One Planet for Everyone! Building Science and Technology Civilization at the Beginning - C.388


Chapter 388 : Crushing Emperor Qing's son across the board! Top ranking!

The stronger the student trained.

As a mentor, Ao Xiong naturally benefited more and more.

The position in the school is also more stable!

Those who followed Ao Xiong people were having smoother days.

Who's next?

One of the three aged masters asked as he scanned the crowd.

The school leader next to him glanced at Jiang Fan.

He was about to find an excuse to check Jiang Fan first.

Before he could say anything.

He saw Jiang Fan stand out.

With a faint smile, he said, I'll do it!


Jiang Fan's sudden stand out took everyone by surprise!

People wanted to expose your examination results by all means.

Let Prince Qing completely overpower you!

But you're good.

How dare you send yourself to the door?

The three aged instructors were also slightly stunned.

They didn't expect Jiang Fan to open up for the test.

They remained neutral.

They would favor no one.

Since Jiang Fan had come forward on his own.

The three men naturally followed the rules.

And examined Jiang Fan's performance.

How did Jiang Fan not know the bad intentions of Ao Xiong's gang?

It wasn't just the freshman challenge

Let these people lose a lot of face.

Now they want to get it back hard!

Originally, Jiang Fan did not want to pay attention.

But since all of them wanted to ride on his head.

Then he won't give you a backhand slap... It's really unreasonable!

The three elderly instructors split their consciousness and probed into Jiang Fan's awakening space.

A few moments later, they saw the line of text in the awakening space

Planet promotion assessment difficulty: Great Myth level.

Completion status: Completed.

When they saw the words Grand Mythic Level.

The three old instructors were stunned!

Although the big myth level and small level myth also belong to the myth level.

But there was a qualitative difference.

The world considered it to be a boundary that distinguishes top-level demons from epoch-making demons.

Although Prince Qing was able to pass the small Mythic Level difficulty.


If he wanted to challenge the Great Mythic level.

Then the probability of success was basically zero!

There was no possibility!

Even those epoch-making geniuses in history whose planetary diameter ceiling exceeded nine hundred kilometers.

On this difficulty had fallen a lot!

The entire Bei Dou University.

Nearly ten thousand years ago a heavenly pride completed this difficult promotion task!

Look at the entire school history.

There were not many!

The number was very counted out!

Not to mention the Bei Dou University.

Even the more powerful dynasties and sects after hearing that each family successfully passed this difficulty.

They all jumped up with joy!

The three aged instructors were afraid that their consciousness would be wrong.

Came out for a bit and then re-entered.

Checked several times rather nervously.

Finally confirmed

Another supreme demon has appeared in Bei Dou University !

The one who could pass the Great Mythical level examination task.

It may be too early to mark an epoch.

But definitely could be called The name of the ultimate demon!

Due to being overly cautious.

This time the examination of Jiang Fan took a full half minute.

When the three aged instructors finished checking.

Immediately, the school leader beside him couldnt wait to say loudly, Teacher Liu, how was Jiang Fans test result?

Mr. Liu was the most prestigious of the three supervisors responsible for the inspection.

At this time, Teacher Liu glanced at the school leader.

A smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Then he swept a glance at the crowd around the scene.

After lightly coughing his throat, he said aloud, Student Jiang Fan, the challenge is the Great Mythic level difficulty planet promotion mission and he successfully completed it!

Congratulations, classmate Jiang Fan, for becoming another student of our Bei Dou University who has successfully challenged a Grand Mythic level mission!

The words fell.

The whole room was silent!

Those school leaders who still wanted to see the joke, Ao Xiong and the group of teachers beside Ao Xiong, were all shocked!

Smiles frozen on their faces.

Totally couldnt believe their ears!

Great Great mythical level!

One by one, the other individuals were also wide-eyed.


It was Su Jicheng.

He was also frozen for a moment!

A moment later.

The school leader finally reacted and said with a shocked face, This This How is it possible? Great mythical level? Did you guys check it wrong?

The others also felt a little incredulous.

This difficulty for the students of Bei Dou University.

It was almost impossible.

Hmph, if you dont believe me, check yourselves.

The aged mentor coldly snorted.

The school leader didnt care about anything and immediately came up.

Ao Xiong, who was behind him, lost his usual composure at the moment.

Followed by coming over.

And saw the action of these two people.

Su Jicheng also reacted and immediately came over.

Of course, the consciousness probe needed the consent of Jiang Fan, the master.

Otherwise, even if these people were powerful planet masters.

Also couldnt enter Jiang Fans awakening space.

Jiang Fan did not refuse.

This difficulty

Not only these people in front of him.

The school would certainly send someone to reconfirm it!

When Ao Xiong, that school leader and Su Jicheng three Probed their consciousness into Jiang Fans awakening space.

After seeing that line of text.

One by one, their faces changed instantly.

The expressions of Ao Xiong and the school leaders became unpleasant.

Meanwhile, Su Jicheng was

A burst of ecstasy!

Great myth level!

This was a Grand Mythical Level!

After witnessing the change in the expressions of the three.

The others saw it too.

The results of the three aged instructors examination just now There were no errors!

Jiang Fan did completed the incredible Great Mythic level planetary promotion examination task!


Su Jicheng laughed out loud and patted Jiang Fans shoulder, Good boy, you actually chose to challenge the Great Mythic level difficulty without saying a word!

Its not because Im afraid youre worried, teacher.

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

Thats fine. Itll also let some people open their eyes, dont hang on to the small myth level all day!

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