Star Odyssey - C.2811: What Is Perfection?

Star Odyssey

C.2811: What Is Perfection?

Arrow Sage shot to his feet. He stared at Lu Yin's finger. Where was the Seven Divine Arrows technique?

As for Chu Jian, his expression tightened slightly.

Lu Yin’s finger lowered. "Next."

Chu Jian allowed the bow and arrow to disappear from his hands, as the Seven Divine Arrows technique had been ineffective. "It’s no wonder how you were able to become the Heavens Sect’s Dao Monarch. You can actually overcome the seven emotions. I am very curious how you accomplished that, but people like you are very scary, as you’re no different from corpse kings."

Lu Yin shook his head. "If you can’t understand, then telling you is pointless. You’ll only have a few chances, so make your moves while I still have a bit of patience."

"How arrogant!" Chu Jian took a step forward, and his body disappeared. He instantly reappeared, but he was already behind Lu Yin and striking out with a palm: Eight Hands of the Stone Gate.

Lu Yin frowned. Despite watching, he had not been able to see how Chu Jian had approached him. It had not been by traveling through space, but rather through some other means. What was it?

Chu Jian was able to move without leaving behind any trace of his passage, but his attack was easily shattered by Lu Yin. The Eight Hands of the Stone Gate was a battle technique that belonged to Sage Stone. It was a very powerful attack, but it was useless against Lu Yin, especially since he had also learned the Eight Hands of the Stone Gate

Chu Jian only used three hands of the Eight Hands of the Stone Gate. For the fourth hand, Chu Jian changed to the Harmonious Heavens Technique in an attempt to dissolve Lu Yin's stellular energy.

However, Lu Yin also used the Harmonious Heavens Technique.


The impact between the two palms created a deafening explosion, and as both men used the Harmonious Heavens Technique, Chu Jian’s expression finally changed. How was it possible that his own stellular energy was unable to suppress Lu Yin's?

Lu Yin grabbed Chu Jian's hand and suddenly squeezed and twisted his wrist, forcing Chu Jian's hand to bend as a palm lashed out at Chu Jian's forehead. At this moment, the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant appeared with a roar. Lu Yin did not hold back with this palm strike, as he wanted to see what Chu Jian was still hiding.

When Chu Jian saw the approaching attack, he lifted his head. A lotus bloomed around him in five layers, bright and illuminating the entire area.

This was not one of Sovereign Ninth Lotus’s Lotus Artifacts, but rather the Nine Levels of Lotus battle technique. Clearly, Chu Jian had also trained in Sovereign Ninth Lotus’s battle techniques.

Lu Yin struck the Fifth Level Lotus with his hand, instantly causing cracks to appear in the lotus.

Chu Jian’s expression changed yet again. The Fifth Level Lotus that had bloomed around him was capable of blocking a Progenitor’s attack, and yet Lu Yin’s palm strike had broken it?

Lu Yin had not expected Chu Jian to also know Sovereign Ninth Lotus’s battle techniques.

Chu Jian had revealed the battle techniques of four of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages. It was no wonder why he was referred to as the perfect Junior Sovereign. He had reached the limit with every battle technique that he learned, only limited by his current cultivation. And he had even surpassed those limits.

Both the Seven Divine Arrows and the Fifth Level Lotus were as powerful as if a Progenitor had used the techniques. Chu Jian was only as powerful as a Semi-Progenitor, but he could already exert the power of a Progenitor. He was indeed qualified to be called the Junior Sovereign.

When the Fifth Level Lotus bloomed to block Lu Yin's palm strike, Chu Jian noticed that Lu Yin’s second hand was also attacking. For the second attack, an extremely cold energy gathered in Chu Jian’s hand into what looked like a spike that viciously retaliated against the second attack.

"A Divine Yin Awl?" someone exclaimed. This time, Chu Jian was using one of Sovereign Shao Yin’s battle techniques.

Just how many different powers had Chu Jian cultivated?

He was clearly the Great Sovereign’s disciple, which meant that he cultivated battle techniques received from the Great Sovereign herself, but so far, Chu Jian had only revealed battle techniques of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages. Even so, he had perfectly demonstrated each and every technique, revealing greater mastery than the personal disciples of the Sovereigns and Sages.

Among the audience that was observing the Tea Ceremony, Gong Yu, Shao Gu, and the other disciples watched in shock and awe. This was the Junior Sovereign, the perfect Junior Sovereign. He was acknowledged by the entire Sixverse Association as the greatest of their generation, and he was the only person who had qualified to be accepted by the Great Sovereign as her direct disciple.

He was perfect, regardless of what he cultivated. He was always perfect.

The Divine Yin Awl brushed past Lu Yin's cheek, and the power of Extreme Yin invaded Lu Yin's body like a vicious evil spirit.

