The Creatures That We Are - C.462: No Malice


After a momentary loss of consciousness, Gao Yang’s survival instinct woke him up, and he jerked awake. He was lying in the same room. The others were with him.

The system’s warning had stopped. It seemed that he was out of danger.

While he was full of questions, he didn’t have the time to dwell on it.

“Wake up!” He shook Vermilion Bird and Can.

The two quickly startled awake.

Almost at the same time, Edmond slowly came to as well.

“Ke Yo!” he called out. Ke Yo, lying next to him, slowly opened her eyes.

Edmond helped her up. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be alright after sleeping.” Ke Yo’s face was pale, looking weak and exhausted.

“You did what you weren't told to do again. Don’t forget about our mission!” Edmond admonished her.

Ke Yo smiled faintly. “But the story of the escape room is so boring. Ha, motherly love, motherly love, as if all mothers in the world are great and kind, that there isn’t one who is vicious and selfish... It’s so boring. My game is better...”

The presumed wanderers, Zhou Jing, Qiu Qiu, Lin Dajian, and Mi Shi, had all lost consciousness.

While they had been dragged into a strange realm and played a game, once they were out, their wanderer side would put them to sleep, forcibly erasing the bizarre encounter from their memory.

The same wasn’t true of awakeners, though.

Gao Yang could tell that Edmond and Ke Yo were more than met the eyes.

“Don’t you think so? That my game is more interesting?” Ke Yo didn’t seem intent on covering the truth. She turned to Gao Yang, Can, and Vermilion Bird and asked the question seriously.

The three of them stared at Edmond and Ke Yo coldly.

Gao Yang didn’t recklessly make an attack given how strange the other’s power was. “Who are you?”

Edmond sighed, helping Ke Yo up. “Apologies. We meant you no harm. We ran into you today purely by accident.”

Vermilion Bird scoffed. “You pulled us into a realm and almost killed us. That what you called you meant us no harm?”

“And the phrase that emptied my mind purposefully. Wasn’t that malicious?” Gao Yang added.

“Allow us to introduce ourselves properly.” Edmond was still smiling politely. Something about him made it difficult to get angry at him. “I’m Edmond, No.9 of Tails. This is Ke Yo, No.12 of Tails.”

Gao Yang tensed; it all fit.

The bottom ninth Talent, serial number 191, was Unreachable, Guard-type.

And the bottom twelfth, serial number 188, was Strange, Support-type.

Ha, now I get it.

The girl with Talent: Strange didn’t look strange at all, though. In fact, she couldn’t be more mundane.

Gao Yang judged the situation they were in. The fact that the system hadn’t issued a warning meant that the two didn’t plan to make a move.

However, he had to pay them in kind for dragging them all into a realm and toying with them. Besides, Tails served the Godbearer Cult, the arch enemy of the three awakener organizations. There was no reason for them to let the two go now that they ran into each other.

They were indoor, though, which would limit what they could do. Fighting without reservation would end up attracting trouble, and this building was located in a bustling downtown area. There were a lot of people going about at this time. It would be messy if they alerted a summoner.

Gao Yang sighed. If only I had a Talent for creating a realm like House. Then I can easily defeat them with Vermilion Bird’s help.

Vermilion Bird thought the same. After a few seconds of staring each other down, Vermilion Bird turned to Gao Yang, waiting for him to make a decision.

We fight, Gao Yang thought, but not going all out here.

Ke Yo had just created a realm and exhausted much of her energy, leaving her with almost no strength to fight. And facing three awakeners, Edmond was unlikely to stand any chance.

Thus, the two would most likely run away. Gao Yang, Vermilion Bird, and Can would chase after them while keeping a safe distance until they reached somewhere with much fewer people. Then they would deal with the two.

“Can,” Gao Yang called out.

Catching on, Can reached out both hands to place them on Gao Yang’s and Vermilion Bird’s shoulders.

A second later, the three disappeared.

Level 4 Invisibility allowed one to turn something invisible and maintain invisibility for another three seconds after the contact was broken.

While invisible, Gao Yang teleported to Edmond.

Edmond sensed a killing intent coming toward him, but he didn’t dodge it, nor did he block it. Instead, he smiled and faced the attack without moving.

Gao Yang hesitated for a brief moment. What was the old man doing? Was this a bluff?

The system didn’t sound a warning, and Gao Yang didn’t sense any killing intent, forcefield, presence, or psychic invasion from the man.

Without stopping, Gao Yang threw a punch at Edmond’s chest. Given they were indoors, he didn’t use Fire Punch. He would first find out what the enemies were made of.


A strange thing happened. Gao Yang’s fist went through Edmond’s chest, and then the rest of his body went through Edmond; he lost his balance because of the inertia of charging and swinging his fist.

Startled, Gao Yang quickly teleported back. His invisibility lost its effect then. It had been three seconds.

During the three seconds, the invisible Vermilion Bird had attacked Ke Yo, but the same thing happened. Her fist and then her entire self went through Ke Yo.

Vermilion Bird was naturally quite shocked. She jumped backward, returning to Can and Gao Yang’s side. She was no longer invisible.

Edmond chuckled, giving them a relaxed smile.

Gao Yang looked at him closely. Edmond was radiating a gentle, soft light green glow, making him look like a ghost. The same was true of Ke Yo.

However, it was the ring on her middle finger that was flickering with a strong green light.

Gao Yang connected the dots then. They weren’t wearing platinum couple rings, but special Black Gold rings that allowed them to share their energy.

Edmond’s Unreachable allowed him to turn himself and someone near him into incorporeal spirits, which made them immune to all attacks. However, he couldn’t attack others in this state, either, or he would’ve retaliated.

To conclude, the two of them were both invincible right now. No one could do anything to them. That was why they were so calm.

Edmond chuckled. “I apologize to the three of you on Ke Yo’s behalf. The clash allowed us to know each other. We’ll see you in the future.”

“Wait,” Gao Yang called out.

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