Sovereign of the Ashes - C.330: Good News from Old Grantt

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.330: Good News from Old Grantt

The outburst of the foul-mouthed parrot did not impact the friendship between Sein and Grimm.

The two walked around in the commercial area outside the divine tower with Selina, engaging in light conversation while browsing goods of interest.

Meanwhile, the silent staring contest continued between Sev and the Flame Parrot, each perched on their respective mage’s shoulder.

Neither was willing to back down, yet Sev appeared to have the upper hand.

Every time Sev pretended to stretch its wings, the parrot would instinctively duck, fearing that Sev might be trying to hit it.

When Sein was a magic initiate, he perceived the outer commercial area of the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring as a vast space, filled with endless resources and choices.

However, he now found it somewhat lacking, especially when unable to locate specific materials for his experiments at the end of their stroll.

It seemed his only options were to purchase directly from the divine tower or to issue a gathering quest.

“The resource pool of the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring just doesn’t compare to that of the Divine Tower of Verdant Flame. The Ice Marrow I needed for my experiment was available for purchase in the Divine Tower of Verdant Flame’s space fortress, even though it was very expensive. If I knew they were not available here, I would have stocked up more back then despite their cost,” Grimm commented with a sigh.

During the interplanar war, Grimm lived in the Divine Tower of Verdant Flame’s space fortress too.

However, his schedule within the fortress was always different from Sein’s, preventing any meeting between them throughout the war.

Sein silently empathized with Grimm’s sentiments, though he did not voice his agreement.

For both Grimm and Sein, leaving the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring was not an option in the foreseeable future.

Sein was deeply tied to the divine tower through his mentor, Lorianne. Despite the tower’s shortcomings, his loyalty to Lorianne and her kindness made departure unthinkable.

Grimm’s mentor was one of the three deans of the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring Academy, and he was also bound by a long-term contract to the tower.

The Divine Tower of Verdant Spring had invested years in nurturing Grimm, and it was definitely not running a charity.

Given Grimm’s humble beginnings, he received extra support from the divine tower during his time as an initiate. Consequently, he had to serve the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring for a longer duration.

Grimm’s sigh was just that—a sigh, not a complaint.

He did not think negatively of the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring. In fact, a sense of deep-seated gratitude toward the divine tower lingered within him.

Grimm resided on the 662nd floor of the Divine Tower, within the dean’s quarters, just a stone’s throw away from Sein and Selina’s residence.

Although the divine tower had assigned him his own space, Grimm chose to live alongside his mentor, Archimedes, and his wife. This decision showed that the apprentices within their faction shared a strong connection with each other.

After bidding Grimm farewell, Sein and Selina returned home.

Sein went back to his laboratory to sort out the experiment materials he just bought, while Selina took to the kitchen to prepare a meal.

Their well-established routine and the warm atmosphere of their shared space evoked the comfort and familiarity of home.

Eileen and Selina presented Sein with distinctly different experiences. His interactions with each woman evoked unique feelings within him.

The dinner prepared by Selina was consistently delightful.

However, Sein had always advised Selina to focus more on her studies and research, rather than investing her effort into cooking.

In response, Selina assured him that cooking did not take up too much of her time. She could prepare even the most lavish meals in no more than half an hour, thanks to her adept use of magic in the kitchen.

Indeed, magic simplified life considerably.

Every time Sein was drenched in sweat after completing his lab work, he could freshen up with a simple Cleanse spell, eliminating the need for a shower.

The highlight of their dinner was a pot of thick soup, steaming at the center of the table, its milky hue and inviting aroma stimulating the appetite.

The main ingredients of this soup were the two plant creatures Sein had bought earlier.

After enjoying two bowls himself, Sein encouraged Selina, “You should have more too. It’s good for your skin and extends your lifespan.”


Nearly half a year later, Sein received good news from the Lysian Alliance—Old Grantt had been promoted to Rank One knight.

This promotion was not just a cause for celebration in House Grantt, it also rippled through the Lysian Alliance.

Over time, Sein had observed that knights of Rank One and higher in not only the Lysian Alliance, but also in the neighboring Zephyr Kingdom and Ohrque Empire, often aligned themselves to an order of the knights in the north.

Despite sharing affiliations, divisions within these orders of the knights were inevitable, particularly given the frequent hostilities between the Zephyr Kingdom, the Ohrque Empire, and the Lysian Alliance.

Such dynamics also fostered tighter bonds among the knights within the same faction and nation.

Old Grantt’s promotion brought an outpouring of congratulations from virtually every noble house in the Lysian Alliance, with the sheer volume of gifts offsetting the costs incurred by his attempts to reach Rank One.

Compared to the divine tower mages, knights appeared more grounded and utilitarian.

Not only the nobles of the Lysian Alliance, the Zephyr Kingdom, and the Ohrque Empire, but even those from distant human nations sent envoys bearing congratulatory messages.

The representatives from the Zephyr Kingdom were primarily related to Old Grantt’s wife, while those from the Ohrque Empire and distant human nations were friends of the two ancestors from House Grantt in the order of the knights.

Although the House Grantt boasted only a couple of knights of Rank One and above, their social network was impressively extensive.

With the family now boasting four Rank One and above entities, House Grantt’s influence was growing within the Lysian Alliance.

In his letter, Old Grantt extended an invitation for Sein to return home, though the initiative stemmed not from him but from Julius and Jeremy. Old Grantt was simply relaying their wishes.

The ancestors of House Grantt had plans to introduce Sein to several knights of Rank One and Rank Two.

Such networking was poised to benefit both Sein and House Grantt.

Despite Sein’s reluctance to fulfill such social obligations, particularly amidst a crucial phase in his research, he ultimately resolved to make the journey to Grantt Castle.

After all, honoring his father’s promotion to Rank One knight was an obligation he could not ignore.

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