Star Odyssey - C.2815: Killing Sage Yuan

Star Odyssey

C.2815: Killing Sage Yuan

Mu Shen sighed. "I’ve finally heard the Origin Progenitor’s Sutra once again. It truly is profound and complex. Only the Three Realms Six Dao were ever able to receive the Origin Progenitor’s true inheritance. Sage Yuan is done for."

Lord Xu remained cautious. "I once heard Wu Tian say that the Origin Sutra represents the true pinnacle of human cultivation and that it encompasses the Dao. Everyone who receives it has a different interpretation. This child of the Lu family is using it to compensate for his insufficient spiritual force, making it unshakeable. I don’t think that anyone can harm him with spiritual force at this moment. I didn’t believe what Wu Tian told me back then, but I do now.”

Only a handful of people present recognized the Origin Progenitor’s Sutra and understood what it was. Not even Great Elder Shan Gu knew anything about it. However, all those who knew what Lu Yin was reciting were completely confident that Sage Yuan was doomed.

With the Origin Sutra, no one was capable of shaking Lu Yin’s spiritual force.

Sage Yuan's body began shrinking, and his spiritual force rapidly diminished as he consumed it. The Sage simply could not believe his eyes as he stared at Lu Yin standing tall and firm. "Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible..."

He has transformed into a monster, revealing his deepest secrets to the entire Sixverse Association. But even when he brought forth everything he had, leaving nothing at all in reserve, he still was incapable of dealing with a mere brat from the Lu family. Why? Why had it turned out like this?

Behind Lu Yin, Chu Jian believed that he could win, or at the very least, severely injure Lu Yin. However, when he noticed the relaxed expression on Lu Yin’s face, Chu Jian knew that things were not good. Sage Yuan was already at his limit.

Chu Jian had no choice but to attack in an attempt to disrupt Lu Yin’s recitation.

The Seven Divine Arrows shot out, and an Annhiliation Phoenix appeared at the same time.

Two attacks charged at Lu Yin to stop him from reciting the Origin Sutra. Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back. He could sense Chu Jian's approaching attacks.

It was time for the Lu family's power to reappear in the Sixverse Association.

Lu Yin did not need his Investiture of the Gods to defeat his two opponents, but he had already somewhat underestimated Sage Yuan’s strength. In that case, there was no reason not to take advantage of the situation and reveal the power of the Lu family.

A golden light shone down on the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth. The light illuminated the entire Cyclic Universe, lighting up everyone's faces.

This light could not be blocked or hidden, and it shone on everyone's faces, even the Great Sovereign’s.

Beyond the boundaries of the tea ceremony, the entire Sixverse Association, and even the Endless Frontier, saw the golden light.

This was the moment that the Lu family's Investiture of the Gods reappeared.

Progenitor Nong stepped out of the scroll. The summoned god’s hand rose, and green leaves flew towards the Seven Divine Arrows and the Annhiliation Phoenix, halting both attacks.

However, Progenitor Nong alone was not enough to stop Chu Jian. Chu Jian was a Realmbreaker Ascendant, and he was capable of defeating Progenitors.

Leng Qing stepped out as well.

While Lu Yin had been in seclusion in the Heavens Sect, he had conferred Leng Qing as a god. Leng Qing had once been the master of one of the Twelve Heavenly Gates. After becoming a Progenitor, he had immediately become a powerful figure for his level. Still, he had not enough time to consolidate his foundation at this new realm of power, and he was far from comparable to Old Mo. At best, Leng Qing was comparable to Xia Shenji.

Lu Yin had successfully conferred even Xia Shenji, which proved that Leng Qing was not beyond Lu Yin’s means.

The summoned Leng Qing attacked with a blade, slicing through the Annhiliation Phoenix in an instant. The attack continued onwards, targeting Chu Jian.

Progenitor Nong’s hands rose, and his hoe dropped back down: Plowing the Land.

Chu Jian was badly startled. What the hell is this? Why have two powerhouses suddenly jumped in?

The people attending the tea ceremony watched the battle intently. What kind of power was this?

Everywhere in the Sixverse Association, people erupted into chaos, stunned and confused by what they were seeing.

"What the hell? Why are peak powerhouses helping Lu Yin?"

"Cheater! He’s cheating!"

"How could the Great Sovereign allow the Origin Universe to cheat?"

"Is there going to be a war?"


This was the first time that the Investiture of the Gods was being used in front of most of the people from the Sixverse Association who were watching the ceremony, and they were all shocked and startled.

