The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.144


The Purple Mist Insect is extremely difficult to eliminate completely. Currently, among the elves, the only one who can be considered to have pure magic power is probably Fuen.

The officials from the Elder Council carefully received the transparent jars containing the Purple Mist Insect and were about to leave the arena.

Just as they were about to quickly jump into the spatial vortex that appeared, they heard a childish female voice from behind:

"Hey, leaving so soon? Did you forget to thank me?"

The Elder Council officials: "..."

They must have been bewitched to come and thank Chloe, this vampire cub who had tortured their Holy Son into that ghostly state. Yet she still demanded that the elves thank her?

Simply delusional!

But it was indeed Chloe who helped drive out the Purple Mist Insect...

The Elder Council officials were extremely vexed, but eventually turned around and deeply bowed to Chloe:

"...Thank you, Miss Chloe, for your assistance."

Upon hearing this, Chloe nodded in satisfaction and magnanimously waved her hand: "You're welcome, you may go."

The Elder Council officials left indignantly.

Chloe turned to Katherine, eagerly saying:

"Your Elven Elder Council members have no manners at all."

Katherine nodded in agreement: "Yes, I think so too."

They think they have power over the entire elf race, so they think they're superior. Even when facing the Holy Son and Holy Daughter, they're arrogant like a swan with its head raised high, having no understanding of the word "humility."

Chloe yawned and used two fingers to massage her temples:

"The Purple Mist Insect has been found, but who will purify it?"

Katherine: "If I'm not mistaken, it should be Fuen."

...It's him.

Chloe seemed to think of something and suddenly chuckled:

"Does he really have the heart to purify the Purple Mist Insect right now?"

As the words fell, Katherine's expression also became uncertain:

"I don't know."

Chloe patted her shoulder and leaned close to Katherine's ear, whispering:

"Do you still want to establish a foothold in the elf race?"

Upon hearing this, a hint of wavering appeared on Katherine's face.

She was born into the elf race, raised by the Forest of Life, and granted supreme magic power. This homeland held countless memories for her.

She was once the Holy Daughter of the elf race, admired and pursued by countless people. But now, no one remembers her. Even after returning to this land, she is merely a guest, residing in a place specifically for welcoming visitors.

Katherine was increasingly troubled.

Now that Chloe brought it up, she finally realized her distress.

Seeing this, the smile on Chloe's lips grew wider. She reached out and tucked a strand of silver-white hair behind Katherine's ear, softly saying:

"The insects that Fuen cannot purify, you can."

"Even if you are no longer the Holy Daughter of the elf race and are not favored by the Tree of Life, your magic power should still be as strong as before, right?"

Chloe looked at her: "Let the elf race owe you a favor, and let your tribesmen remember your name again."

As for what the next step would be after doing this, it was entirely up to Katherine's own thoughts.

After all, the Elder Council is indeed a... stagnant and outdated system.

Chloe said no more.

She patted Katherine's shoulder, then turned to Tagar, Lanxicha Military Academy, and the others, smiling as she asked:

"Are you guys going to take that flag?"

Tagar and the people from Lanxicha Military Academy looked at each other, all somewhat hesitant.

Chloe understood their thoughts and voluntarily took a step back, giving them the flag platform:

"You guys fight for it yourselves. We from The No.1 Military Academy won't compete for this."

With that, she slowly retreated towards her teammates.

As she walked over, Daniel took a bag of sunflower seeds from his pocket and handed it to her.

Chloe gracefully accepted it, and she and her buddies squatted down to watch Tagar and Lanxicha's people fight.

They squatted in neat rows, even their sunflower seed shells were neatly thrown into a collective plastic bag.

[...The people from The No.1 Military Academy seem like ruffians.]

[Like the typical street thug squat, if they wore slippers and undershirts they'd look even more like it.]

[You say they're well-mannered, they're just squatting here like ruffians watching others fight; but if you say they're ill-mannered, they're eating sunflower seeds while still throwing the shells into a plastic bag.]

[It's a bit regretful, this competition is almost over now.]

[Who knows when we'll see them again next time. These people will probably become the backbone of their respective military forces in the future, so we may not be able to see them again.]

Tagar and Lanxicha Military Academy fought fiercely. As Chloe ate sunflower seeds and watched, she noticed that in just a few days, Feng Xi's strength had increased again.

A remarkable talent.

It seems the human race will soon have another formidable general.

They fought evenly, unable to determine who was stronger for the time being.

But Tagar Military Academy is an old-established academy with abundant combat experience, especially Qu Yan.

During the fight, Qu Yan seized the opportunity to fling a flying dagger and cut down the flag pole.

The next moment, the broadcast voice suddenly sounded:

[Congratulations to Tagar Military Academy for winning the championship, congratulations to Tagar Military Academy for winning the championship...]

It repeated several times before the broadcast finally stopped.

At the same time, the familiar spatial vortex appeared in the sky, absorbing all the people from the three military academies present.


After this competition ended, it was time for the judges to calculate the scores.

Chloe bounced over to Ren Yunying: "The competition is over."

Ren Yunying glanced at her: "I know."

Chloe: "..." Just that one sentence?

She persisted, continuing to hint: "We're definitely going to be the champions later. Doesn't the instructor plan to reward us?"

Ren Yunying glanced at her, her fingers brushing against the whip at her waist.

Seeing this, Chloe immediately shuddered and acted as if she had never said anything, turning and running away.

When she reached her buddies, she complained:

"If there's no reward, then there's no reward. Did she have to threaten to whip me?"

Everyone laughed, and Qin Huaibei took out a few milk candies from his pocket and handed them to Chloe, barely cheering her up a bit.

When the long camera panned over, it captured the main team of The No.1 Military Academy huddled together, with Chloe in the center, her long hair draped over her shoulders. Her dark red pupils flashed a slight glow as she looked over, and she was holding a half-eaten milk candy in her hand.

She nonchalantly popped the candy into her mouth, her gaze carrying a hint of defiance.

Simultaneously rough and charming.

The comments section instantly exploded.

[Ahhhhh so cute!!!]

[I want to steal a vampire cub from the vampire territory, what kind of sack does my sister prefer? Let me prepare a few more.]

[Ooh ooh ooh, glaring at the camera while sucking on a candy, she must be deliberately trying to make her sister dote on her to death, right?]

The photographers looked at each other and focused their cameras even more enthusiastically on The No.1 Military Academy.

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