My Celestial Ascension - C.414 Giant Purple Lizards

My Celestial Ascension

C.414 Giant Purple Lizards

"No…I have no idea which monster these marks belong to," General Valeria shook her head. "However, one thing is certain: these marks belong to a lizard-like monster, as each mark only has three claws."

"A lizard-type beast, I see... But which kind?" Archmage Isadora murmured, her tone tinged with interest and anxiety as they prepared to face an unfamiliar beast.

"This mark is too large for even an S-rank lizard, and I'm not sure what kind of lizard we'll be dealing with." General Valeria soon responded with a sigh, curious about what kind of beast these marks belonged to.

She then turned towards King Richard, not wanting to stay in this location for too long.

"King Richard, we best survive here if we don't want to face whatever monster this is, as we have no information about it."

Everyone agreed with Valeria: going against a formidable monster is?simpler?than going against an unknown monster, and encountering such a monster would significantly slow them down.

Above all, they must secure a spot to spend the night, as traveling at night will be much more dangerous, with many predatory monsters emerging from their hiding places to hunt for food.

"Everyone, let's not squander our time here and move on."

Everyone heard King Richard's command and agreed.

They quickly went forward, maneuvering through the dense woodland that nearly hid all of the sunshine, making the atmosphere colder as they got deeper into the forest.

As they progressed farther into the forest, they could hear the violent roars of vicious beasts wandering within its depths,?and?they could?feel the powerful presence of many monsters ahead of them.

"Be careful, everyone! There are monsters ahead of us; avoid provoking them or doing anything that would cause them to pursue us!"

One of the powerful, high-ranking Hunters yelled?out, warning everyone of the impending danger.

Everyone?then?followed the strong's lead; most?of them?appeared apprehensive as they proceeded forward, and the roars of fierce monsters caused their hearts to race faster than usual.

A few minutes later, one of the leading Warriors made an abrupt stop gesture, causing everyone to halt their movements, and a Hunter pointed his finger into the distance.

When everyone turned in that direction, they saw a troop of Purple Lizards devouring a massive boar. The boar was much larger than a large carriage, and the lizards were tall, with longer limbs and exceedingly sharp claws.

They have keen teeth and a powerful jaw that can easily cut meat and shatter bones, and they devour the boar at a rapid pace, leaving no bones left.

The scenario was quite harsh, and some of the women began to vomit as they witnessed the disgusting scene unfolding in front of them.

Some of the males were also impacted by this and began vomiting.

Meanwhile, Yuan and his women remained calm despite the horrible scene before them, having witnessed considerably worse.

Mireya and Sylvia, despite their surprise at the Purple Lizards' immense size, remain calm.

"Are those the giant purple lizards from history books?"

"I never expected they'd still be alive inside this forest; I thought they'd gone extinct a hundred years ago."

"It?is believed?that Giant Purple Lizards have a massive appetite and will not?be easily filled; I hope they do not notice us."

"Indeed,?it was mentioned?in history books that their scales are quite tough and difficult to pierce into their defense, as those scales cover their entire body."

"If they detect us, we will have no choice except to battle them."

Everyone appeared terrified and began whispering in silence; their voices were incredibly low and hardly audible, and they were?very?careful?not to attract the attention of the Giant Purple Lizards.

General Valeria, King Richard, and everyone else is terrified of the Giant Purple Lizards.

"There were almost 20 of them, all?of which are?above S-rank!?This?is unbelievable...!" General Valeria whispered in a shaking voice; she had never seen so many formidable creatures at once in her life, and this was the first time.

"It is nearly unbelievable...How come there are so many of them? We had to dodge them and escape this location?as quickly as possible!" King Richard exclaims quietly, attempting to keep his voice as low as possible.

General Valeria nodded. "That would be extremely wise. Let us leave this place immediately!"

General Valeria then glanced at everyone and motioned for them to follow her lead, and sheled everyone towards the safest route possible to avoid the monsters, praying to God that the creatures would not notice their presence and that they could safely leave this region.

