One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning - C.399(Plus)


Chapter 399 : Space creatures! Magical land!

Just like that, Jiang Fan also smoothly took down the number 36 Yellow Electric Rat.

Of the three strange creatures identified by the deduction system, two were already in his hand.

At that time, only one remained

For the number 9 Yukon Kangaroo, there was a lot of competition.

Jiang Fan didn't look for a while.

The auction price had climbed to over 500 million!

He didn't wait until the price came to one billion.

Jiang Fan started bidding and directly added two billion in one breath!

This was also the policy given by the deduction system.

“This guest is bidding two billion!”

The elder auctioneer's voice steeply changed to a large one, “Anyone higher? Is there anyone else bidding higher?”

“This is a rare space kangaroo. The opportunity is too good to miss!”

“Two billion!?”

-Inside a box, several fifth-ranked planet masters looked at each other!

One of the tall planet masters frowned slightly and said, “A strange creature that can produce a small space. Is it necessary to be so enthusiastic? Forget it, I won't follow it.”

“Two billion? I guess this bidder is determined to win. There is no point in fighting. After all, it’s just a strange creature.”

In other boxes.

One by one, the planet owner who wanted to get this Yukon Kangaroo had also given up the intention to continue bidding.

The greatest value of odd line creatures was to collect and give away.

Spending too much would not be that necessary.

Finally, Jiang Fan smoothly bought the Yukon Kangaroo with a price of two billion.

“Haha, Jiang Fan, I can't imagine that you're a master auctioneer.”

Seeing this result, Lin Youhe and the three of them were all laughing.

If the auction was conducted according to normal little by little, the final price would probably break over two billion!

But a billion were added at once. It scared everyone else away.

But the timing of this bid increase was very critical.

Just at the right time, without the help of the deduction system, Jiang Fan could not have found it so accurately.

Although the things Jiang Fan wanted were already together, the auction was not over.

With Jiang Fan taking the lead, Lin Youhe and the other three also each bid for an item.

After the auction ended, the four people came backstage.

The handing over of items began.

“Three strange walking creatures, a total of …… 2.7 billion. The wallet is empty again.”

Jiang Fan paid while doing so. He felt a faint pain in his heart!

The money that was so hard to earn.

Immediately, cleaned up!

Each get their own shot of things.

Four of them had a simple lunch.

And immediately returned to Bei Dou University!

None of them were the type of person who wanted to be comfortable and have fun.

All they thought about was going back soon ……

To make their respective planets more powerful.

Jiang Fan returned to his villa, took out the three strange creatures under the auction.

Put them on the floor.

Although being in the sealing crystal.

But the three strange creatures were still sentient to the outside world.

Jiang Fan observed them for a few moments.

Then …… he couldn’t wait to get ready to put them on the Blue Star.

So much time had passed outside.

On the Blue Star, it was already ten years old.

The third land was no longer bare.

Life began to appear. Need not say microorganisms such as bacteria.

Animals and plants had been born.

Some of them were the same as the first land.

Some were completely new species.

This land with different topography was full of life.

-It looked alike.

The green vegetation and the yellow land were 50/50.

The number of lives were not yet so high.

There were still not many species in many places.

Jiang Fan didn’t just throw it all in.

Instead, he first used the system to deduce a bit and determined the right location.

First, he threw in the yellow electric rat, which seemed to have the strongest life force!

Yellow Electric Rat ……

Jiang Fan felt this name was not very nice.

So he changed it to – Electric Mound!

After, he threw Electric Mound into the third land.

It differed from the atomic dinosaur in front.

The eyes kept turning, very curious about the surrounding environment.

Also very lively!

But for every creature, the first thing is survival.

After a short time, this electric mound felt hungry and went out in search of food.

It was not quite the same as a mouse.

This electric mound did not eat plants.

It went straight to the nearest clear creek.

In the creek, there were fishes and shrimps swimming around.

Since there were no natural enemies for the time being.

They were swimming happily.

Electric mound stopped at the stream bank after observing quietly for a while.

It quickly ran down.

The speed was very fast.

But already startled the fish and shrimp in the water and fled.

Seeing that ……

This electric mound did not panic and

Did not run into the water.

Instead, it stopped by the creek.

Then …… stretched out that zigzag yellow-haired tail and poked into the water!


-A lightning flash appeared.

This electric mound let out electricity.

But it was not very powerful.

It could only electrocute the nearby fish and shrimp and stun a few.

The electric mound picked up these fish and shrimp and had a good meal.

Then happily continue its exploration journey.

“Very weak electricity.”

Seeing this scene, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but spit out a sentence.

The electricity released by the 500 million electric mounds …… Weak as hell!

Whether it could illuminate a flashlight was still a problem.

But …… Jiang Fan was not so worried.

With the passage of time, estimated offspring and post-offspring electric mound.

He estimated it would become even stronger!

The following days are almost the same for electric mounds.

When hungry, go to the stream to catch fish and shrimp.

When full, it would go to various places to explore.

Said to be an adventure.

But because there were no gigantic creatures in the third.

Electric mound was completely free of any danger.

A month down.

Electric mound was also gradually accustomed to this new environment.

Its body also seemed to have gained some weight.

The electricity emitted was also a little stronger.

“Eternal level talent …… It was still powerful.”

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but smile faintly.

The last time, the atomic dinosaur made little progress.

Seeing that the electric mound had adapted to the blue star.

Jiang Fan then turned his gaze to the remaining two oddly behaved creatures.

Yukon Kangaroo, needless to say.

But the one all black “starry black cat”,made Jiang Fan a little bit incomprehensible!

This …… What is this?

Other places did not differ from ordinary domestic black cats.

Except for the pair of dark blue cat eyes.

Jiang Fan took a closer look.

This starry black cat also stared at Jiang Fan.

There was no fear, or anger, or calmness in its eyes.

It was like a star.

It made Jiang Fan feel as if he had seen the starry sea.

“This is probably where the starry black cat came from.”

Jiang Fan took a few glances.

He was about to throw this black cat ……

Almost thrown it into the third land.


A light flashed in my mind.

He suddenly remembered the kind of non-existent cats …… described in the textbook in his previous life!

“No way?”

Jiang Fan stared at this black cat with star-like eyes. His heart rippled!

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