Player who Returned 10,000 years Later - C.406: I’ll Show You A Whole New World

Player who Returned 10,000 years Later

C.406: I’ll Show You A Whole New World


White vapor burst out from the gaps in the armor. Balrog clenched his fists as his entire body surged with power. He lowered his stance and pulled one leg back.


Balrog shot forward like a cannon toward the forehead of Bul-Kathos, the lion with a flaming mane. He twisted in midair, pulled his right fist as far back as possible, and punched with all his might.



Bul-Kathos scrunched up while growling in pain after getting hit right on the forehead. Flames poured out from its mane as it shook its head. The Overlord Armor covering Balrog glowed red hot.

Kurgh, Balrog grunted as he retreated.

His skin under the Overlord Armor was melting from the intense heat. Intense pain as if he was being seared on a hot iron spread throughout his body. Ouroboross giant tail whipped him before he even had a chance to get a hold of himself.



Balrog reflexively raised his arms to block the tail. His feet dragged along the ground while leaving marks.

[Werent human you,] Ouroboros stammered.

[Why has a demon sided with the humans?] Bul-Kathos spoke clearly.

I am simply following my kings command, Balrog answered concisely as he retook a battle stance.


[Who King?]

Bul-Kathos and Ouroboros tilted their heads in wonder. Balrog pulled his right arm back without answering them.


The sound of gears interlocking with each other rang. White vapor fumed from Balrogs elbow.



He stomped his feet and punched forward.



The white vapor compressed into a sphere and shot out like a cannon. Bul-Kathos opened its mouth widely and let out a flame breath like a dragon would. The vapor and the flames clashed.


Intense heat swept everything around them. The heat and vapor mixed to create a heat storm, melting everything in the area.



A massive hole was formed in the eye of the heat storm. Humans, angels, and demonic beasts all ran away to not get caught in the storm.

Kurgh. Balrog scrunched up, having difficulty handling the heat as well.


Ouroboros widened its giant mouth and charged at Balrog, purple liquid dripping from its sharp fangs.


Balrog quickly grabbed Ouroboross fangs and stomped on its bottom mouth to prevent it from swallowing him.


Gurgh, argh.

Ouroboross powerful venom melted the black armor around Balrogs hands, exposing his skin. He screamed as horrible pain traveled up from his hands.


He focused the power of the Overlord Armor on his arms, and the melting gauntlets were restored. Cracks formed on Ouroboross fangs.

[How my fangs did you] Ouroboros stammered in bewilderment.

Balrog roared as his eyes lit up, Raaaaaaaaahhh!!

He pulled out Ouroboross fangs and purple venom poured out like a fountain. He quickly leaped away and tumbled to the ground.

[Skreeeeeeeeee!!] Ouroboros screamed.

Haaa, haaa. Balrog stood up while panting heavily as the Overlord Armor on his hands melted and regenerated repeatedly. Kurgh

Balrog staggered as his vision blurred; he felt his strength leaving his body. The Overlord Armor was manifested through his blood. The more the armor was damaged, the more blood he lost to restore it.

Huff, huff, Balrog caught his breath to calm down his trembling.

He had pulled out Ouroboross fangs, but there was one more enemy to worry about. Bul-Kathos was glaring at him while growling ferociously.

This isnt good.

He had known that facing two ancient demonic beasts would be difficult, but it felt nearly impossible after actually facing them. There was no way that he would be able to face them both at once without taking risks.

I have to put my life on the line.

Just like what his king always did. Balrog chuckled as he recalled himself getting angry at his king, who constantly risked his life without a second thought.

... I can see now that you had no choice.

Kang-Woo had not risked his life for the sake of dying; he had simply done it because there was no other choice.

... Hah, Balrog laughed unbeknownst to himself.

He was trembling and was having a hard time breathing. Fear crawled down his back and spread throughout his whole body. This was likely what his king had felt all this time while fighting.

I thought I knew him well.

Balrog had known nothing. The weight on his kings shoulders now felt unfathomable to him.

Kehehehehe, he chuckled softly.

The fear sending chills all over him did not feel bad at all. He felt as if he was getting closer to his king.


Balrog took a deep breath and slowly brought his right arm toward his mouth. And then


He bit into his forearm as hard as he could, black blood pouring out like a fountain.

Come to me.

The spewing blood flowed down the black armor.

Devour my flesh and become an unbreakable shield.

Clank, clank, clank, clank.

The sound of clanging metal echoed. The Overlord Armor grew bigger as it absorbed Balrogs blood. Black armor wrapped around the black armor. Balrog was situated within a giant armor as if he were piloting a giant robot. The armor grew over ten meters tall.

Rumble. Boom.

A dense metallic sound echoed with each step Balrog took. He lowered his stance as he spread out his arms.


An enormous amount of vapor burst out of the armor and spread like fog. Balrog stood up and leaped fiercely toward the ancient demonic beasts.


Raaaaaaaaahhh! Balrog roared as he charged forward.

Now that he was wearing the giant Overlord Armor, he was the same size as the ancient demonic beasts.



Bul-Kathos and Ouroboros cried out fiercely. Ouroboros swung its giant tail like a whip.



Balrog caught the tail and pulled the Giant Ouroboros toward him while leaning back.


Balrog twisted his body as he swung Ouroboros around. Bul-Kathos quickly dodged the swing.

Kehehe, my main weapon was a whip until a while ago, Balrog laughed softly as he added strength to his arm and flicked his wrist.


Ouroboros bounced and snapped Bul-Kathos like a whip.


