Player who Returned 10,000 years Later - C.403: The Battle Is Already Over

Player who Returned 10,000 years Later

C.403: The Battle Is Already Over

What the hell did you do? Oh Kang-Woo asked as he frowned.

Tai Wuji tasted completely different from before. He had tasted as refined as the finest cuisine, but his energy suddenly turned crude and disorderly. Rather than change, it was more apt to say it had deteriorated.

Kang-Woo covered his face with his hands and pushed the blazing flames away to see.

The hell? He frowned after seeing what Tai Wuji had become. He saw bat wings on his back and goat horns on his forehead. Kang-Woo expressed in disappointment, ... No way. Did you become a demon?

Kang-Woo gritted his teeth aggressively.

What the f he cursed as he stomped his feet in dissatisfaction. Why Why did you become a demon, you dumbass?!

Kang-Woo had been satiating himself within the priceless pleasure and madness brought by the great battle, but

If you became a demon

If Tai Wuji put down his sword and reduced himself to a demon

The battle is already over.

Kang-Woo stared at Tai Wuji in disappointment no, despair.

Just a little longer If we had fought for just a little longer

Kang-Woo looked down at himself. He was covered in the Flames of Voracity, the gold and black fire created through the merging of every single Authority that he had gained through the eating of demons.

I wouldve been able to perfect it.

The flames covering Kang-Woo were getting weaker. A feeling of vanity swept over him like a wet blanket. He looked down in disappointment at the Flames of Voracity, which had been reduced to a small ember.

The Authority of Blaze used by Prince Mammon could not even be compared to the Flames of Voracity, made through the merging of all the Authorities within the Demonic Sea, sacred power, and demonic energy. Not even the explosion that he had created through the Chaos skill could be compared to it.

Kang-Woo stared in disappointment as the flames powerful enough to burn the entire world to a crisp disappeared from his fingertips. He clicked his tongue.

Well, at the very least

Kang-Woo lightly waved his hand, and it turned into gold and black flames.

It hasnt disappeared completely.

He was able to mimic the Flames of Voracity to an extent.

This is good enough for now.

Flames of this level were more than enough to face Tai Wuji; no, he honestly did not need the Flames of Voracity to face Tai Wuji anymore.

With the way he is now

Kang-Woo was confident that he would be able to defeat him even with the second Door closed. That was how weak Tai Wuji felt to him.

What the Tai Wuji stared at Kang-Woo incomprehensibly as his eyes shook. Why?

He had surely become stronger; he was surging with power that had rushed into him through the unleashing of the Demon Gods Deific Essence. He now possessed enough power to vaporize an entire star.

So why

Why was he still no match for that monster? Tai Wuji trembled and bit his lip as he clenched what remained of his other arm after the monster ate it.

What do you mean the battle is already over? Tai Wuji asked while glaring at Kang-Woo.

The battle was not over yet. He had gained power incomparable to what he had before unleashing the Deific Essence. He should be the one saying that the battle was already over.

I mean exactly what I said, Kang-Woo answered uninterestedly. He stared at Tai Wuji, who had become a demon, deplorably and continued, You were stronger before you turned into a demon.

Before turning into a demon, Tai Wuji had been magnificent and thrill-inducing. However

Now, youre nothing but a strong dumbass.



Tai Wuji aggressively stomped his feet. Suffocating power poured out from him; it was the power that Demon God Bauli had granted him. The Transcendent-rank Deific Essence only possessed by Titans, beings that have existed since before the era of myths, was now in his hands.

A strong dumbass, you say?

That was impossible. Tai Wuji refused to believe it was possible since he had to let go of the martial arts that he had spent all his life training to gain this power. He gritted his teeth and extended his remaining arm toward Kang-Woo.

Thats impossible!!


A storm of black waves, formed by the immense demonic energy Tai Wuji had earned through unleashing the Demon Gods Deific Essence, shot at Kang-Woo. The wave of demonic energy was so powerful that it could vaporize the entire continent of Aernor. However

Whats so impossible about it, man? Kang-Woo mentioned.


The wave of demonic energy vanished without a trace. It brought about no change whatsoever as if one had poured a bucket of water into an ocean.

Kang-Woo spat in dissatisfaction. See? It tastes like shit.

Tai Wujis expression dyed in shock. The surging sense of vanity drained him of his strength. He collapsed down to his knees and lowered his head with blank eyes.

Just why?

Do you still not understand? Kang-Woo stared at Tai Wuji in disdain. Did you seriously think you were beating me because you were strong?

Kang-Woo smirked and shook his head. The reason why he had not been able to surpass Tai Wuji was not just because Tai Wuji was strong. If that was the only reason, Kang-Woo would have won the moment he opened the first Door of the Demonic Sea since the power contained by the Demonic Sea was nearly infinite.


He was not able to surpass Tai Wuji; he had lost so miserably that he had no choice but to open the second Door while risking his life. In the first place, Tai Wuji was not able to defeat him because he was strong.

No, theres no way thats the case, Kang-Woo remarked.

