The Primordial Record - C.825 The Strongest god

The Primordial Record

C.825 The Strongest god

?The vaults of the gods presented new information about their powers and personalities, all of which Rowan eagerly noted down. The smallest detail could lead to unexpected breakthroughs.

The vault of Horush was filled with statues of beasts, but a closer observation would reveal that these were not statues but living beings frozen in stone, and they were all gods.

The shapes of the beast seemed desiccated, as if left with nothing but skin and bones, but this should be a nature of the technique used by Horush. All these beast gods kept their full awareness, but they could not move.

The bloodline of Horush were Beast-tamers. They had the ability to charm and merge with every sort of beast, granting them all the abilities of the beasts and also boosting them.

The unique characteristic of this bloodline that made them refer to it as the pathway of the giant was the ability to merge with multiple beasts, with the user gaining the traits of those beasts and a drastic increase in size.

The geniuses from the Horush bloodline were determined on the number of beasts they were able to merge with, the weakest meeting with only one and the strongest merging with seventy-seven. The holder of the title of the highest merger belonged to this current Ancestor of the Horush family.

In time the merged beast would truly become one with the Dominators on the Pathway of the Giant, granting them a permanent boost to their abilities and the power to shape shift into the creatures while adding the traits of other beasts to this new form.

Although the Horush family Dominators were disadvantaged in certain areas, like Spirit, they were truly terrible foes if they could merge with more than one powerful beasts at the same time.

A Horush family Dominator that could merge with multiple dragons, Phoenix, and Kirins would be almost unstoppable.

Inside the vault, Rowan saw more than a million statues of beasts. The weakest was at the High God level and they were powerful creatures, some of them could not even be found inside this universe. There were ten special beasts whose statues were golden and the emanations from their bodies were those of God Kings.

Since the gods of Trion did not venture far from their world, this must be the method Horush had spent his Labyrinth Coins, by purchasing beasts. Horush had quietly created an army of beast gods that could shake the galaxy.

If he could perfectly merge with these beast gods, and there was no reason to think that he would not be able to do so, Horush would become one of the most powerful and versatile gods, perhaps the strongest amongst the Trion gods, at least as far as Rowan had seen.

It was amazing that this quiet god had been able to accumulate so much power using his unique abilities and bloodline power. Boreas on the other hand had been disappointing, only creating Spirit Guises that were at the Major God level, while Horush already had God Kings.

Every Trion god was unique and would surprise him in various ways, but he was grateful that he had managed to acquire the treasures of Boreas first, it was what had enabled him to reach this stage even in his diminished form.

However he had a pressing problem at this time, Rowan had scanned through the vault multiple times but he could not detect the presence of Horush. His presence seemed incredibly weak as if he was not present inside the vault, but Rowan knew that this was impossible, the presence of the god was needed to maintain the vaults.

He considered this problem for a moment before quickly coming to the realization that all the beast god statues here were Horush. He had merged with all of them and instead of making himself a single great giant, he had chosen to scatter his body to a million parts.

Smart choice. Horush controlled the pathway of the giant, but he chose to follow a separate path. This may appear simple on the surface yet it was anything but.

The body of the Gods of Trion that was inside their vaults were nothing but their God Spark. Which were supposed to stay in a single form, but Horush had found a way to split his God Spark into a million pieces.

Perhaps it was due to the power of his bloodline and its abilities, but the changes made by this god was still surprising. It would make killing him a bit annoying since Rowan would have to ensure that every portion of the god was killed at the same time. Essentially killing a million Horush at once instead of killing one.

With everything he was discovering about Horush, it led him to firmly place him to be the strongest god of Trion. Tiberius and Kuranes had been loading over the gods all these while but it was Horush that was actually more powerful than even the so-

called God of War.

Tiberius had a pool of disjointed energy suppressed by his powers to control blood, basically he had all the resources that any god would kill for and he created a battery. Horush meanwhile had been accumulating abilities and powers that could crush any of the gods while evolving his God Spark to go against the direction of his bloodline, instead of becoming a giant, he became a swarm.

It was a shame that Rowan would have to kill him, of all the gods, it would seem he was the one with the most steady presence of them all. The present state of Trion however proved to Rowan that even though Horush was more formidable, he was also as corrupt as the rest of the Trion gods, perhaps maybe even worse.

Rowan automatically placed Horush in the same category as Minerva, the god who controlled the pathway of Giant was dangerous. Rowan did not rate him this way because he cared about his power, no, he was more wary of his mind.


The consciousness that entered the vault of Bacchus was presented with a garden filled with flowers. The god Bacchus was relaxing in a heated pool of scented divine essence with two scantily clad elf-like women massaging his shoulders, and anointing his body with mystical oils.

Bacchus looked a lot like Rowan with long blond and green hair, but he was more lean and taller. His half closed eyes were tipped with long green lashes, his eyes could be seen gleaming through them as they were focused on the images moving in his pool that was showcasing the battle between Telmus and Tiberius.

He chuckled when Telmus kicked the God of War in annoyance, launching him into space. "Silly brute…" he opened his mouth and one of the women dropped a red fruit into it. Bacchus chewed with relish. Rowan could hear the screams emanating from inside his mouth, they sounded like children.

Rowan analyzed this new god as he waited for the rest of his consciousness to reach the remaining vault. It took some time for him to detect Bacchus' treasure and he nearly rolled his eyes in annoyance.

The long eyelashes of the god's upper eyelid were Proto Source level treasures, every single one of them. So he had a total of 140 Proto Source level treasures on his face, and judging from the fluctuations they gave off, they must be a set item.

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