Bul-Kathos collided with the giant Ouroboros and was flung into the air. It tumbled on the ground aggressively as it screamed in pain.


Balrog smashed Ouroboros down on Bul-Kathos repeatedly. Hazy smoke rose as the two ancient demonic beasts bodies made contact.

[Skreeeeeee!!] Ouroboros screamed as it burned from Bul-Kathoss flames.

The impact from being smashed into the ground as well as its flesh burning was difficult to endure even for a powerful demonic beast that had existed since ancient times.


Balrog raised his arms over his head and smashed down Ouroboros with all his might. The two ancient demonic beasts screamed as they got entangled.

Huff, huff, huff, Balrog panted heavily. His vision was distorting and his body was screaming at him. Hah.

However, he could still laugh. He couldnt care less about the state he was in.

[Demon, surrender, forgive!]


Balrog ran toward the two shouting ancient demonic beasts. He grabbed Ouroboros by the neck with one hand and Bul-Kathos by the tail with the other and raised them.

[What are you]

Ill show you a whole new world.


Balrog shoved Ouroboross head up Bul-Kathoss ass.


Crazed screams echoed. Ouroboross head melted from Bul-Kathoss heat, and Bul-Kathos was poisoned by Ouroboross venom that was pouring out from its broken fangs.

Kahahahahaha! Balrog burst into laughter as he trampled on the screaming entangled ancient demonic beasts. He suddenly staggered and crouched as he was laughing. Kurgh.

I guess Ive reached my limit.

He had used far too much blood to draw out the power of Overlord Armor to its maximum output. He looked down at his right forearm that he had bitten and saw that there was no blood pouring out of it, showing just how much blood he had used up.

Balrog looked up. He had dealt with Ouroboros and Bul-Kathos, but there were still an uncountable number of demonic beasts left. Not only that, but the Constellation of Nightmares remained.

Kurgh, urgh.

Clank, clank. Creak.

The Overlord Armor was quickly reducing in size as if it were a machine powering down. There was no other way to bring out the Overlord Armor again but to rip out his heart to make more blood.

Kehehe. That doesnt sound too bad either, Balrog remarked as he placed his hand over his heart.

If he could shine brightly like a radiant fire for just a moment by ripping out his heart, it would be worth it.


Someones quiet steps echoed.

What doesnt sound too bad, you moron?

Balrog heard a familiar voice. He was filled with thrill and delight.

My king.

Balrog looked at Kang-Woo with shaking eyes. Kang-Woo slowly walked toward him and lightly smacked him on the back of the head.

How dare you try to die without my permission?

Kehehe. I simply followed your example, my king.

Kang-Woo frowned in displeasure. Ive never been as reckless as you, dammit.

Kahahaha! I could easily name ten instances off the top of my head that I had seen with my own eyes.

Forget ten, he had seen it hundreds no, thousands of times.

Tsk, Kang-Woo clicked his tongue.

This son of a bitch sure fought flashily.

Balrog had taken off the human skin that had been prepared for him and had fought with all his might. Kang-Woo slowly extended his hand. Golden light poured out from his hand and wrapped around Balrog. It probably looked to others like he was finishing off a collapsed demon.

This probably wont be enough.

This would be nowhere near enough to clean up Balrogs massive shit. He needed something so attention-grabbing that would blow away all thoughts about Balrog from the minds of the humans and angels.

Kang-Woo slowly walked past Balrog and toward the middle of the battlefield. He stared at the corpses of the two ancient demonic beasts with deeply sunken eyes. No, he stared past the corpses and at the entire battlefield.

Clang! Clang!


H-Help me!

Die, damn demonic beasts!!

Kang-Woo could hear the ringing sounds of metal, explosions, and peoples screams. He could smell blood and the excrement flowing out from the corpses. He could see angels and humans fighting against the demonic beasts.

The elites of the continent that had followed Kim Si-Hun into the battlefield were stricken with fear as they were torn apart and eaten alive by the demonic beasts. The wings of angels who had jumped into the battlefield with nothing but revenge on their minds were drenched with the black blood of demonic beasts. The enormous number of demonic beasts were endlessly craving slaughter while walking over the corpses of fellow demonic beasts.

Madness surged, rampaged, and entangled.

Fuuu. Kang-Woo took a deep breath.

He lightly jumped up and slowly floated up into the air.


It was time to end the war.


Giant demonic beasts charged at the floating Kang-Woo, causing the ground to shake. Kang-Woo slowly closed his eyes.


Golden light radiant enough to light the entire world illuminated the entire bloodied battlefield.


People stopped fighting and looked up at the light.


The weapons that they dropped fell to the ground.

This light

The angels, who had been so blinded by revenge that they were charging at the demonic beasts with no regard for their own lives, also looked up blankly at the light. All eyes on the battlefield were focused on Kang-Woo.

Kang-Woo slowly raised his arm and stated, Those tainted by darkness He lowered the arm that he raised. Receive the judgment of light.

The demonic beasts charging toward Kang-Woo were suddenly covered by great flames the moment that Kang-Woo lowered his arm. Hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts were reduced to ashes before they even had a chance to scream.

A-Aaaahh, the people expressed.

This was the advent of the God of Splendor, which would be recorded in the history of Aernor for all of time.

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Man, I thought Balrog was gonna go Gear Fourth when he bit his forearm.

Brooo these ancient demonic beasts just got Hancocked. If you dont move, your head is going up his ass. Man, I enjoyed the first half of that movie so much.

I lowkey thought Kang-Woo was gonna do Cobys speech on Marineford to stop the war lmao

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