silent and invisible as it flew towards Telmus. The Empress grinned as she spread her perception towards her quarters where his daughter was being held, she wanted to bring her outside for her to witness the death of her father.

The ravaged Avatar of the God of War erupted from the ground, missing all his skin and screaming in rage and humiliation.

"No more!" the God of War cried out, drawing power from his Divine Essence and about to cast the most powerful technique he had with him. The God of War had reached the limits of his patience and needed to end the battle with the next move.

Telmus's cool eyes watched the ascent of the god and he flicked a stone from the ground with his feet. The stone rose up to his eye level and as it was about to fall, Telmus punched it, wrapping the tiny rock with a thousand different Intent of Force.

The stone moved faster than teleportation, arriving a few seconds before Telmus punched it and slammed into Tiberius, his body rotated like a spinning cork and because the stone had appeared before it was pushed, the direction of the Avatar's body was diverted and it intercepted the hand shot by the Empress.

The force acting on the body of the Avatar causing it to spin uncontrollably engulfed the hand and crushed it to pieces, yet still preserved the power inside the arm.

This bright silver glow surrounded the body of the Avatar and pushed the angered god through the barrier shielding Aroth. The Empress had the chance to widen her eyes in shock before the Avatar of the God of War exploded. Tiberius had tried to swallow the light at the last minute, but it was not enough, Telmus had played him like a fiddle and the God of War nearly went mad with fear and desperation.

There was a light that was so bright it covered the entire half of the planet and made everything white. The blast that followed shook the entire planet, crumbling every building in the capital, and before the explosion could reach its zenith… it simply vanished.

A hand had simply clapped the power into non-existence.

A new Avatar of the God of War had appeared with the destruction of the last, and this one had been the one to stop the explosion from turning Aroth into a memory.

This Avatar was different, as it appeared to be filled with so much power, that his body was vibrating. There was a manic look in the eyes of the Avatar that was incredibly complex, but what was clear was that at the moment, the God of War had gone mad.

The Avatar of War laughed as his body turned red, transforming into a humanoid made from blood, and he began to expand. His laughter increased in volume and intensity as in less than a few seconds he was already hundreds of miles tall, his head reaching the clouds, and his voice touching every ear on Trion and beyond.

Tiberius could not risk being bullied to the extent that Aroth would be destroyed in front of his eyes, if there was one thing he had in abundance, it was power. Every god of Trion had their hidden trump cards, but they were all wary of each other, and would not reveal the full depths of their powers.

The origin of the distrust between the gods could not be traced, it was just always there, and the gods never wondered why they feared each other and would go out of their way to lie and hide all signs of their hidden powers.

However, there was something else that trumped this concern, and it was the fear of Golgoth. The task he gave them must be accomplished at all costs, and if the God of War caused the destruction of Trion when he could prevent it, his fate would be too terrible for him to imagine.

He no longer cared about hiding his Essence Storehouse as he called on more power than a High god could even fathom. His Avatar grew to a thousand miles tall and his shadow covered the entire capital.

Tiberius spread open his hands and a thousand similar Avatar of War appeared. All of them lined up in twos, and their heads could not even be seen. A thousand Avatars, all who were a thousand miles tall, nearly covered the entire continent, as everything turned the shade of red, even the sun in the sky.

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