It did not even occur to people that someone could summon a peak powerhouse. How was that even possible?

How was Lu Yin not cheating?

Forget the onlookers—not even Chu Jian could accept what he was seeing.

In front of him, Leng Qing's blade was sharp enough to take the Junior Sovereign’s breath away. He used a Fifth Level Lotus to block the attack, though it failed to block it completely. A portion of the attack still made it through.

Progenitor Nong threatened Chu Jian repeatedly with Plowing the Land.

Master, why aren’t you stopping this? He’s cheating!

Sovereign Shao Yin gritted his teeth. "Descendant of the Lu family, you’re cheating!"

Both men felt that Lu Yin was cheating by calling on helpers.

Mu Shen shook his head. "The Lu family has a saying: ‘one person as strong as a nation, one person lording over all.’ Their Investiture of the Gods can confer living cultivators as summons, while their Champions’ Stage allows them to anoint the dead as champions. This child is not cheating."

Lord Xu exclaimed, "This is the power of the Lu family. They spare no one, neither living nor dead."

Sovereign Ninth Lotus sighed. "How can a lineage innate gift like this exist?"

This was not her first time seeing this ability either.

If a person died, no strength would be lost, as the members of the Lu family could anoint the dead to their Champions' Stage, transferring the summon from their Investiture of the Gods to their Champions' Stage. Seeing this ability opened the eyes of the entire Sixverse Association.

Lu Yin stood beneath the golden light, looking like a deity that stood above everything.

Slowly, Sage Yuan's body shrank until he returned to his normal height.

Lu Yin stopped speaking. There was no need to continue reciting the Origin Sutra. He turned around to look at Chu Jian, who was unable to keep up with both Progenitor Nong and Leng Qing.

Despite both Chu Jian and Sage Yuan joining forces to fight against Lu Yin, Chu Jian had contributed nothing at all. If anything, he had received a few more injuries and was bleeding a bit more.

Sage Yuan dropped to one knee, breathing heavily as beads of sweat ran down his forehead and mixed with his blood, leaving his vision blurry.

Lu Yin walked over.

Sage Yuan slowly lifted his head to look at Lu Yin's face. The Sage saw eyes that were unbelievably cold, yet also calm. There was no bloodlust or killing intent. However, the calmer Lu Yin appeared, the more nervous Sage Yuan felt.

"I am one of the Nine Sages."

"So what?"

"I don't want to die—I can't die. If I die, you will completely offend the Cyclic Universe."

Lu Yin smiled and bent down to look straight into Sage Yuan's eyes. "Are you begging me?"

There was no resentment, hatred, or bloodlust left in Sage Yuan's eyes, only fear, confusion, and regret. He regretted provoking this heir of the Lu family. He regretted ever going to the Origin Universe or agreeing to help Sovereign Shao Yin. There were too many things that Sage Yuan regretted, but what he regretted most of all was not killing Lu Yin the first moment he laid eyes on the brat.

If the Sage had joined forces with Nutjob Lu and the four ruling powers, it might have been possible to kill Lu Yin. Why had they not done that at the beginning?

At that time, Sage Yuan had been representing both the Cyclic Universe and the Sixverse Association, and he had looked down upon the entire Origin Universe.

At that time, everyone from the four ruling powers had been exceptionally polite to that Sage. At that time, he had been looked up to by all as one of the renowned Nine Sages.

At that time, Sage Yuan had not cared about the survivor of the Lu family at all, and he had merely looked at the youth like a clown. Such a person could be toyed with, which was the Sage’s reasoning when he had torn open the void near the Heavens Sect and allowed Aeternus to invade the Origin Universe and the Heavens Sect.

Sage Yuan had enjoyed seeing the anger and helplessness in Lu Yin’s eyes. The Sage loved seeing hatred in the eyes of those incapable of doing anything at all to him.

It had been a fascinating feeling, because the child was the heir of the Lu family, that powerful and ancient family. Sage Yuan had never even considered eliminating Lu Yin at that moment.

He had enjoyed the pleasure of being superior.

However, that exact behavior and attitude had led to Sage Yuan’s current situation.

He regretted his actions immensely.

There were many peak powerhouses at the tea ceremony, but at this moment, not one of them spoke. Everyone was watching, wondering if Lu Yin would truly kill Sage Yuan.

