Star Odyssey - C.2814: Trump Card

Star Odyssey

C.2814: Trump Card

The Spiritual Clone did its best to use spiritual force to suppress Lu Yin. The young man lashed out with a palm strike. It was a Hollow Palm, strengthened greatly by the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant and Wielder - Indestructible. Sage Yuan was startled, and he immediately tried to evade, but failed. He was knocked back by the Hollow Palm, half of the Sage’s body shattered. Blood fell to the ground.

Only a few moves had been traded, yet Lu Yin had single-handedly managed to badly injure Sage Yuan, while also wounding Chu Jian. The fight was completely one sided.

Everyone attending the tea ceremony stared in shock. This Demi-Immortal was accomplishing the unbelievable.

The young man who had been scolded by Sage Yuan watched Lu Yin with bright eyes, his blood boiling.

If he could reach that same level, accomplish those same feats, how wonderful things would be!

Chu Jian gasped for breath, blood trickling from the side of his mouth.

On the other side, Sage Yuan spat out blood. Numbness covered half of his body. He had been hit by just a single palm strike, yet the attack had been too powerful for him to endure, and he had also not been capable of dodging it.

Between his two opponents, Lu Yin looked first at Sage Yuan, and then at Chu Jian. "You two should get more serious about this."

Sage Yuan's eyes flared as he glared at Lu Yin with overwhelming hatred. The Sage growled, "Prostrate Before the Sage!"

At that moment, the spiritual force that filled the area spiked. The Sage’s eyes turned completely white, even the scarlet blood vessels. The third of the Three Strikes, Prostrate Before the Sage, was the most powerful of the three attacks, and was also the most powerful spiritual force attack that Sage Yuan was capable of. He had once used this attack to defeat Sage Jiang, another of the Nine Sages. Sovereign Shao Yin had praised Sage Yuan for the technique, claiming it was an attack that demonstrated the pinnacle of spiritual force in the Sixverse Association. This was an attack that even peak powerhouses were wary of.

Lu Yin watched in surprise as the surrounding spiritual force presented a mounting pressure, creating an illusion of countless people bowed in worship. This spiritual force attack induced illusions in a similar manner to certain sourcebox arrays.

Many in the audience were stunned, and those who understood what they were seeing instinctively avoided looking at the illusion.

Sovereign Shao Yin’s eyes flashed. This attack should prove effective, as even the Sovereign had been briefly affected by the illusion.

Xu Wuwei frowned. He had once witnessed this attack used on the Endless Frontier. It would impact even the Void Suprema, so long as he was within range. While the effects would last less than a moment, and it would be impossible for Sage Yuan to accomplish anything to Xu Wuwei even with such an advantage, that was Xu Wuwei. Lu Yin was a different matter, and he was not even close to becoming a peak powerhouse.

Lu Yin could not deny that the attack left him a bit dizzy, though that was all that happend.

Years had passed, but Lu Yin had never relaxed from reciting the Origin Progenitor’s Sutra. He could not even begin to guess at how tenacious his spiritual force had become.

While Sage Yuan's spiritual force had reached the Progenitor level and Lu Yin was not able to match the Sage when it came to brute strength or quantity of spiritual force, when it came to toughness, Lu Yin was confident that his own spiritual force exceeded anything that anyone could even imagine.

Prostrate Before the Sage should have caused Lu Yin to fall into an illusion, so Sage Yuan shouted, "Junior Sovereign, attack!"

The Sage’s own sword flickered forward, while on the other side, Chu Jian attacked as well. This time, he did not use the Seven Divine Arrows, but attacked with a Annihilation Palm.

Lu Yin sighed. "Sage Yuan, you old dog, this is rather disappointing."

Sage Yuan was startled. Lu Yin was not lost in the illusion?

Lu Yin looked up. "Killing you won’t even feel like an accomplishment."

A hand rose, and lines appeared that shot through the void, outlining spatial lines in a spherical grid. It was Spiral Domain.

"Spiral Domain?" someone shouted. Many people looked over at Xu Wuwei.

Just how many of the Sixverse Association’s tricks and secrets had Lu Xiaoxuan uncovered during his time as Xuan Qi?

Seeing the Spiral Domain, Sage Yuan quickly tried to pull his attack back, and he leveled his sword in front of his body. Chu Jian reacted in a nearly identical manner.