Sage Jiang frowned. "When the power of Extreme Yin penetrates the body, the cold pierces the bones. It freezes the energy within the body and can even freeze one’s consciousness. Lu Xiaoxuan was careless."

No one had expected Lu Yin to be defeated so quickly, but he had actually been assaulted by the power of Extreme Yin, which meant that his defeat was imminent.

Clearly, Lu Yin still lacked a decent understanding of the Sixverse Association.

Only Sovereign Shao Yin's face revealed an ugly expression, and it was worse than ever before. Had Lu Yin been careless? No, he had allowed this attack to land because he also cultivated the power of Extreme Yin.

When the Sovereign realized that Lu Xiaoxuan was Xuan Qi, it became obvious that Lu Yin had hidden how well he had cultivated the power of Extreme Yin. Only Lu Yin had any idea how much progress he had made, and the Sovereign immediately understood why Lu Yin had not allowed him to examine his body after Xuan Qi had apparently suffered backlash while cultivating. Sovereign Shao Yin should have been more vigilant from the beginning.

He could only blame himself for being too careless.

The power of Extreme Yin entered Lu Yin's body. Not only did Chu Jian relax as he watched his attack land, but he also took the initiative to release his Divine Yin Awl, allowing it to transform back into the Extreme Yin power that invaded Lu Yin's body. Another lotus blossomed around the Junior Sovereign, and he attacked with the Seven Divine Arrows again. This time, seven arrows shot out at once, looking like a seven-colored rainbow. The dazzling attack shot towards Lu Yin.

Once again, Lu Yin simply raised a hand and pointed a single finger forward to touch the approaching arrows. All of them disappeared at the same moment. It was exactly what had happened with Chu Jian’s first attack.

Chu Jian remained arrogant and indifferent to the sight. "Let's see just how long you can last."

As he spoke, he continued to shoot more arrows, and an endless rain of Seven Divine Arrows flew towards Lu Yin. The intent was to burn through Lu Yin's energy. The power of Extreme Yin had already infiltrated his body, which meant that he would not be able to endure for long.

The Divine Yin Awl disappeared entirely, and Chu Jian watched as all of the power of Extreme Yin seeped into his opponent’s body.

The Junior Sovereign’s eyes flared, and the power of the Seven Divine Arrows instantly spiked. Stellular energy raged, roaring in a manner that resonated with the surrounding area. Even Sage Jiang and other peak powerhouses felt pressure from Chu Jian’s stellular energy.

While the young man was still only an Ascendant, he had the raw power to face a peak powerhouse head on.

Xu Wuwei was genuinely impressed. "I have never believed in true perfection, but I do now. This Junior Sovereign is much more powerful than I was at his age. His future cannot be estimated at all."

The Seven Divine Arrows formed afterimages, which made it impossible to count how many arrows had been fired. Lu Yin's finger also formed afterimages as he blocked each and every arrow. Not one managed to slip past his defenses.

As time passed, Chu Jian felt that something was very wrong; Lu Yin's strength was not waning in the slightest.

Suddenly, a Divine Yin Awl appeared at Lu Yin's side. "Allow me to return the favor."

As soon as the words were spoken, the Divine Yin Awl blasted towards Chu Jian, shattering all the Seven Divine Arrows as the cone shot through the air. This attack possessed far more Extreme Yin power than the cone that Chu Jian had just used.

Chu Jian’s expression changed drastically. How was this even possible?

"Have you also cultivated the power of Extreme Yin?"

Many people gave Sovereign Shao Yin odd looks. Why had he allowed Lu Xiaoxuan to cultivate the power of Extreme Yin?

Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan both watched from a distance. They had been condemned to the Endless Frontier, but had not left yet, as they were watching Lu Yin fight against Chu Jian.

When they saw Lu Yin use the power of Extreme Yin, the two Progenitors’ expressions grew uncertain, and they glanced over, looking at Sovereign Shao Yin with increasing confusion.

Sovereign Shao Yin clenched a fist. Just as he had suspected, the brat had made absurd progress when cultivating the power of Extreme Yin. Just how much energy had he absorbed?

The Divine Yin Awl struck the Fifth Level Lotus, smashing it to bits.

Lu Yin reached out to grab the last of the Seven Divine Arrows that had been shot at him, and then he threw it back at Chu Jian.

Arrow Sage was startled. "Impossible!"

The Seven Divine Arrows used the seven emotions to form arrows. These arrows would always strike their target, and not even Arrow Sage had ever heard of anyone being capable of throwing the arrows back at the one who had fired them. This was completely unprecedented.

Lord Xu watched in admiration as Heaven’s Sight was utilized.

