The Golem Mage - C.82 The Silent Rivalry

The Golem Mage

C.82 The Silent Rivalry

82 The Silent Rivalry.

After the spear light finally went down Alec was tempted to check out Legions new stats

[ Defensive spearman Golem ]

Name : Legion

level : 19 [ can be upgraded]

Realm : (peak) Tier one

rank : Elite

strength : 34

Agility : 31

Endurance: 30

{Special skills}

~ intermediary Spear Arts mastery lvl 1

~ Basic Shield mastery lvl 5

~ Spear Intent : entry level

Alec was quite suprised to see that even Legion was already a peak Tier 1 golem, if not because of the commotion he cause Alec would not have been ready to check his stats any time soon,

After all ever since the blood moon battle he had been trying to get some rest from everything including the systems as he felt he had to get the rest he deserved,

Though he might not really understand what the spear intent was, he does know that it was something that would increase Legion's strength and he was cool with that anyways

After all he knew the reason why Legion was so hell bent on improving, was because he is feeling the pressure of being surpassed by Titan in both realm and ranks

But he could not blame anybody but himself after all in every battle they were in Titan alway took it upon himself to act as the vanguard and always cleared the path ahead

With his ruthless strikes, making him always kill alot more than Legion as he was Alec's war machine, but Legion always believed in the fact that fighting was an art, infact the only reason he was quick to raise his spear techniques to the intermediary so fast

Was because of how he even used his spear to train in each battle and he made sure to complete every moves of the basic spear moves making it hard for people to come in between

Three meters near him, but Titan was the actual opposite as he believed in killing faster, and painting himself in a blood bath

Even though both of these golems might have different point of views Alec does not feel the need to talk to them about it after all they have developed there own consciousness and forged there own path forward ever since Alec created them

He was not about to come in between that now

" you are just incredibly lucky lad, I have not even gotten to the bottom of your spirit armour and here you are surprising me again, you this boy can you leave an old man with face" The grand elder joked

" I didn't even have a hand in this sir, you were here with me, he just comprehend it out of no were" Alec said as he opened his hand akimbo looking like a lost person, if someone else saw him they might not even think the golem in question was his

Just as the Grand elder was about to say another word the ground opened up and the patriarch came out of it.

The grand elder was the first to notice him " are you not supposed to be at the City Hall ?" the grand elder questioned him almost immediately he came out of the ground startling Alec and making him witness his grandfather come out of the ground

" the meeting finished quite early, how you doing Alec? , we got alot to talk about " the old man answered his brother fast before turning to Alec with a wild smile on his face

" can it be wait, I have to cultivate or else I won't make progress in my realm " Alec gave a filmsy excuse which earned him a slap to the head as his grandfather slapped his head silly

" ouch!!!, old man don't you know you are a venerable Tier 7 mage?, are you trying to get me killed by hitting me like that? "

Gordons patriach : "..."

Grand elder : "..."

The grand elder mouth twitch as he asked his brother in low tones so as not to embarrasse him

" let me get this straight did this boy just call you old man! " the grand elder asked

The patriarch was boiling in anger but he was still able to reply with a Nod

" should I prepare his funeral rites I think he needa a real beating" the grand elder said as he tried to escalate the situation more and put Alec in more trouble

After all he came to interrogate Alec and give him various heart attacks but ever since he came here he has been the one receiving the heart attacks instead and they were all given by Alec who kept on trying his best to look innocent

" well that's not what I came here for, I saw the spear intent light, who is responsible for it" the patriach asked

" eeerm I don't really know how to explain this because it might sound funny" Alec said

" will you just talk brat and stop keeping me you gran Papi waiting" the patriarch shouted from the top of his lungs as he felt Alec was just covering it up since he was responsible

His suspicion is now starting to seem real to him now that he saw Alec and the grand elder mainly at the place the spear light occurred, he felt they won't be here together except the grand elder decided to protect him after he saw Alec comprehending the spear light he spear light he shot yo the skies

" OK!!, if you insist" Alec said as he pointed at Legion who was now caressing his spear and acting like it was his most treasured weapon, his touch soft and careful as if he was scared to break the spear

Gordons patriach : "..." are you telling me that, this golem is responsible for that bright shining spear light Alec don't you dare lie to me, do I look like a baby to you?!!!

The patriarch shouted at Alec as he thought his grandson was still trying to fool him so he turned to his brother who just nodded his head and his face changed like he just swallowed lots of inedible food

Due to the fact that the grand elder saw it happen he was already past his suprised point but it was not the saw thing for the patriarch who did not see it happen and was expecting a human to be the one responsible for the phenomenon act

But to hear it was cause by a golem he felt all the knowledge he acquired in all his years shattering in his mind.

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