Such a thing would normally be impossible, as Lu Yin would need to consider the fact that killing Sage Yuan meant that he would face the wrath of an offended Cyclic Universe, and more importantly, the Great Sovereign.

Of course, this had also occurred to Sage Yuan, but he did not dare to chance any possibility of dying.

The longer that Lu Yin's calm eyes gazed down at him, the more uneasy Sage Yuan became. He felt the pressure of death’s approach.

The longer Lu Yin remained silent, the more the pressure drove the Sage mad.

"I will go to the Endless Frontier! I’ll go fight Aeternus to the end of my days! I’ll go and never come back! You’ll never see me again! I-"

Before Sage Yuan could even finish speaking, the shadow of Leng Qing from the Investiture of the Gods fell upon him.

A hand rose, and a blade fell.

A head went flying, its expression twisted by anxiety, worry, and the burning desire to survive. The face seemed frozen in the air, in plain sight of countless people.

It was Sage Yuan’s head.

Blood splashed onto the ground. No one had expected Lu Yin to actually kill the man at the tea ceremony, right before the Great Sovereign.

Lord Xu blew out a long breath. "This is going to be troublesome."

Great Elder Shan Gu frowned. While Sage Yuan’s death was not necessarily a problem, it could not be done here, and certainly not right in front of the Great Sovereign. Lu Yin was truly fearless.

While no one had expected Lu Yin to deliver the final blow, he had done precisely as he had said he would: he had killed Sage Yuan at the tea ceremony. No one could have changed that outcome. Lu Yin had said what would happen, and he had ensured that it had come to pass.

This was not an impulsive act, nor an intention of provocation. Lu Yin had just carried out a promise that he had made to himself, nothing more. As for the consequences, did that actually matter?

The tea ceremony exploded.

"Child of the Lu family, you have gone too far!" Sovereign Shao Yin shouted sternly.

Sovereign Ninth Lotus’s expression turned icy. This Dao Monarch did not take the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages seriously at all.

There were similarly ugly expressions on the faces of Arrow Sage and Sage Jiang. Regardless of what Sage Yuan had done or whether he deserved his fate, as long as he had not betrayed humanity as a whole, he should not have died at this place. Lu Yin was far too arrogant.

Away from the tea ceremony, the countless people from across the Sixverse Association who were watching fell silent as they blankly stared at their displays. Lu Yin had just killed one of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages before everyone. This was a major event, the likes of which had not occurred in many years. This was an event that would go down in history. Lu Yin was truly domineering.

Yuan Qiunan's eyes flushed red as she glared at a display, overcome with hatred. She wanted to get revenge; her master's death could not be in vain.

On the Endless Frontier, Sage Bodhi observed Lu Yin's calm expression and remembered what he had said when he had selected Sage Yuan as the peak powerhouse who would not be allowed to target Lu Yin or his loved ones. Sage Yuan had not been chosen out of fear, but rather because Lu Yin had not had the time to waste on Sage Yuan, nothing more. It was only at this moment that Sage Bodhi understood Lu Yin’s reasoning. The Dao Monarch had wanted to leave Sage Yuan alive so that he could be executed at the tea ceremony. The sheer ruthlessness was something the Sixverse Association had not seen in many years.

Sage Yuan’s headless body slowly fell forwards, staining the ground red as blood spurted out ceaselessly. This was the blood of a peak powerhouse, which meant that it would not dry up easily.

Lu Yin looked away. With Sage Yuan dead, one grudge had ended, but there was still one other. Don't worry, I’ll deal with you one by one.

Lu Yin turned around to face Chu Jian.

Chu Jian was startled by Lu Yin’s actions. The Junior Sovereign had never expected Sage Yuan to actually die. "You asked him to join me to fight against you. Were you already planning to kill him?"

Lu Yin did not deny it. "He bought you some time, didn't he?"

Chu Jian stared at Lu Yin. "You are cruel enough."

Lu Yin gave a small smile. "I said from the beginning that I would kill this dog of a Sage Yuan, and I did."

Lu Yin then gave Chu Jian an odd look. "It’s not like you didn’t benefit from his death. He at least bought you some time."

Lu Yin glanced around. "And that’s not all."

All the remnant spiritual force in the area should have dissipated with Sage Yuan’s death, but instead, everything slowly moved towards Chu Jian and merged into his body. The spiritual force moved as though it possessed a consciousness.

Chu Jian was confused, even as the spiritual force entered his body, filling him and restoring him. In no time at all, his spiritual force had surged to an impossible level. What was going on?

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