The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me - C.267: An Unexpected Attack

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

C.267: An Unexpected Attack

An Unexpected Attack

The sun started to descend, signaling the onset of evening.


In the Western Continent, Kania stared at the screen with tired eyes.

Ms. Irina, what are you doing?


With sunken dark circles, she looked at Irina on the screen and spoke. Irina seemed bewildered and surprised at the same time.

Oh, just some magical research?

It seems a bit too intense to be just magical research.

The countless corpses of demonic monsters piled up behind her contradicted Irinas claim.

No, no, Im supposed to do at least this much


Demonic bastards.

She laughed awkwardly and scratched her head; suddenly, her expression changed. She unfolded a magic circle as a massive minotaur in the background stumbled and wailed.

Clang! Crash!



A massive explosion and monstrous screams could be heard off-screen.

Because of you all! The investigation team got attacked! Because of you! I had to come here so quickly for weeks!!!

The explosion had given rise to a dust cloud. Irina had to restrain her temper with Frey, but now, she could finally reveal her true nature.

Damn it those fucking pests


Her eyes glowed as she kicked the minotaur mercilessly. Her eyes rolled back; she now looked like her past selfsomeone with no regard for the nobles.

Die already!


In the vast plain where only demonic monsters existed, she kicked the minotaur for quite a while. Irina then unleashed her specialty, area-of-effect magic, with various attributes. Finally, she put her magic to rest and calmly looked ahead.


Half of it was a sea of fire, while the other portion was plagued with her other attributes. Her power spun like a tornado in the hellish landscape. She looked at it with relief, then spoke quietly.

As expected, area-of-effect magic is the best, right, Kania?

Uh, um

Is it the best, you ambitious, little, thieving cat?

What did you just say?

Kania was dumbfounded. Irina, who had somehow reverted to her sleazy look from the first cycle, continued without backing down.

Serena beat you to it, didnt she?


Kania felt speechless. Suddenly, someone appeared on the turned-off screen beside Irina.

But I just started

Princess Clana?

I hadnt even started yet, actually. It ended in an instant

On the screen was Clana, seated hunched in the corner of her room within the Imperial Palace, engrossed in paperwork.

I tried to use money to make up for my lack of individuality, but Frey is already richer than me. And all the benefits of the vitality tonic I bought for him all went to Serena


Im the only one busy, so I cant get close to him its really unfair.

Clana seemed melancholic as she quietly made notes on the documents with a cold gaze.

Isabel Luca Vernandez

[Change her sentence to life imprisonment]

(Assigning an appropriate charge)

Ramie Solar Sunrise

[If possible, the death penalty]

(Avenging everything she had done to Mom)

Rifael Solar Sunrise

[Life imprisonment] (Used her as a political weapon)

Secret Lord

[On progress looking for a way to kill him]

Vener Renee Hylin

[Her fatal weakness has been identified]

If Vener couldnt be controlled, Frey suggested that they demote her to the position of 1st-year professor.

Might as well lend a helping hand while covering the eyes

That was a widely known magical list in the Empire from the previous cycle, rumored to make people disappear from the Empire as soon as their names appeared on it.

Of course, it wasnt actual magic but the result of power and military force.

I want to play with Frey too not with paperwork, but with Frey

After Serena and Frey had gone on their honeymoon, Irina had become a delinquent, and Clana seemed melancholic all the time. Kania couldnt help but sigh.

Please focus, everyone. We need a brief on the scenario for the opening of the next school year.

The 2nd-year school opening?

Now its still around December, so dont we still have about two months?

When the two girls questioned Kania, she shook her head.

Im not talking about the 2nd-year right now. Im talking about the 1st-year freshmen.

The freshmen?

We can potentially supplement the shortage in the Hero Party with them. The 3rd-year dont have many talented individuals, and although we have a tight grip on the 2nd-year students The same isnt true for the incoming freshmen.

Hearing that, Irina scratched her head.

Whats her name again Aishi? She seems easy to sway. I could even make her surrender by challenging her to a duel

Ms. Irina, Princess Aishi is not a demonic monster

How about using Clanas influence?

Doing that might cause a backlash.


Clanas eyes suddenly lit up as Kania and Irina engaged in a rare, productive discussion.

We dont need to force, but we can turn at least one person on our side..


I know of a promising candidate. She is quite young. I plan to recommend her and admit her through a special exception Its perfect timing.

Hearing this, Kania nodded quietly.

If Princess Clana says so

Then, a brief silence ensued.

