The Primordial Record - C.821 I Shall Collect Your Head

The Primordial Record

C.821 I Shall Collect Your Head

?"That was amusing," the deep voice of a man emerged from the haze, who then stepped forward to reveal himself to Telmus. In the right hand of the man was the stone the Telmus had just sent towards the universe.

Telmus sighed, "Tiberius, what brings you from your bloody halls into the lands of mortals?"

"It is rare that I get to save people, but not without a price of course," Tiberius answered and waved his hand, releasing the five Ancestors who should have perished when Telmus made his first move.

With a flick from his feet, he tossed the dazed Ancestors into the distance, their bodies broken from his move and bathing his legs with blood, they all left their right arm behind, and because it was Tiberius that caused this wound, they could never heal from this injury and the blood that flowed from it would go to him in perpetuity, leaving them in a state of constant agony until they perished.

Death in the hands of Telmus would have been a greater gift than the saving grace from Tiberius.

Tiberius bent down and scooped the thick blood around his legs, and he ran his hand across his bald head, rubbing the blood of the Ancestors across it, like the ancient warrior he was, as his skin drank the blood until there was nothing left, he shuddered in pleasure,

"Are you catching a glimpse of Trion these days Telmus? Why should I stay in my Hall of Blood, when I have a world filled with it? Still, lucky I was around eh, else this little empress would be floating yonder. Now tell me why you want to do something as stupid as that. We gave you a pretty good deal, no?"

Telmus began to walk towards the God of War, and he stopped beside him, "I don't answer to you, Tiberius. Do you seek to stop me?"

He waited for a short moment and walked past the God of War, his eyes already searching the horizon for his family.

The God of War appeared a bit surprised at the moment before he sucked air through his teeth, and then he looked up and began to laugh, "You little abomination, truly, you are willing to fight me! Hahaha… this is the greatest gift you can ever give me."

Telmus stopped walking and raised both his hands and with his chains he seized a thousand stars in each hand, "I will not repeat myself, Tiberius."

"You little fucker," the God of War flung the stone containing the Empress towards Aroth and conjured a blade of bone and blood and with a cry of anger he charged at Telmus.

Telmus did not wait for the God of War to reach him before making his moves and they slammed against each other like two meteorites, reality shattered and they were sucked into the Underverse.

A short moment later they popped out of reality, their presence shattering the earth and the heavens, and they clashed again tearing reality apart and vanishing.

Everything seemed to be at peace for a moment before reality shattered again and a body was spat out with his left hand missing.

The body slammed into the earth, causing a massive crater, and leaving a mushroom cloud that could be seen from space.

Telmus walked through the devastation, white hair flowing like snow and eyes filled with anger, in his left hand was the arm of the God of War.

The arm was struggling to escape his grasp, but Telmus seized it with both hands and with a violent pull, and in a single smooth motion, he peeled the skin and muscle away from the bone.

He tossed aside the wriggling flesh and held up the arm bone as if it was a short sword, he swiped it to the left, dispersing the dust and countering a mighty blow from Tiberius's sword of blood.

The God of War had already regrown his arm and when he saw what Telmus wielded against him, his eyes blazed in anger, and he attacked in a severe burst of movement that shattered reality all around them.

With every move he made, he roared his wrath and bloodlust, his sword of blood making a thousand cuts in a fraction of a second, carrying preciseness and an unearthly force.

Telmus, on the other hand, countered all the blows without even looking at them, instead, he stared at the face of Tiberius, and when the God of War looked at him directly in the eye, Telmus shifted his stance a bit and moved the arm in a weird manner that took it in and out of reality before he retreated a single step, but this time he was holding another arm from Tiberius, as he had ingeniously sliced off another of Tiberius's arm.

Telmus swiped the arms across each other, removing the skin and flesh from the new one, and stared coldly at the God of War.

"You are not the one I hate Tiberius, but if you don't leave my path, I shall collect your head with my next move."

Tiberius growled like a rabid dog, blood and alive pouring out from his mouth like rain, "You fucking mongrel, you think because you too my arms, that you have achieved anything?! I will show you what it means to battle the God of War."

Tiberius screamed and his body exploded into a ball of blood and muscle that twisted into arcane shapes before taking the form of a red giant with eight arms and four heads.

The God of War raised all eight arms and eight bloody suns appeared overhead and transformed into eight massive melee weapons, from swords, axes, shields, and spears to a chained whip."

He slammed his hands together and his weapons shredded reality, sending out great pulses of power towards Telmus.

"I will tear you apart and feast on your liver for a million years." The voice of the God of War resounded all over Trion drawing the attention of all the gods, and every mortal of power who could understand his words carried by his Intent of Slaughter.

With the strength to shatter a thousand worlds, the God of War swung all his weapons towards Telmus, who sighed and pushed the two arms into the ground in front of him before raising his empty hands in front of him.

"Little girl if you are watching your old man right now, this is how you use your talent of absorption."

The weapons of the God of War smashed into Telmus, and there was no loud blast. He simply went still as all the energy of the blow was absorbed by Telmus's palms.

Telmus closed his hands into a fist and all the energy he had collected suddenly multiplied and was returned a million times over!

Except for a single head that was left, Tiberius's body was vaporized to a state that was smaller than atoms.

If this blow had ended here it would have been terrible enough, but from the clash with the God of War, Telmus had traced his path of power, and although he did not know where it led, he directed all those forces towards it.

It was the reason that when the consciousness of Rowan reached the Vault of Tiberius he was startled when the sea of destruction vibrated and a massive palm descended on the vault.

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