The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.134


The facts proved that Chloe's worries were well-founded.

The final venue for the competition was set in the Forest of Life, the sacred home of the Elf Race.

"Quite awkward," Katherine said glumly. "I abandoned my Saint's Position and fled from the Elf Race, but never expected that one day I'd have to return."

Imagine when she returns to the Elf Race, how would those elves who once revered and loved her look at her now?

Undoubtedly with resentment and hatred.

Katherine took a deep breath, feeling as though the end of the world was upon her.

Seeing her state, Chloe gently patted her shoulder: "Don't be afraid. Our score is high enough that even if we lose this competition, The No.1 Military Academy will still be the champion. By then, we'll have you stand in the middle of the podium and let those elves who look down on you witness you raising the trophy proudly."

Chloe thought for a moment, then added: "We'll have you stand in the center, holding up the trophy, letting everyone see that the Holy Maiden of the Elf Race can still live a carefree and unrestrained life, even after leaving her people!"

Imagining that scene, everyone burst into laughter.

After laughing for a while, covering her mouth, Katherine said: "Actually, I'm not worried about myself. You know, Sasley is the military academy of the Elf Race, and Fuen is not only the captain of Sasley's main team but also the Holy Son of the elves."

"The Holy Son has the ability to communicate with all living beings. In the Forest of Life, all the sentient trees and beasts will naturally be drawn to Fuen."

Katherine's expression revealed her worries: "That place is Fuen's home turf."

In other words, once they reach the Forest of Life, Fuen can do whatever he wants with them.

They would be utterly at his mercy.

Hearing this, everyone vaguely understood the severity of the situation.

Daniel scratched his head: "But aren't you also the Holy Maiden of the Elf Race? Don't you have the same abilities as Fuen?"

Upon hearing this, Katherine paused briefly: "I used to, but not anymore."

"Ever since I defected from the Elf Race, the Forest of Life has stopped favoring me and naturally would no longer grant me the innate powers of the elves."

In fact, when she was still with the Elf Race, the Forest of Life favored her even more than Fuen.

If she hadn't been so unwilling to marry that brat Fuen and deal with the Elder Council, Katherine would never have left the Elf Race's land and the Forest of Life with her attendants.

Thinking of this, Katherine felt an inexplicable tightness in her chest.

Noticing her condition, Chloe took the initiative to cheer her up by telling some jokes.

The spaceship continued onward, returning to the mainland and flying towards the land of the Elf Race.

This planet had no specific name; the people living here simply called it the Mainland.

The entire Mainland was divided into two halves by the Sea of Death, forming the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent.

The Elf Race and Human Race were rooted in the Eastern Continent, while the Vampire and Werewolf Race were rooted in the Western Continent.

At this moment, the spaceship carrying the Joint Military Academy Competition participants hovered above the land of the Elf Race in the Eastern Continent.

After the spaceship's hatch opened, Chloe stood at the entrance, letting the wind rush in, took a deep breath, and said:

"The air of the Elf Race seems sweeter than other places."

Daniel took two deep sniffs, looking puzzled: "Does it? Isn't it all just colorless and odorless gas?"

He then snorted twice more forcefully.

Chloe looked at him with disdain and finally sighed: "Tsk, you fool."

Daniel: "What did you say?!"

Chloe spun away, dodging his swinging fist, and nimbly twisted his arm, causing a bone fracture. Ignoring Daniel's cries of pain, she spread her wings and leaped out of the hatch.

When fully extended, a vampire's wings seemed capable of blocking out the sun, an incredibly magnificent sight.

Chloe loved the feeling of plunging from a great height like this, as it always reminded her of the near-death sensations from being thrown off rooftops in the past.

She thought if anyone saw her indulging in this quirk, they would probably call her a freak.

After landing gracefully, Chloe looked up and immediately noticed a group of elves surrounding the area.

Chloe and the elves stared at each other wide-eyed.

"Is that a participant from the Joint Military Academy Competition?"

"I don't know, but she does look a bit like Chloe."

"Is it her?"

"I've never heard of competition participants descending from the sky like that."

Chloe: "......"

Chloe didn't dare speak.

She stood there like a bewildered scarecrow.

It wasn't until the other competition participants landed in small spacecraft that the murmurs around her gradually subsided.

Daniel jumped off the ship and forcefully patted Chloe's shoulder: "Hey, why are you standing there like an idiot?"

"That's Daniel?!"

"They've all arrived! That's really Chloe!!!"

Immediately followed by deafening cheers and roars of applause.

The members of The No.1 Military Academy were all startled, feeling like their eardrums might burst.

The surrounding crowd consisted entirely of elves, waving colorful flags, with banners bearing The No.1 Military Academy's crest being the most numerous. Without even listening closely, one could hear the chants erupting from the crowd:

"The No.1 Military Academy is the best! No objections!!!"

Chloe was startled by the commotion, her body shuddering.

Not only were there supporters of The No.1 Military Academy, but also fans of the Tagar Military Academy and even the newly joined Lanxicha Military Academy.

Surprisingly, the Sasley Military Academy had the fewest supporters.

Despite being the local military academy of this land, composed entirely of elves, Sasley could only survive in the cracks.

With a glance, Chloe noticed a man holding a Sasley banner getting shoved by those around him until the banner tore apart.

Chloe: "......"

She decided not to mock him, to accumulate some virtuous karma for herself.

But if she didn't laugh, there were plenty of others to laugh on her behalf.

Daniel: "Hahahahahahaha, look! The Sasley Military Academy people are so pathetic!"

Qin Huaibei didn't intend to laugh, yet still cracked a slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

Anderson's smirk had never been concealed, a cold and mocking smile.

Even Katherine's expression betrayed a hint of schadenfreude.

Chloe, who felt she was the only one with a conscience, thought: "......"

Alright, everyone from The No.1 Military Academy was a bad seed.

She secretly glanced at the faces of the Sasley Military Academy members, which were indeed as dark as the bottom of a pot.

But in reality, Chloe could understand their reaction.

After all, who would like a military academy that kept losing in the competitions?

The Joint Military Academy Competition teams made their way through the crowd, apparently heading towards the sacred grounds of the Elf Race: the church and the Elder Council.

From afar, Chloe could see the red and white pointed roof of the church, appearing grand and magnificent.

Soon, the surrounding elves gradually thinned out until there were none left, replaced by the sight of an imposing sacred church.

There were also a few elders dressed in red robes, their white beards nearly dragging on the ground, yet not appearing unkempt.

Chloe glanced sideways and, without making a sound, grasped Katherine's hand.

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