Freshman orientation is in a week, right? That is part of the official scenario, as Young Master mentioned.

Is that so?

Yes, the 2nd-year episode will practically kick off from that moment.

With a gleam in her eyes, Kania turned the notebook pages and continued.

Young Master is not a freshman, so theres no obligation to participate. As a public figure, theres even less reason for him. But still, we can participate, right?

After looking at everyone, Kania closed the pocket notebook and concluded her speech.

So, get ready, everyone. Im looking for a ship to go back to the Empire. It should take a week at most.

The two girls nodded quietly.

Now, we just have to figure out Young Masters admission to the 2nd year

If Frey enrolls as is, wont there be an uproar, considering that his official status right now is that of a commoner?

Thats right. There will surely be many retaliations and assaults.

Ill take care of those bast

Ms. Irina, the problem is not as simple as that.

Since they didnt want Frey to be attacked, the girls fell deep into contemplation.

Then lets discuss that in the next meeting Lets wrap up todays meeting here.

They failed to find a solution even after contemplating it for a while. Kania grasped her head and said.

Um, whats that about our bet

Serena, beat us to it, Clana.

D-dont say us. I havent even started

After the meeting, the girls resumed their bickering.

Sigh, someone has to jump into action to stop her from getting his seeds. I also want Freys seeds Wait, Kania, arent you also better at combat than intelligence?

I-I, too, have only been doing paperwork these days I can sit and hold it well but


Watching Irina and Clana, Kania sighed and quietly turned off the screen.


Young Master

Then, Kania lay down on the bed, hugging a long pillow.

I want to see you as soon as possible

She buried her face in the pillow, looking shy, and started to squirm.





Huwah Young Mast

Beep, beep!


Rolling alone on the bed, Kania was startled as the screen suddenly lit up.

Kania, what were you doing?

I-I-I was exercising.

As Frey appeared on the screen, Kania replied with a flushed face and then tilted her head, asking.

Anyway, whats up?

No, I was just wondering when youd be coming.


Kania calmly tilted her head again.

Its been a while since Ive seen you, so maybe I missed you?


Blushing uncontrollably, she unconsciously clutched the pillow with her legs.

I-Ill return to you within a week, Young Master.


After twisting around for a while, Kania quietly responded. Frey silently nodded and continued.

But, by any chance, is there a curse that makes people turn evil?

There are many curses like that. Do you have any specific information?

Frey stiffened his face.

For instance, a-a curse that is so powerful that even my mental strength is useless against it?


Kania, who had frozen, quietly spoke.

I will leave immediately.

No, theres no need to do that. Im fine. I mean, not that Im not fine I-its actually not about me


Watching her Young Master blabbering, Kania said with a sad expression.

At least not to me. It would be better if you told me the truth instead of hiding it Young Master.


Gazing at Kania, Frey sighed and started his explanation.

It seems Ive been cursed with something like Villainization. I keep wanting to harm people just by looking at them.

You, Young Master? But such feelings are not


N-no, its nothing.

Blushing, Kania replied, then quietly turned her gaze and buried her face in the pillow.

If this continues Im afraid of hurting people I care about I want to find a solution as soon as possible.

I will look for a solution. It might be ancient magic. Ill need to see you to know more.

Okay, but dont push yourself too hard. Its okay to take your time coming here.

Frey said that with a grin; Kania hugged the pillow tightly again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention


Staring at Freys face for a while, Kania attempted to lower the screen, but

I have to participate in the upcoming orientation.

What did you say!?

Hearing Frey, Kania widened her eyes and asked again.

Youre going to participate in the orientation?


No, why would you go there, Young Master?

She mumbled and hastily changed the plans she had scribbled in her pocket notebook.



Young Master? freewebnove

Freys screen suddenly started shaking wildly; he also seemed bewildered.


She felt a sharp pain in her side and bent over.


While clutching her side and breathing heavily, she slowly lifted her head.


She could see Alice struggling wildly as she was pinned against the wall by Frey.


L-let go of me! You monster!

She stared blankly at the girl, screaming as if she were facing the devil. Kanias expression turned cold, and she muttered.

I need to return to Young Master as soon as possible.

The sun was setting beyond the horizon.






What is this?

Aishi Winter Cloud, with a bewildered expression, stared at a newspaper.

[Breaking News] Frey Raon Starlight Confirmed Dead

It was a newspaper reporting Freys death.

Th-this this is a lie, right?

Her eyes trembled.

Didnt you come here to find a way to lift the curse?

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