The spatial lines flash.

Sage Yuan’s mouth dropped open as he spat out a mouthful of blood. The shattered portion of his body took on even worse injuries, and looked like nothing more than mangled flesh. Blood stained the Sage’s entire body red.

As for Chu Jian, he was unharmed. At the last moment, he had used his innate gift, but that had been because there had been no other choice. Without that, he very well could have died to Lu Yin’s attack.

When necessary, he would use his innate gift. Dying would accomplish nothing at all

The lines slowly disappeared.

Lu Yin did not even look back at Chu Jian, focusing entirely on Sage Yuan as he slowly walked over to the Sage. "I told you I would kill you at this tea ceremony."

Sage Yuan coughed up more blood as he stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. This man had actually managed to ignore Prostrate Before the Sage, completely invalidating Sage Yuan’s Three Strikes. Just how powerful was Lu Yin’s spiritual force for him to be able to shrug off the attack Sage Yuan was most proud of?

Lu Yin stopped a short distance away from Sage Yuan and looked down at the man. "A battle was permitted at the Great Sovereign's tea ceremonies, so is life and death.”

Everyone attending the tea ceremony stared at the miserable form of Sage Yuan. One of the glorious Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages had been reduced to such a pathetic state.

Sage Jiang stared at Lu Yin in shock. Because of Sage Jiang’s own battle with Sage Yuan, the man had a deeper understanding of the horror of the Three Strikes. Even just the Purple Auspice had been almost enough to cause Sage Jiang to lose consciousness, and he had done his best to escape from the Spiritual Clone. As for Prostrate Before the Sage, it had been inescapable, and had utterly defeated Sage Jiang.

Unexpectedly, the attack that had rendered Sage Jiang helpless had proven completely useless against Lu Xiaoxuan.

What had this boy gone through?

No one would beg for Sage Yuan’s life. Everyone was aware of the enmity between him and Lu Yin. In fact, the only person in the Sixverse Association Lu Yin might hate more would be Sovereign Shao Yin.

If possible, Lu Yin would love to kill Sovereign Shao Yin, but Lu Yin knew he was not the Sovereign’s match at all.

There was a qualitative difference between the Three Sovereigns and the Nine Sages.

Lu Yin’s feet rose, as he resumed walking towards Sage Yuan. He had only spoken to ensure that there was no chance of the Great Sovereign or anyone else would try to interfere. Lu Yin had said all along that he would kill the old dog at the tea ceremony, and Lu Yin would keep to his word.

Sage Yuan stared at the approaching form of Lu Yin with fear and resentment. "You really think you can kill me? Don't push me! If you do, at worst, we’ll both die."

Lu Yin sneered. "What? Your Progenitor’s world? Bring it out and let’s see it. If it was actually useful, you would have already used it long ago."

"You Lu bastard, do you really want us both to die?" Sage Yuan roared.

"Sage Yuan!" Sovereign Shao Yin called out with a sharp shout. "If you cannot win here, what will await you?"

Sage Yuan's expression fell, and he turned to look at the Great Sovereign. She was so high up, and the Sage could not even clearly see the woman’s face. All that he felt was a sense of holiness and inviolability. This did not merely extend to the woman herself, but also to her dignity.

The Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages represented the Great Sovereign. If Sage Yuan was defeated by this child of the Lu family, it would be no different from slapping the Great Sovereign in the face. Sage Yuan could only have one fate: the Lamentation of the Sages.

Sage Hua had only recently been condemned to that fate, and Sage Yuan would never forget that scene. He also did not want to die.

Lu Yin stopped walking, and looked over at the Sovereign Shao Yin before glancing back at Chu Jian. "Everyone wants to keep their best trump cards hidden, but can whatever you have still hidden even change anything?"

At this moment, the spiritual force that filled the area shrank in upon Sage Yuan. Once that happened, a different world appeared, which was Sage Yuan’s Progenitor’s world. Within that world, corpses hung from dead trees. Crows cawed, and black clouds filled the sky. The dead trees were surrounded by swamps, and there seemed no end to the number of corpses.

Lu Yin paused for a moment as he stared in shock.

Everyone silently took in the scene that had appeared.

This event included the 9.99 million people who were allowed to listen to the Great Sovereign’s teachings. Everyone was stunned for a moment.

This was Sage Yuan’s Progenitor’s world?

