The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.148


The return of Chloe and her companions soon reached the ears of the No.1 Military Academy.

Everyone was overjoyed and wanted to go to the school gate or the spacecraft docking point to welcome their new heroes with banners.

Except for the Vampires.

These Vampire fledglings led by Chloe were all young masters and mistresses. When Chloe was there, they could be forced to train seriously due to her tyrannical authority.

But once Chloe left, and without Yun Ying's supervision, the ordinary teachers at the military academy could not control them.

So they seized the opportunity to slack off, and the after-class training was almost non-existent.

They became more and more negligent day by day, and in the last confrontation with the other races, they were utterly defeated.

If Chloe were to find out about this...

They were panic-stricken, and as soon as the news came, they started training tirelessly in the training room.

In the hope of regaining their peak performance in a short time, otherwise, each of them would receive a resounding slap from Chloe.

The tense atmosphere of the Vampires stood out in the No.1 Military Academy.

Occasionally, students from other races noticed them, but each time they would turn away with a chuckle.

Things had already become like this, and it was too late to turn back the clock.

So, on the edge of the spacecraft docking point on the island where the No.1 Military Academy was located, there was soon a crowd of people.

They really held banners and placards, cheering to welcome the heroes of the competition back home.

When Chloe got off the spacecraft, she was unexpectedly startled by the enthusiastic students of the No.1 Military Academy. Their voices were so loud that they could have blown the roof off.

Amid the waves of voices, Chloe was dazed and unconsciously took a few steps back, bumping into Anderson's embrace.

After being supported, Chloe regained her composure and stood firmly.

Behind her, Daniel also excitedly joined the cheering students, like a monkey just released into the wild.

Everyone looked at him with disdain.

Unfortunately, Daniel was completely unaware of this and still thought he was incredibly cool and handsome.

Chloe looked around and found that there were no familiar Vampire kinsmen, which made her puzzled.

She walked towards the crowd and asked in a low voice:

"Why haven't my kinsmen come? Do you know what they are doing?"

The faces of the Human, Werewolf, and Elf students all revealed a meaningful smile.

"Well, you'll find out when you return to the academy," a young Werewolf said with a chuckle: "The bunch of Vampires have been working hard. Even though they heard you've returned, they haven't given up on training."

Hearing this, Chloe's eyes lit up: "Really? They are so diligent?"

"Of course it's true! If you don't believe me, you can go to the training room and see for yourself. They are definitely training seriously!"

Chloe was somewhat moved and also very proud.

After thanking the group, she returned to her companions in a refreshed mood and casually boasted:

"Goodness, our Vampire students are just different. Even on such a joyous day, they are still training in the training room. When I go back, I'm sure I'll see a completely different side of them."

Daniel, who was familiar with his kinsmen's wicked nature, scratched his ear: "Is that so..."

He knew that the words of the Werewolves could not be fully trusted, as they were all not good things.

Qin Huaibei glanced at his kinsmen, their mischievous and evil expressions were very familiar to him.

He was silent for a while, then said hesitantly:

"Maybe it is like that."

For some reason, neither of them chose to expose this somewhat fragile and beautiful lie.

Only Katherine was sincerely envious of Chloe:

"Your Vampire students' enthusiasm is really impressive. It seems that even in your absence, they have been training seriously. Ah, I wonder how the level of our Elf race is now."

Chloe patted her shoulder to comfort her: "It shouldn't be much different. Don't worry."

The tactful Qin Huaibei and Daniel: "..."

They glanced at each other, both keeping silent.


Inside the No.1 Military Academy.

After Chloe first thoroughly cleaned up in her own residence, she then followed the directions of the teachers and classmates to the training room where her kinsmen were.

When she arrived at the door, she took a deep breath, fully prepared, and then pushed open the door.

In the spacious and bright training room, her kinsmen were training enthusiastically.

Swinging swords, practicing with weapons, doing sit-ups, on the parallel bars...

They were diligent to an unbelievable degree.

Chloe felt very gratified.

"Well done," she said.

Hearing her voice, the Vampire fledglings in the training room paused in their movements. They exchanged glances and walked over with smiles on their faces, warmly welcoming her:

"Miss, you're back?"

"We were just training and didn't go to receive you."

"We've been training hard during this time."

Of course they have been training hard! If they didn't train, and Chloe saw through their act, what would happen?

They were all secretly feeling guilty.

Fortunately, Chloe didn't notice too much, and after chatting for a while, she ordered them to line up.

The familiar oppressive feeling and the sense of being subjugated surged in their hearts.

They dared not speak any more and quickly stood in line.

Chloe walked past them, her palm occasionally caressing their muscles to check the tightness of their bodies and the density of their muscles.

The results... seemed to be about the same as when she left?

Chloe was puzzled:

"How come it still feels about the same? Shouldn't there be progress?"

The fledglings dared not speak.

Seeing Chloe's brow furrowing deeper and deeper, with signs of irritation emerging, Yavi raised his hand in the silent room:

"Miss, this kind of thing can't be improved in just a day or two. Although it hasn't changed here, our reaction speed and strength have actually progressed a lot."

Hearing this, Chloe turned her gaze to him.

Yavi had slightly darker golden hair, and his expression was extremely serious.

Chloe: "Is that so?"

Yavi nodded his head vigorously: "Yes, yes, yes!"

Seeing his unwavering confidence, Chloe thought about it and felt it made sense.

"Then continue training."

Then Chloe remembered something: "I remember that in a few days it will be the end of the month, and that's when we'll have the competition between the major races. You must perform well."

The group: "..."

Remembering the scene of being bloodily beaten by the Human and Werewolf races in the past, the Vampire fledglings became even more guilty: "Yes, Miss."

Chloe narrowed her eyes slightly: "Why the lack of energy?"

The group: "Yes, Miss!!!"

Hearing this, Chloe nodded in satisfaction and waved her hand, telling them to continue training.

Watching the obedient training of her kinsmen, Chloe began to look forward to the upcoming competition.

With her people working so hard and the inherent advantages of their race, they must be able to achieve excellent results!

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