After Chu Jian had used the Seven Divine Arrows so many times to attack Lu Yin, it would be stranger if Lu Yin had not unraveled the battle technique.

Heaven’s Sight was able to see through any weapon or battle technique. While the Seven Divine Arrows used the seven emotions to create arrows, they were still weapons, and were completely susceptible to Heaven’s Sight.

Additionally, no one from the Sixverse Association knew that Lu Yin had mastered the Sword Sect’s Thirteen Swords, which meant that he was no stranger to using emotions as a weapon.

The Divine Yin Awl smashed the Fifth Level Lotus, and the redirected arrow shot through the cracks. This arrow not only carried the power of Chu Jian’s initial attack, but also Lu Yin’s strength, and he had not held back.

Chu Jian released his hand, loosing another arrow of his own. The two arrows collided and instantly shattered. However, the impact also shattered the void, and the shockwave struck Chu Jian and knocked him back. He was forced to retreat ten steps, and blood could be seen leaking from his mouth.

Everyone stared in astonishment.

Chu Jian had demonstrated a mastery of multiple different powers and battle techniques, but Lu Yin had bided his time, only to return Chu Jian’s own attack, which had resulted in Chu Jian being injured. Just who was the perfect one?

Lu Yin shook his head. "I’m done playing with you. You need to be careful now, or else,” Lu Yin’s expression turned cold, "You’ll die."

Lu Yin vanished. Space became lines around him, and he used them to instantly appear directly in front of Chu Jian. With an overpowering force, a hand slapped down. The Immovable Heavenly King Elephant roared, and a purplish-black substance covered the descending hand. With Wielder - Indestructible, even a Progenitor would have to avoid this attack.

However, Chu Jian’s eyes glinted dangerously as he looked up at Lu Yin’s hand. The Junior Sovereign did not even twitch to avoid the attack.

The hand landed, not blocked or avoided in any way. It was an attack that would have executed an average Progenitor, not to mention a defenseless Chu Jian.

However, despite the lack of preparation, Lu Yin could sense that something was wrong. He stared into Chu Jian's eyes and saw the ridicule as the Junior Sovereign sneered. "Lu Xiaoxuan, I will show you what it means to be undefeated!"

A palm also struck Lu Yin. He looked down and saw Chu Jian’s hand on his chest as the Junior Sovereign roared, "Annihilation!"

There was a bang, and the void exploded. Chu Jian flew back, landing before the nine seats, just beneath the Great Sovereign.

He stood back up in an instant, but stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. "You?"

Lu Yin stared back, also astonished.

Chu Jian could not believe that Lu Yin was unharmed despite being struck by his Annihilation Palm. All that could be seen was the mark of a hand on Lu Yin’s white clothes. However, he had been struck by a Annihilation Palm, which Chu Jian had been taught by the Great Sovereign herself. He had slaughtered forty eight Ascendant-level corpse kings on the Endless Frontier with this technique, so why had it been completely useless against Lu Yin?

Given Chu Jian’s strength, a full-force palm strike was capable of severely injuring even an exceptional peak powerhouse.

Lu Yin was shocked to see that Chu Jian was completely unscathed by his own attack. The Junior Sovereign’s hair had not even been ruffled. How was that possible?

The two stared at each other, each startled by the other’s abilities.

It was impossible for Chu Jian to ignore Lu Yin’s palm strike, and he had not even bothered to try to block it. He also had not used the power of time or space, so what had he done?

"I remember! That’s the Annihilation Palm! Chu Jian is the Silencer!" someone exclaimed. It was Senior Li, and he stared at Chu Jian with excitement.

Others were initially confused, but then someone else commented, "The Silencer? Are you talking about the Silencer who brazenly slaughtered Ascendant-level corpse kings on the Endless Frontier?"

"That’s right, I remember now. The Silencer uses the Annihilation Palm. When the Annihilation Palm appears, corpse kings retreat. So, the Junior Sovereign is the Silencer!"

"He’s actually the Silencer."

"He eliminated a total of forty-eight Ascendant-level corpse kings, which was an accomplishment praised by everyone across the Endless Frontier. So it was you, Junior Sovereign." Senior Li became emotional, and his eyes flushed red.

Lord Xu and the others at their level showed no surprise. If they had not known this much, how could they have recognized Chu Jian as the perfect Junior Sovereign?

This was the level of strength the Junior Sovereign needed to possess. While only a Demi-Immortal himself, Chu Jian had slaughtered forty eight Ascendant-level corpse kings across the Endless Frontier, and he had even escaped from Progenitor-level corpse kings on several occasions. This was why he was referred to as "perfect."

How many people throughout all of human history were capable of replicating such a feat?

It was likely something that would have been beyond the abilities of even the rulers of the universes when they had been young.

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