The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.136


The accommodations prepared for the contestants from different races, at least, were quite luxurious.

A towering white-walled castle with red-tiled roofs, grand, majestic and beautiful.

The interior was spacious, with dedicated training and rest rooms for each military academy.

There were also massive dining halls and recreation areas.

Daniel laid comfortably on the ground, sighing, "Finally, not competing on some barren planet. This is how life should be - blissful."

He fetched himself an apple juice from the vending machine in the corner of the training room.

Qin Huaibei shouted, "Get me one too!"

Daniel rolled his eyes, saying Qin Huaibei had long arms for a reason, but still fetched him an apple juice.

After taking a sip, Qin Huaibei complained about the terrible taste, questioning Daniel's preference for such juice.

Infuriated, Daniel raised his fist and started hitting him.

As they scrapped, Chloe and Katherine remained tranquil.

Chloe glanced at the passersby outside, then asked, "How's your relationship with that Fuen guy?"

Katherine answered indifferently, "Average, but the Elf Race elders used to favor pairing us up in the past."

Recalling Katherine's words about holy sons and daughters being forced into marriage in the future, Chloe sneered in disgust.

She grabbed Katherine's hand and shook it, "Thank goodness you escaped. How could that shrimp Fuen be fit for you?"

After some thought, Chloe said, "If you ever have to marry, the guy must at least be able to beat me."

"Not like Fuen, who loses after just a couple of punches from a pushover."

Hearing this, Katherine couldn't help but laugh.

Chloe patted her, insisting, "I'm serious!"

She muttered, "If he can't even beat me, he's no man."

Katherine smiled at her for a while, then calmly said, "Don't let your guard down. The Elf Race holy son's abilities can only reach their full potential in the Forest of Life."

"The holy son knows every inch of the Forest of Life. As long as Fuen is there, he can utilize the plants, animals, and even the terrain to threaten us all."

"The Forest of Life is Fuen's home turf."

Upon hearing this, Chloe finally became serious.

"Before that, allow me to brief you on the precautions regarding the Forest of Life."

Hearing Katherine's words, Chloe nodded eagerly.

She casually grabbed two nuts from a nearby table and threw them at Daniel and Qin Huaibei's heads, snapping, "Stop fighting and get over here for something important."

Daniel and Qin Huaibei glared at each other before sluggishly walking over.

Behind Chloe, Anderson silently took a seat closer to her.

Once everyone gathered, Katherine opened the terminal on her wrist, pulled up a bird's-eye view of the Forest of Life, and began explaining the precautions meticulously.

Everyone listened intently, without exception.

Midway, Ren Yunying passed by the First Military Academy squad and happened to hear Katherine's gentle voice detailing the Forest of Life precautions, her heart stirring slightly.

Ren Yunying stood outside listening for a while, then shook her head helplessly, "These little bunnies."


The organizers didn't give the students much time for training and rest.

They had only arrived in the Elf Race's territory for a few days before being informed that the competition was about to commence.

The First Military Academy's main squad, who had only focused on listening to the introduction about the Forest of Life without any training:


They glanced at Ren Yunying, and seeing her lack of attention, used the final hour to rush to the training room and restore their physical abilities to peak condition.

When they emerged drenched in sweat with towels around their necks, they ran into Ren Yunying.

Ren Yunying raised her brows, "Training so diligently for this competition, even at this hour?"

Chloe laughed awkwardly, "Haha, yeah, don't want to disappoint the instructor."

Smiling, Ren Yunying embraced each of them, "Don't overthink it, you've all been great. After this competition, you'll be heroes of the First Military Academy."

With that, she left smiling.

The First Military Academy's main squad stood dazed.

Daniel suddenly hugged himself, dazed, "That gentle woman was actually Instructor Ren?"

Chloe found it hard to believe too.

But now wasn't the time for doubts.

She slapped Daniel back to his senses, saying sternly, "Let's go, the competition is starting."

When they reached the field outside the Forest of Life, it was already crowded.

Not only military academy students but also spectating Elf Race civilians.

It wasn't until the First Military Academy's main squad appeared that thunderous cheers erupted from the surroundings.

Chloe was startled by the noise.

As they walked to the center, Chloe suddenly heard a female Elf spectator scream heart-rendingly from behind:

"Chloe!!! Mom loves you!!!"

Chloe was petrified.

She whipped around to see that deranged spectator and return a heart gesture in appreciation of her great motherly love.

But before she could complete the heart gesture, Chloe was swept into a powerful spatial vortex.

When she regained her senses, Chloe found herself in the lush greenery of the Forest of Life.

Gazing at the azure sky, Chloe turned her head to find her right hand still in the heart gesture position.

Chloe: "..."

What a sham competition, not even letting her complete a heart gesture. She would smash that blasted spatial vortex when she returned.

With that thought, Chloe got up from the ground.

Looking around, she realized the place was too beautiful to be a competition venue.

The clear blue sky, towering trees standing side by side, surrounded by indescribable flowers and weeds, with vines hanging within arm's reach.

Overhead, pleasant bird songs filled the air. Chloe watched a butterfly land on a yellow bud.

After a while, Chloe regained her focus, kicking Daniel awake and rousing the others.

"Wake up, we need to get moving."

Chloe stretched her wrists, "Finally, a great competition venue. It'd be rude to keep sleeping."

Everyone got up, yawning.

Seeing the peaceful forest, Daniel was thrilled, grabbing a hanging vine and swinging back and forth.

No one stopped him.

Qin Huaibei looked at the map on his terminal and exhaled deeply, "Alright, follow me."

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