The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.137


The Forest of Life was beautiful, and this was Chloe's first impression of this place.

Not only was it beautiful, but there were also many plants she had never seen before.

For instance, those giant flowers that were taller than humans.

At first, when Daniel saw them from a distance, he was convinced that the flower must be smelly.

However, it wasn't until they approached the flower that they realized it was not smelly at all, but instead, very fragrant.

Daniel scratched his head, utterly perplexed:

"Why do only the elves have such large, beautiful, and fragrant flowers?"

Katherine gently touched the soft petals: "Aren't there any in other places?"

Daniel answered: "Previously, I found a large flower in our werewolf forest, and it smelled so bad that it almost made my nose fall off."

Upon hearing this, everyone burst into laughter.

Katherine's smile was serene:

"Indeed, many things are exclusive to the elven race."

As her hand touched the petals, the massive, heavy flower petals gradually curled towards Katherine's palm, as if possessing a life and consciousness of their own.

Chloe's eyes immediately lit up:

"No wonder they say the elven race is the most magical."

Katherine merely smiled without saying a word.

Then she planted a kiss on the flower petals.

"Let's move on," said Qin Huaibei.

So far, their journey had been completely safe, without encountering any ferocious beasts or mutated plants, making it seem almost too peaceful to be a competition.

Chloe gripped her large blade, feeling like she had no chance to use her weapons.

Daniel directly voiced his confusion:

"How come we haven't encountered even a single decent ferocious beast along the way? Are we really just marching?"

Chloe frowned slightly, evidently pondering the same question.

If that were the case, then this competition would be utterly uninteresting.

Sensing this, Katherine caressed her bow and arrows and replied:

"The Forest of Life will not harm any innocent person, unless someone commands it."

As her words fell, Qin Huaibei furrowed his brow and asked: "What do you mean... unless someone commands it?"

"In this competition, we are not facing ferocious beasts, but rather, people," Katherine said softly.

She looked at Chloe and continued: "For now, there is no major issue, but if we encounter the people from Sasley Military Academy, it might not be so simple."

At this point, everyone gradually understood her meaning.

Generally, there was no danger in the Forest of Life; the only danger was likely Fuen from Sasley Military Academy.

He was a Saint, capable of controlling everything in the Forest of Life and inflicting devastating blows upon his enemies.

After careful thought, Chloe said: "I could tell from the start that Fuen from Sasley Military Academy was not a good person."

As she spoke, she kicked a small stone away:

"He will definitely come and cause us trouble."

Rather than watching the First Military Academy take the championship, it would be better to first trip them up and make them lose face, before ascending the podium to receive the award themselves.

It was an underhanded tactic, but if Chloe were in that position, she would choose the same.

If she couldn't have a good outcome, then she wouldn't let others have it either.

She tightened her grip on her blade and said in a low voice:

"The further we go, the closer we'll be to the other military academies. Stay alert and don't let your guard down."

Everyone immediately became serious:


They continued walking for over an hour, with Chloe's perception extending far ahead, reaching nearly a thousand meters in front of them.

Such caution was not a bad thing, as Chloe's perception soon detected the presence of others ahead.

Chloe stopped in her tracks, carefully sensing for a moment before her expression tightened slightly:

"It's the people from Sasley."

Upon hearing this, Qin Huaibei was somewhat taken aback: "How could we encounter them so quickly? Isn't this a bit too coincidental?"

Daniel was also perplexed: "Are we really that slow?"

As his words fell, everyone fell silent, their gazes unconsciously shifting towards Chloe.

At this moment, Chloe was still carefully sensing the position of the opposing military academy.

Noticing her teammates' glances, she turned her head, pondered for a moment, and then said:

"We can proceed a bit further. When I raise my hand, we'll all hide in the surrounding area. Do you understand?"

Everyone obediently nodded.

Katherine said: "If Fuen wants to find us, he can communicate with the surrounding trees and living beings, making it very easy for him to flush us out."

"Yeah, I know," Chloe said, her gaze fixed ahead with a hint of ferocity. "Then we'll wipe them all out before he can use his abilities."

Daniel couldn't help but whistle, excitedly exclaiming: "Cool."

They didn't say anything further and continued moving forward.

At this moment, the live stream chat popped up.

[They're so obedient, turning their heads in unison to await Chloe's orders. It's really adorable!]

[No wonder Chloe is so popular. It's not easy to lead such a big group by herself.]

In the arena.

Chloe stopped and raised her hand.

Everyone quickly hid in the surrounding bushes.

Chloe and Anderson exchanged a glance, leaping onto a tree trunk and concealing themselves amid the dense foliage.

This tall pine tree must have been around for many years, with sturdy branches capable of easily accommodating the two youngsters.

Chloe rested her elbow on Anderson's shoulder, peeking her head out to look down.

Her teammates were quite skilled; even from this position, peering down, she couldn't spot any flaws.

At least, that's how it appeared to Chloe.

If it were Yun Ying...

Just thinking about that terrifying witch made Chloe instinctively shrink her neck.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard from below.

Chloe's dark red eyes flickered with a glint of light as she focused intently on the approaching main team from Sasley Military Academy.

Without making a sound, she drew her large blade.

On the ground, Fuen stood at the forefront of Sasley Military Academy's team, with a longsword hanging from his waist and his silver-white hair casually draped over his shoulders, his features exceptionally elegant.

He turned his head, seeming to converse with his teammates beside him.

At this point, Chloe's perception had already encircled Fuen, meticulously probing the fluctuations of magical power around him.

The moment Fuen had the thought of asking the Forest of Life about the First Military Academy's hiding place, Chloe would immediately charge out and strike him first.

Before long, Fuen closed his eyes, and the surrounding magical power surged.

Chloe gripped her blade tightly, her crimson eyes intensifying, while her broad bat-like wings suddenly unfurled, and she dove down from the tree at an extremely rapid speed!

The commotion was too loud, startling the Sasley Military Academy team, who instinctively raised their longswords.

But unfortunately, before they could react, Chloe's blade had already slashed towards their waists!

One team member failed to evade in time, and his warning device was instantly severed by Chloe's blade and crushed underfoot into powder.

In less than two seconds, this team member was eliminated.

At the same time, alongside Chloe's charge, Daniel and the others, who had been lying in ambush nearby, also emerged.

Sharp arrows shot from a distance, wrapped in a cold glow; Daniel's iron hammer descended from above, his breathing unusually excited.

Qin Huaibei's longsword gleamed coldly as he flew forward, reaping warning devices, his body forming a beautifully arched curve.

Meanwhile, Fuen was surrounded by everyone, yet his expression remained remarkably calm, only curling his lips into a faint smile when all the weapons were pointed at him.

In an instant, countless vines burst from the ground, rapidly weaving into a large net, enveloping Fuen and his teammates.

All the sharp weapons were deflected upon touching the vines.

Through the gaps in the vines, Chloe saw Fuen's smiling eyes.

The next instant, the vines, entwined with a powerful gust of wind, shot forward at tremendous speed!

Chloe's pupils constricted sharply as she shouted:

"Fall back! Evade it!"

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