Tai Wuji had only been able to overpower Kang-Woo so one-sidedly because the realm of martial arts that he reached through endless training had been so incredibly high.

I barely know martial arts.

He had learned a little from Kim Si-Hun, but what he had learned was barely the tip of the iceberg. Compared to Tai Wujis knowledge of martial arts, it was fair to say that Kang-Woo knew nothing about martial arts.

Even if I dedicate my life to martial arts

He would never be able to reach the realm that Tai Wuji had reached; that was how impressive Tai Wuji had been.

But you threw all that away? Kang-Woo sighed deeply and clicked his tongue.

The moment Tai Wuji abandoned his sword and became a demon, he practically challenged Kang-Woo to a battle of pure strength using demonic energy.


There was no way Kang-Woo would lose in such a battle.

Fucking dumbass, Kang-Woo said in condemnation with no intent to mock Tai Wuji in any way.

Tai Wuji looked down at himself blankly in shock. He had gained this power by giving up everything that he had accumulated until now.


He had lost the hope of being able to defeat that monster exactly because he had given everything up. His head was burning up, and he was having trouble breathing due to the horrible sense of regret. His vision blurred as he was filled with uncontrollable fury.

Shut up.

Tai Wuji stood up. He did not acknowledge no, could not acknowledge his blunder. He had no choice but to become a monster himself to face that monster. There had been no other way than to let go of his sword.

Let us see how long you can pretend to be in leisure, said Tai Wuji as he stood up while fluttering his bat wings.

Kang-Woo chuckled. What, are you going so far as to fabricate your memories now?

There was no way Tai Wuji wouldnt know that the gap between them had widened after he became a demon. Kang-Woo could easily guess why Tai Wuji was not acknowledging the fact that he had made the irreversible blunder of abandoning his martial arts.

Sick bastard, Kang-Woo glared at Tai Wuji in contempt and shook his head in disappointment. You just fabricate any memory that you dont like, huh?

Tai Wuji was just consoling himself that he was not wrong and that he had made the right choice. It could not be any more pathetic. Tai Wujis shamelessness disgusted Kang-Woo.


[I mean, youre not one to talk]

Im disappointed in you, Tai Wuji.

Kang-Woo clenched his fists.


The Flames of Voracity covered his fists; the gold and black flames burned fiercely as if they wanted to eat some more.

How can one who barely knows himself ever hope to know his enemies? Kang-Woo said as if criticizing Tai Wuji.


[Like I said, youre not one to t]


Kang-Woo stomped his feet and swung his fist, and the Flames of Voracity extended in the direction of his swing.

Grrrrrrrrr!! Tai Wuji growled like a beast and raised his arm.


He burst with demonic energy while protecting himself with his bat wings.



However, the surging demonic energy was all too easily devoured by the Flames of Voracity and disappeared.

What an insane technique! Tai Wuji thought.

He stepped back in shock. The flames that the monster had made were monstrous beyond belief. Attacks were meaningless before those flames because they devoured everything in their path. It was as useless as shooting a water gun at a giant tsunami.

The Flames of Voracity grew larger after eating the demonic energy and continued to aim for Tai Wuji.

To get through those flames and kill that monster

There was no other way than to attack with power that the Flames of Voracity could not absorb all at once.

But how?

Tai Wuji had not been able to overcome those flames with either the strongest sword attack he had or the power he had acquired after unleashing the Demon Gods Deific Essence.

There isnt a way.

Tai Wuji lowered his head. However much he thought, he could not think of a way to kill that monster. Just then



Tai Wujis eyes widened. He could feel something squirming on his chest.

Could it be?

His eyes shone as he took out the object with his one remaining arm.


In his hand was a black lump squirming as if it was alive. The lump was absorbing the energy that was fiercely reverberating around them.

The Key of the Demonic Sea

The Demon Gods legacy was on the verge of being completed. Tai Wuji stared at the pulsing black lump with shaking eyes. A ray of hope lit up his eyes.

If its the Demon Gods legacy With this black lump that contains Demon God Baulis power Ill be able to kill that monster.

Tai Wuji grasped the black lump while smiling ecstatically.

Ha Hahahahahaha! he burst into laughter.

He could feel the overwhelming power from the Demon Gods legacy. Power even greater than what he had obtained after unleashing the Demon Gods Deific Essence flowed into him. It was so massive that he felt unbeatable. He had a feeling that he would be able to extinguish that monsters flames with ease.

Tai Wuji tried to pull in the black lump while bursting into laughter, but


It was not budging. The black lump was squirming in his hand as if it was unhappy. Immense pressure spread his fingers apart.


The Demon Gods legacy escaped Tai Wujis grasp and moved on its own in the air.


The black lump flew toward Kang-Woo like a dog running to its owner. Tai Wujis face dyed with despair.


Kang-Woo caught the black lump that flew toward him. It squirmed in Kang-Woos hand happily like a dog begging to be pet by its owner.

The hell is this thing? Kang-Woo tilted his head.

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