The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.146


"Let go! Get out! All of you get out!"

Fuen's face was twisted, his eyes ringed with dark circles.

He was curled up in the blankets, his voice full of rage as he tried to fend everyone off.

The officials from the Elder Council looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

Fuen cowered on the bed, trembling:

"Clothes... yes, my clothes, am I wearing clothes..."

He seemed to have lost his senses, repeatedly feeling his own clothes, then his face, his teeth chattering uncontrollably.

The surrounding Elder Council officials realized they couldn't agitate him further right now.

Online, there was much discussion about the Elf Race, especially regarding Fuen's situation.

Without exception, it was all mockery.

Even their own Elf Race kin were mocking Fuen as an incompetent Holy Son, calling for the Tree of Life to rechoose the Holy Son.

The Elf Race did not need a waste of space.

But the problem was, since Katherine left the Elf Race's lands, they only had one person left whose magic was pure and favored by the Tree of Life, and that was Fuen.

Compared to Katherine, not only was Fuen's magic much weaker, but his mental fortitude was far inferior.

Katherine could return to her homeland and compete without batting an eye, her strength unaffected, while Fuen...

The difference was clear.

Just as everyone was at a loss, the Elder entered.

His silver hair fell to the ground, his expression grim:

"How long will you continue to wallow in self-pity?"

As the words fell, the murmuring Fuen on the bed gradually fell silent.

After a long while, he rose from the bed, his gaze empty as he looked at the Elder.

In the Elder's hand was a transparent jar containing Purple Mist Insects.

These ugly creatures writhed and struggled, like maggots.

Fuen's throat rose with nausea, followed by a thunderous retching.

His vomiting was so sudden that it startled everyone.

The Elder's expression changed abruptly.

He took a step back, staring coldly at the good-for-nothing on the bed.

After a long while, he said, "You have three days. If you're still as listless as now after three days, step down from your Holy Son position and make way for the worthy."

With that, the Elder turned and left.

The few Elder Council officials exchanged glances and also exited.

Only Fuen remained, dazed, clutching his own throat, unable to speak for a long time.

After leaving, the Elder's face was clouded.

Fuen was useless, so what about these Purple Mist Insects?

Keeping them would be a hidden danger.

The tribespeople were also calling for the Elder Council to start a live broadcast of exterminating the Purple Mist Insects, to make these evil creatures that could endanger the Elf Race's roots disappear from the world immediately.

But if not Fuen, who else could help purify the Purple Mist Insects?

Just as he was at a loss, steady footsteps approached from behind.

The Elder whipped his head around—

It was Katherine, dressed in the black combat uniform of The No.1 Military Academy, her silver-white hair tied up high.

She had lost some of her gentleness, but gained a carefree and dashing air.

Katherine wore a faint smile on her lips:

"Dear Elder, long time no see. Need any help?"


They would be staying in the Elf Race's lands for some time.

Chloe leaned against the window, admiring the scenery outside, feeling a sense of melancholy for some reason.

The long-awaited Joint Military Academy Tournament had just ended, and she wasn't used to it yet.

They had won the championship in this tournament, and the five of them had also grown closer and more united, which was undoubtedly a good thing.

Chloe idly thought—Madam Ren Yun'ying had invited them to participate in the tournament, and she actually had this intention as well.

Look, their relationship is so good now.

Behind her, the sounds of Daniel and Qin Huaibei fighting rang out loudly.

"Damn it, don't run away if you've got the guts! I'll beat you to death!"

"If you try to use the trophy to hold ice cream balls again, I guarantee I'll beat you to death."

The sounds of scuffling echoed.

Chloe let out a long sigh.

See, their relationship is so good.

At this moment, her terminal on her wrist beeped.

She fiddled with it for a few seconds and soon saw the message sent by Katherine.

A few seconds later, a smile appeared on Chloe's lips.

Action time.

She turned around and gave Anderson, who was sitting quietly nearby, a look. He immediately understood and obediently followed her.

As they passed the two teens grappling on the floor, Chloe grabbed them by the collars with one hand each and pulled them up from the ground, her voice weary:

"Stop fighting and come do some real work with me."

Daniel spat at Qin Huaibei, struggling out of Chloe's grip and starting to walk on his own, asking as he went, "What kind of work?"

Chloe didn't answer. She turned to look at the two, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Don't be impatient, you'll find out when we get there."

As she spoke, Chloe opened the video app on her terminal.

The official account of the Elf Race had just started a live broadcast.

When the live broadcast was opened, what came into view was a pristine white table, and on the table, a transparent jar containing writhing Purple Mist Insects.

And there was a person standing in front of the table, their slender, pale hand resting on the jar.

Qin Huaibei recognized her at a glance:

"That looks like... Katherine?"

Chloe nodded.

The live chat was scrolling rapidly, urging Katherine to quickly eliminate the Purple Mist Insects, to give the entire Elf Race an explanation.

And it seemed they didn't know that the one helping them purify the Purple Mist Insects was Katherine, because the person in the live broadcast hadn't shown their face.

She was wearing a standard white lab coat, only showing part of her body.

Some even thought it was Fuen.

At this point, Qin Huaibei and Daniel vaguely understood what was going on.

They made their way unimpeded to the Elder Council.

Due to the Joint Military Academy Tournament being held these past few days, the Elder Council was open to the public, and any student participating in the tournament could come here for a visit.

Of course, offices containing confidential files were locked.

Once inside, Chloe headed straight in the direction Katherine had given them.

The four young ones didn't attract much attention, so they easily reached the location of the live broadcast.

At this time, in the live chat:

【Is this really Fuen? His magic feels much purer and stronger than before, he's purifying the Purple Mist Insects so easily.】

【If it's not Fuen, who else could it be? Only the Holy Son and Holy Maiden have magic that pure.】

【No one in the Elf Race could do this, right?】

【...Those hands don't seem like Fuen's though.】

Just as the chat was arguing furiously, a sudden "creak" came from inside the live broadcast room.

At the same time, a clear female voice rang out:

"Katherine, aren't you done yet? We're all going to eat."

As the words fell, the hand continuously pouring magic into the transparent jar stopped:

"Wait a moment."

The live chat froze for a while, then erupted into frantic messages:

【Katherine? Is that the Katherine I'm thinking of? Katherine is the one purifying the Purple Mist Insects?!】

【How could it not be? The voice matches.】

【I remember we've had two Holy Sons these past few years, one being the recently announced Fuen, the other must be...】

【No need to guess, it's definitely her! I was wondering why only Fuen went to the Joint Military Academy Tournament as the Holy Son, turns out the other Holy Son went to The No.1 Military Academy.】

【Although I don't know why Katherine defected from the Elf Race, it must have something to do with the Elder Council, right?】

With that, the conflict was pushed to its peak.

The last Purple Mist Insect was purified, and Katherine, ignoring the questions and pleas in the chat, decisively turned off the camera and walked over to her companion:

"Let's go eat."

The live stream was shut down, but the conflict within the Elf Race was fueled further, with a smoldering trend of growing intensity.

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