One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning - C.400


Chapter 400 : Quantum Cat! A new era!


Jiang Fan stared at the black cat with eyes like stars, feeling extremely incredible.

Something described in a book from a previous life actually exist in this world?

He thought about it for a moment.

Jiang Fan directly used the deduction system to deduce the origin of this black cat.

“System, help me deduce the origin of this strange walking creature, Star Black Cat!”

A moment later, the result of the deduction came out: the unknowable cat!


A few question marks popped up on Jiang Fan's head.

What the hell?

This deduction system had failed.

No successful deduction?

Is it that rubbish?

Then what's the use of it?

Jiang Fan reacted immediately.

It was not that the deduction system was garbage, but this result was the true origin of this black cat –

The Unknowable Cat!

No one knew where this cat came from and no one knew anything about this cat!

Even no one was sure whether this cat exists?

Thus, Jiang Fan was basically certain.

This black cat should be associated with the kind of thing in the physics book in the previous life – Schr?dinger's cat.

Schr?dinger's cat referred to ……

A cat was locked in a closed container with a small amount of radium and cyanide.

There were odds that radium would decay.

If the radium decayed, it would trigger the mechanism to break the bottle with cyanide and the cat would die.

If the radium did not decay, the cat would survive.

According to the theory of quantum mechanics, since the radioactive radium was in a superposition of decay and non-decay, the cat was supposed to be in a superposition state of dead and living cats.

The cat that was both dead and alive was the so-called “Schr?dinger's cat”.


There couldn't be a cat that was both dead and alive.

The result must be known after opening the container!

“Let's call you Quantum Cat!”

Jiang Fan gave the black cat a new name.

With that…… He looked at it a few more times.

Then threw it into the third land.

Of course, the location and the electric mound were far from each other.

Technically speaking, the electric mound was also a rat, just a bit bigger.

Quantum cat, on the other hand, was a cat.

Even if both were odd creatures.

But a cat meets a rat ……

Jiang Fan didn’t know how things would happen?

It was better to be careful.

After the quantum cat came to the third land.

The expression remained little changed.

Walking around and stopping.

For a while, it was observing the surrounding environment.

It angled its head looking at the distant sky, quietly thinking.

The eyes …… were full of stars and seas.

But even quantum cats had to eat.

This black cat in this regard was just like any other cat.

All of them like to eat fish!

Fishing technology that could be higher than the electric mound wasn’t one or two points.

Just use the claws and quickly pounce.

Could easily catch a fish.

Half a month down, Quantum cat surprisingly fattened up some.

But did not show any special features at all.

Except for a cat’s birth thinking from time to time.

In other respects, it was no different from an ordinary black cat.

This made Jiang Fan a little helpless.

He didn’t know what the abilities of this Quantum cat were.

He also stopped paying attention the whole time.

Continue to throw the third strange creature – the Yukon kangaroo… into the third land.

Naturally, it was also thrown to another place.

Yukon kangaroo except for the ability to produce a nursery space.

In other respects, it was no different than ordinary kangaroos.

Bouncing around all day long and feeding on plants.

There were also few natural enemies.

Although there were some predators.

But how could it be the opponent of this kangaroo?

A few old fists down.

Let those who dare to test the beasts to try it out have blue noses and bruised faces.

Scared the shit out of it!

Three strange creatures living in three different areas of the third land.

Within a short time, it was impossible to meet.

Meanwhile, this piece of land.

More and more other life was born, too.

More and more vegetation.

More and more dense.

Trees grew strong.

All kinds of strange little animals appeared one by one.

Compared to the various vicious beasts on the second land.

The third land had the lack of a trace of survival of the fittest cruel competition.

Rather, it was more relaxed and peaceful.

Trends in the future… Obviously, it wasn’t the same as the first land and the second land.

Towards the direction that Jiang Fan also could not expect.

Up to this point!

All three odd walking creatures were taken care of.

The cultivation of species on the third land …… also came to an end for now.

Jiang Fan shifted his gaze away.

It came to the Xia Kingdom.


Yan was already over eighty years old.

But every day she was still in good spirits …… Insist on getting up early and returning late!

Continue to struggle for scientific research.

The old people of the Great Desolate Army had gone quite a few more in the past few years.

General Han Chuanhu died of illness five years ago.

The good minister Su Qin died four years ago.

The strategist Zhuge Ming and the general Lu Sun also died of old age in the same year.

As he grew older, many of the people who fought with Yan began to leave in large numbers.

This was also the reason for natural science.

In addition to some sadness at first after.

The rest of the people calmly accepted it all!

All had no regrets.

They participated in the battle to unify the world and in ordinary battles.

Participated in the Glory Campaign.

And participated in the promotion battle!

All of them won!

Yan and Ghostbusters and others have started preparing for the next generation to take over!

The system of the Great Desolate Army was a problem.

With the increase in population, the Great Desolate Army was also undergoing its first expansion.

It rose from the original 50,000 people to 100,000.

Still implementing the strategy of elite soldiers.

As for the group of scholars ……

That was incredible.

The original national scholars combined.

It turned out that scholars all over the country added up to no more than a hundred thousand.

Now that number was… quadrupled!

There were more people getting promoted to Ph.D.

The field of participation was also much broader.

All over Xia Kingdom.

A university was gradually established.

More and more scholars were running to various places.

The development of each place was greatly promoted.

Transportation technology was one of the most rapidly developing fields after the conquest!

A road and railroad …… were laid out in one territory of the Xia Kingdom.

Cars were slowly becoming mainstream.

It began to drive into thousands of households.

Inside and outside the capital.

A high-rise building rose from the ground.

Replacing the original old-style buildings.

Let the big wilderness city gradually have a touch of modern atmosphere.

Inside the Imperial City, the puppet emperor had long since died.

Now sitting on the throne was another puppet!

The sons of the imperial family were now very embarrassed.

With the spread of knowledge.

Outside there was no longer a heartfelt submission to the royal family.

They think that everyone was human, nothing different.

Not just a change in perception.

Even in actual power.

It was also in the hands of the Great Desolate Army.

The royal people simply could not touch.

It was more symbolic.

Yan did not want to abolish the “special institution” of the “royal family”.

Not only because she was also a member of the royal family.

In fact, there was no need to do so.

Even if someone pulled the flag and wanted to go against the Great Desolate Army.

Not many people would agree.

The successor behind the Yan had basically been determined.

But the specific statement had not been made yet.

Because ……

This was related to the issue of foreign conquests.

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