Sage Yuan had never revealed his Progenitor’s world, not even to his enemies. He had always relied on his Three Strikes, even using it to defeat Sage Jiang, which had secured Sage Yuan a secure position within the Nine Sages.

Many people had speculated about Sage Yuan’s Progenitor’s world, but no one had ever seen it.

At this moment, Sage Yuan's Progenitor’s world was on display before everyone.

It was a scene that no one had expected. A Progenitor’s world reflected the person’s heart and strength, while Sage Yuan's Progenitor’s world was a dirty, miserable, desperate place that was filled with darkness, wailing crows, and death. It was something that no one could accept, even if they ignored the countless corpses hanging from the dead trees.

Sage Yuan’s entire body trembled as he struggled to his feet. The threat of the Lamentations of the Sages forced him to hold nothing back. Compared to certain death, what was so bad about revealing his Progenitor’s world?

After this, no human would want to see the Sage, but he still needed to win and kill the descendant of the Lu family. It had been this bastard who had forced Sage Yuan to reveal his secret to everyone.

Bloodshot eyes rose to shoot a glare of hatred at Lu Yin. The Sage coldly stated, "You Lu bastard, you forced me to do this! You can forget about living past today!"

With that, the corpses decomposed, as did the dead trees, the swamps, the crows, and even the black clouds. Everything transformed into spiritual force that poured into Sage Yuan's body.

The Progenitor’s world had not been a true place, but the gathered spiritual force of all the people Sage Yuan had massacred.

In an instant, the man had devoured all of the endless spiritual force that had accumulated in his Progenitor’s world over the course of countless years. His body started to grow larger, and became covered with strange black spots that eventually formed a disgusting carapace that made Sage Yuan look like a monster. His body continued to grow larger and larger, and his skin turned black, and then green. His face twisted, and his features were entirely distorted until he lost all semblance to a human.

People were startled by the transformation, and they stared at Sage Yuan as though seeing a monster.

Sage Yuan’s mouth opened, and he roared in a deep, hoarse voice that sounded completely different from his original voice, "Die, Lu bastard!"

The Sage’s hands rose. The left palm was pointed at Lu Yin, and the Sage struck the back of his upraised left hand with his right palm. A mysterious power erupted, and shot at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin's eyes grew focused, and he stopped breathing as he instinctively took a step backwards. His spiritual force was strong, and as tough as a rock, yet it was shaken at this moment.

Sage Yuan had grown to be five meters tall. When he saw Lu Yin take a step back, the Sage let out a raucous laugh. "You can't handle it! This is my hidden spiritual force! I have gathered and hidden spiritual force for countless years. How can you compare to this? How can you overcome this? It’s impossible for anyone to endure this, so go to hell!"

The monster slapped the back of his hand again, and terrifying spiritual force erupted again to suppress and overwhelm Lu Yin.

Lu Yin could easily sense that Sage Yuan's spiritual force had become unbelievably powerful with this transformation, and it was indeed beyond Lu Yin’s ability to endure. Normally.

He could still recite the Origin Progenitor’s Sutra.

"When the Dao of Heavens is bestowed, devour the hundreds of rivers, and the reflection of the ancient lands is the way of the sage..."

If Sage Yuan's spiritual force was like a tsunami, then the ripples of resistance that appeared by Lu Yin's recitation of the Origin Sutra was the foundation of the ocean.

Sage Yuan struck out with a palm strike, and a terrifying spiritual force erupted. In front of Lu Yin, ripples passed through the void, created by the Origin Sutra. These ripples seemed incredibly weak and insignificant, yet they blocked the flood of spiritual force completely.

Sovereign Shao Yin's pupils shrank. "Impossible..."

Even he had been amazed by Sage Yuan's Three Strikes, but the Sage’s transformation had struck fear into the Sovereign. If not for his increased strength, this attack could have possibly defeated him in the past.

Each of the Nine Sages kept a trump card hidden, and there was no denying that Sage Yuan had kept an incredible power concealed.

With this transformation triggered by the remnants of spiritual force, Sage Yuan had gained enough strength to rank among the three most powerful Sages, and possibly even hold the title of strongest. This attack had also transformed the Sage into a monster.

If not even Sovereign Shao Yin could take this attack, how could anyone else?

How was Lu Xiaoxuan blocking it? What was he chanting?

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