The Primordial Record - C.822 No Shame Losing To Him

The Primordial Record

C.822 No Shame Losing To Him

?The descending palm was thousands of miles in diameter and as it tore through the sea of destruction it was consumed before it could reach the vault below by the extra-dimensional destructive properties of this place, but Rowan was still surprised by how long it had been able to last through the destruction, as he had just glimpsed pure kinetic energy inside that palm and little else.

It was just force that had been magnificently controlled and coordinated, it was almost like a work of art, one that Rowan could appreciate, because he had always found the line between chaos and order to be quite fascinating.

There was nothing as chaotic as a battle, and when you introduce magic and external energies into the mix, everything would become much more complex, but the ability to weave through all that noise and find the "sweet spot" where everything fell into place was not something everyone was capable of.

Who was the God of War fighting? Well, anyone who was doing that should not stop anytime soon because it would provide the necessary distraction that he needed.

Deciding not to leave anything to chance, Rowan synchronized with his other consciousness. He had deliberately left them separated before in order to reduce the chance that any "noise" could be sensed between all his consciousness due to the fact that he was presently inhabiting the body of the Spirit Guises, and they could not fully contain his presence.

If he exerted more of his powers then there was a possibility that communicating between his consciousness while inside this body could be tracked, but he needed to know what had just happened.

Rowan's plans were dynamic and adaptable to whatever situation that might arise, and so the need to always be up to speed with everything was crucial. The risk he decided, was worth it.

He connected with his other consciousness inside the Crystal Leviathan for a fraction of a second before breaking the link and understanding everything that happened and was still transpiring.

With this revelation, he shifted his entire plan and moved them forward!

The consciousness standing before the vault of Tiberius considered the reason for this change, "Telmus… another outlier and supreme genius like Ohrox who have drawn my attention because of their unique vision. Is he also a Demon or Mutant of a Demon and a Dominator, his mother controls demonic energy after all.

Rowan's desire to understand the Great Abyss increased, he had come across two very stunning individuals and they were related to the Great Abyss. He was aware that the Great Abyss was being led by a Primordial and so he had kept his distance, it was still fascinating to consider was sort of environment would breed such a wide range of talent.

Telmus's battle with the God of War was truly eye-opening, as Rowan was startled when he noticed that Telmus was an Earth god and controlled Intent. Although that was not what stunned him, creating Intent from techniques ultimately depended on comprehension, and Rowan had created Intent when he was in the Second Circle compared to the Fourth Circle where both he and Telmus now reside, yet this case was different.

Telmus did not have a single Intent or a dozen, he did not have a hundred or a thousand, he had tens of thousands, perhaps as much as a hundred thousand or more! He would have to thoroughly examine him to get a certain number but his consciousness inside the Crystal Leviathan had read tens of thousands of Intent.

When Rowan first developed his Berserker Intent, he gained tons of attributes every time he upgraded it, from the mortal Grade, Refined, Earth, Heaven, Transcendent, Immortal, and finally to the Origin Grade, he had acquired tens of thousands of attribute points that had pushed his powers further than his levels would account for.

Although Rowan was aware that due to his mutated Empyrean physique as a Six-headed Ouroboros Serpent and his ability to reverse Time, he had inordinately gained far more attributes than an average individual every time he upgraded his technique, and this was for only a single Berserker Aspect.

He had never had the chance to push for more techniques towards the Origin Stage from this point as he decided to only develop Omnipotent techniques or Aspects like the Lost Flames but that was before he discovered there was a higher power than Intent and evolved into a Dimensional being.

Rowan had planned on learning hundreds of techniques and reaping the benefits from devouring the tribulations after bringing them all to the Origin Stage, but he no longer needed to follow this path.

Rowan had not imagined learning thousands of techniques to the level of Origin, and Telmus here had learned tens of thousands of techniques to the Origin grade. This was simply madness.

Learning this amount of technique was not just an issue of time and availability, if that was the case every god would live long enough to be able to master millions of Intent. To achieve this, it was purely about talent.

It took Rowan an average of about a year to get to the Origin Stage of the Berserker Aspect, even though he had not been focusing on it, and only actively trained with his Berserker Aspect for a total period of two weeks.

It would usually take a talented god hundreds of thousands of years to push a simple technique to the Origin grade, for others, millions, perhaps even billions of years. Since acquiring more Intent was the method for a god to grow, they were always searching for ways to boost their talents and comprehension speed.

The Faith and worship from mortals was a resource used by the gods to boost their comprehension, but even with that advantage, a talented god could barely bring more than a hundred techniques to the Origin grade. In their entire lifetime. Which was usually a billion trillion years, or longer depending on the nature of their universe.

From all records he could find Telmus was born barely 600,000 years ago, and most of those times he had been imprisoned by Minerva as punishment for his stubbornness, and in the short time frame he had been free, he had gathered all these Intent.

It was a remarkable achievement, one that Rowan had never seen before, or even thought could be made in such short amounts of time.

He could do it if he wanted to as he had always been curious about how far he could have pushed this conjecture of multiple Intent, but he ultimately discarded it as useless. At a point, no matter the number of attributes he could gain from enhancing hundreds of techniques, it would still not match up against the power of Will.

Intent could be seen as the control of space, while Will was the control of Time. Intent could no longer grow past the limitation of space, but Will could grow past the limitations of Time, evolving to control both Space and Time and beyond, reaching higher dimensions and controlling more mystical abilities.

Telmus could be seen as a complete master over Space. The God of War had announced his rage all over Trion and drew the attention of everyone in power who was able to see this level of combat, and this did nothing but display his shameful defeat to a mortal.

Although Rowan considered that there was nothing shameful about losing to somebody like Telmus.

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