The Primordial Record - C.826 Patterns And Coincidences

The Primordial Record

C.826 Patterns And Coincidences

??Rowan had not come across a lot of set items as they were rare, and the criteria for the creation of set items was not as simple as having more of the same material in one place, or any random set of similar swords placed together would gain a set - effect.

Usually, the set effect came by coincidence or by meticulous design and creation, and they were always more powerful than their base components would suggest.

Bacchus chuckled as the battle grew heated as the God of War no longer sent a single avatar after Telmus but ten, all working seamlessly together in formation. Telmus had been keeping his cool all this while and was destroying the avatars of the god as quickly as he was creating them, but Rowan who was watching the battle was beginning to see that he was losing his patience.

Geniuses were arrogant, the fact that they had aspects that were superior to their peers gave them a distinction that others could not imagine, and Telmus was no different, as far as he could tell, he was the most powerful Earth god in existence, and no one, not even the gods of Trion could hold him if he truly went all out.

The God of War himself was only a distraction, and with every moment, Telmus was growing irritated with the persistence of Tiberius. Rowan would have warned him to watch his Spirit since Tiberius was not a simple foe, but he needed the distraction that Telmus was bringing and so he watched the battle alongside the gods.

Their battle shattered the skies and the earth, but they kept the devastation reduced to a few hundred miles, as every blow was incredibly focused and precise. This created a zone of darkness that was broken by the flashes of light from their techniques, as reality could not heal from the forces being unleashed by both parties.

This zone of darkness began to slowly move towards the east, and it was increasingly picking up speed as time went by, Telmus was no longer patient with this battle and was shifting it towards Aroth the capital.

Rowan almost smiled with the audaciousness of his plan. If the God of war did not stop his attacks, then their battle would take them to the capital where this area of darkness that held world-shattering forces would grind the capital to dust.

Rowan doubted if the rest of the gods had noticed this change since the area of darkness appeared to be moving haphazardly, but Rowan had been able to figure out the order through the chaos. Telmus was angry and by the time the gods figured out his plans, it would be too late.

Rowan began to steer his Crystal Leviathan hurriedly away from Aroth, if his deduction was correct, in an hour's time, the entire Crystal Lake would be destroyed.


In the meantime, Rowan had finished analyzing all the lashes in Bacchus's eyes and realized that the set weapon was incredibly powerful, he could detect a sharp and aggressive Aura from the weapon, but it was not complete, if he was correct then the lashes of Bacchus needed at least twenty more lashes to create a set item that was far more powerful than the sum of its parts, perhaps approaching the Source level.

If that was the case then Bacchus may be far wiser than his foppish appearance suggested. Rowan had never seen a Source Level weapon before, but it should easily be capable of unleashing powers equal to 5th-dimensional level and higher, these would be particularly effective weapons against him since he would have reduced capacity to block the damages.

Two or more direct blows from such a weapon would end him. Therefore taking these weapons out of the equation was important before anything else.

Bacchus controlled the Pathway of the Wanderer, and so he had dominion over plants. This was the most likely reason Rowan felt the most intense connection with him. Dominators from his bloodline usually lived in the forests and did not tread far from it.

His abilities would lean towards the Aspect of life and manipulating plants of all types, none of which were of particularly any threat to Rowan, Bacchus had not chosen to enhance his bloodline powers but pursued external influence, without his lashes. If Rowan derived him from these weapons then he could easily be taken.


Rowan urged his consciousness to move faster, the vaults of Kuranes and Volgim were located deeper inside the Sea of Destruction than the other vaults. The Sea of Destruction was incredibly vast, most likely a few thousand light years in diameter, and traveling through it was arduous.

Not wasting the opportunity, Rowan was already creating a massive map of the entire Sea of Destruction, as a result of this, when he got closer to the vaults of Kuranes and Volgim, a pattern began to emerge.

A pattern that without his seven consciousnesses working together in tandem would have been impossible for him to notice. It was difficult to understand what this pattern was at first since all his seven consciousnesses were occupied, but he had developed his consciousness during his trials in the forge and he slowly teased out that pattern that had begun to emerge from this unexpected discovery.

He was basically using the subconscious of his seven consciousnesses to work out this puzzle.

His first consciousness was inside the crystal leviathan creating the 106 new gods and watching the progress of the battle between Telmus and the God of War.

The second consciousness was inside the Vault of Hekaton learning all about Will and monitoring the rebirth of the Demon King of Destruction, Ohrox.

The Third consciousness was inside the vault of Tiberius, the God of War, planning the methods of taking over his blood pool and cleanly executing him.

The Fourth Consciousness was inside the Vault of Bacchus, working to sever the connection between the lashes of Bacchus and his body.

The Fifth consciousness was inside the Vault of Horush, this was the most difficult puzzle he had to unravel. Killing all the million portions of Horush at once while he merged with the body of a million beast gods that also had God King level beasts, all of whom had different racial talents that could prove problematic like resurrection and teleportation.

He would have to neutralize all of them at once while looking out for any hidden trump cards that Horush might bring into play. This god was dangerous and fiercely intelligent.

The Sixth and Seventh consciousness was headed towards the vault of Kuranes and Volgim.

For the moment he tried not to think about how he had awakened precisely seven consciousnesses that would just be enough for him to cover all the major powers of Trion in a single move.

The more he learned about Will, the more he understood that there were no coincidences. Not for someone like him.

Perhaps for a mortal, coincidence may be natural, a matter of chance or luck, but for a being of his power, it was nothing but manipulation. He controlled luck, and chances could be bent toward his favor after he had eliminated every other variable.

There was no way that his second evolution had given him the precise number of consciousness he required.

What he needed to know was if this manipulation was coming from himself or someone else.

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