The First Legendary Beast Master - C.213 Focus Training


Brother Choi led Karl out of the questioning room and out toward the central courtyard of the Cathedral complex.

"The rooms for guests face the central courtyard, where all the tourists visit. It's become our way of keeping everyone in easy sight, and keeping them from getting lost. As an Ascended Elite, you will be on the fourth floor, with a courtyard view, instead of an interior room with no windows on the lower floors that we use for the general population.

The rest of your team will be here with you, and as you notice, there are no others in this section except for the Church Guards. If you want to go somewhere, it will be with an escort.

Your movement within the Church isn't limited, at least not beyond what the other secular Elites are limited to, but they don't want anyone running off or getting lost if they should need them for an interview or want questions answered."

Karl chuckled at the cleric's honesty, and sighed as he saw the simple stone room that he had been assigned. It was just like the ones at the seminary school, and though the bedding was high quality, it was the same simple one bed and a desk setup with the showers and toilets down the hall.

But at least his group would all be together, so it shouldn't be too bad, and they could get some quality rest while they were here.

Karl dropped his bag at the foot of the bed, as he didn't want to put a dirty backpack onto the furniture, then realized he didn't have anything proper to change into.

"I really need to start keeping one uniform for formal occasions." He sighed as Brother Choi waited for him by the door.

"I'm sure you look fine in the visitor's hassock. Everyone wears them here anyhow, we don't let the tourists into anything but the public areas without changing. This is the Capital Grand Cathedral, after all."

Karl realized that there was a robe and fresh slippers waiting for him on the back of the door, along with a clean towel.

"I will give you time to get washed and ready, then we can work on your advancement technique. I might not seem like the best option, but I probably am.

The Monk Class is trained at the Golden Divine Academy, but most of us end up at the Church after, for the meditation and mental conditioning that is needed to build our focus. Once you understand a bit better, it will make perfect sense." Brother Choi explained.

Karl grabbed the fresh clothes and headed for the showers.

"So, what God do you follow, as a Monk of the Church and not a Cleric Class whose Goddess is decided for them." He asked as he turned the water on.

"The human god of battle and wisdom. Also known as the Human God of Magic. Did you know that in the ancient mystic language, both of you have the same name?"

Karl nodded, though the Monk couldn't see it. "My mother always said that my name meant wisdom and power. I learned in school that I was named after one of the Ancient Human Gods. It's fairly common where I come from."

Brother Choi chuckled. "It is everywhere. If you weren't Ascended Elite Karl, you would have quickly gotten a nickname or second name, just like all the boys named John, Dave, Chen, and Moe. In a small town, you might be the only Karl in your generation, but in the big city you need another name. Same in the church, we're one big family of sorts, and we can't all share a name, it would be a mess."

Karl laughed as he finished washing up and got into the hassock and slippers.

"I don't know. An army of Dave could be fun." He joked.

Karl came out into the changing room and found that Brother Choi had removed his armour for comfort, tucking it into a basket with his name on it. He wasn't going to shower this early, just getting his armour off after his shift, and when they left the showers, he brought the basket to drop off at his room.

"Let's go to the meditation area. That should be the best spot, as they have enchantments to help you focus and build mental strength. What was the most difficult challenge you've been having?" The Monk asked.

"I don't know where to progress toward. Do you have a separate mental space?" Karl asked.

"Of course, it's essential for a Monk. But ours is probably a bit different from yours, as I don't have anything living there.

What we start with is a simple candle, then we build a starry sky, followed by a lake of power. Eventually, that becomes complete, and we have to move on."

Karl nodded eagerly at that part. That was where he was stuck.

"The next step is both a tricky one, and the most delicate of processes for a Monk. Once your 'sea of soul', as we call it, is complete, it needs guidance. You need to imbue the essence of a true path into the space to guide your future growth.

Without that guidance, any more power you put into a completed space will be lost. It is the true essence of what and who you are.

Now, for your spaces, they are individual to the beasts, right? It might be that you need to fully understand your partners, and what they are trying to become in order to grow their space."

Brother Choi's description made perfect sense to Karl, but both Hawk and Rae were laughing at him.

[He's more vague and dramatic than Rae.] Hawk laughed.

[Understand the true essence of the Spider. To become the spider, you must think like the spider.] Rae mocked in a fake sage voice.

Karl tried not to let the amusement show on his face.

[Still, I think that he has a point. What is the difference between an Ascended and a Commander Rank beast? That might be what we need to change, some intangible bit of the energy flow or makeup of the space.] Karl replied seriously.

All three beasts began to think of what it might be that they needed to improve their space. They instinctively knew the difference between Ascended and Commander, but they didn't know how to make that part of their space, or even how to explain it properly to Karl.

Which was, of course, why they were all stuck. One of them had to understand how to change the space from an Ascended Space to a Commander Rank or higher space, and then explain to the others.

"You know what this spot needs? Nice warm sunshine." Thor noted as he soaked in his pond full of Holy Stones.

That gave Karl an idea. If it worked, it would be brilliant. If it didn't, then Thor would get his warm sunlight anyhow.

What they needed was a change in the essence of the power. The same way that the Monks started with a candle to create a core of higher grade power that would seep into their space. But instead of a candle, Karl thought that a sun, or in Rae's case, a moon, would be perfect for that focus.

"Alright, we can start here. Find a comfortable spot and clear your mind. I'm sure you know at least the basics already." Brother Choi announced as they reached a small soundproof room.

Karl settled onto a cushion, and began to focus as he imagined the sun in Thor's space, with everything that came with it. The energy, the warmth, the light.

Brother Choi's voice floated into his consciousness as Karl focused.

"Yes, that's the way, now condense the energy. Don't let it leak and spread, keep it contained to one brilliant point of light. That is the secret to growing the flame."

Karl wasn't making a flame but a sun. The idea should be the same in practice, though. He just had to keep the energy stored in the ball of light until the quality made a breakthrough and exceeded the natural state of the space. Then he should be able to use that to spread energy to the rest of the space and the beasts in it.

Only time would tell if it was the right way, but it felt like it was working, and Thor could feel the warm sun on his scales, which was all that he was after to begin with.

Karl lost track of time as he meditated, but it didn't seem like anyone was going to bother them until the dinner meal, and the room was perfectly silent, other than the sound of their breathing, with a relaxing scent in the air from an incense cone burning somewhere.

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