Everyone agreed and followed General Valeria's instructions, hopingthat thedisgusting-looking lizards would not notice them.

Meanwhile, Yuanwas amusedby the Giant Purple Lizards, which appeared to be extremely tough beasts.

Anna spotted her son glancing at the monsters and inquired, her tone filled with interest. "Dear, do you believeany of uscan fight against them?"

"Thoad Giant Purple Lizards possesses the power of a Second Level Spirit Master cultivator. Most of you can combat them, except for Leah, whose cultivation is too low to do so."

"Second-level Spirit Master? They're pretty powerful; are you sure Rose, Julie, and Ava can battle them?" Emma inquired with a troubled expression.

"As long as they can avoid their poison and paralyzing strikes, they will be alright." Yuan responded calmly, adding, "And this will be an excellent opportunity for them to get fighting experience, as their opponents may not always be as strong as them."

"We share the same beliefs; only by defeating strong opponents can we genuinely become powerful," Rose responded with a solemn and anticipatory expression.

"That's correct; our aim in coming here is to train and improve our grasp of our skills." Julie nodded, expressing the same thought as her older sister.

Ava stated the same thing; not only she but Lily and Emma were also eager to fight powerful creatures at this point; theyespeciallywanted to face the Giant Purple Lizards.

"If they discover us, rapidly annihilate them all," Yuan told his wives, grinning widely. "Is that fine with you guys?"

"I would love to do it! Just thinking about all the blood makes me eager!" Lily shouts with a broadmaliciousgrinon her face, clearly excited about the slaughter.

"Everyone! Be careful, they'vediscovered us and are approaching us!"

Suddenly, General Valeria's voice thundered, drawing everyone's attention to a group of Giant Purple Lizardsthat wereapproaching them at extraordinary speed.

The Lizardswere glaringat them with killing intent emanating from their eyes, making everyone quiver in horror because most of them had never encountered such tremendouskillingintent.

"Mages! Use a long-range magic spell to slow them down!" King Richard yelled, raising his magic sword and directing it directly at the lizardsthat wereapproaching them.

"Attack! Leave none alive!" The mages shouted and unleashed their mostpowerfullong-range magic attacks on the approaching lizards.

Boom! Boom! Numorus explosions occurred when the attacks hit a few lizards, causing enormous explosions and hurting the neighboring lizards in the possession.

As a result of the slowing down of the Giant Purple Lizards, several of them fell into the large potholes caused by the massive explosions; nonetheless, despite being bombarded with powerful magical attacks, they sustained nomajorinjuries.


The monsters began to snarl furiously, and King Richard turned to see the Holy Son, who wassitting on top of his horse, terrified and shaking with fright.

'Damn it.They'recoming! They're coming! Everything will end!' He cried inside, clearly frustrated.

"Holy Son Aurther, Iwould like torequest your assistance in eliminating those awful creatures..." King Richard requested Aurther's assistance because the Holy Son had not taken part in the previous battle against the Orc Lord.

However, realizing that the Holy Son was unresponsive and in a trance, he cried out to him again. "Holy Son, snap out of it! Hurry, the monsters are closing in!"

"…Ah! Don't worry, Your Majesty; I'll gladlylend my support." After hearing King Richard's voice, Aurther instantly recovers and reacts with a smile.

"Although I'd like to ask that individual to participate, after all, we can't constantly defend them while he stands there and does nothing…"Aurther spoke with a cruel, crafty smileon his face, briefly glancing at Yuan.

King Richard understood what Aurther meant, but he still responded. "Do not worry about it, Holy Son. Everyone must take part in the war against the Giant Purple Lizards."

'Hahaha!Thisis whereYuan's burial will be prepared. I am sure those lizards will love to suck your flesh and blood...' An evil smile appeared on Aurther's face upon hearing these words.

As the mages continued to fire their magic spells at the swarm of monsters approaching them, General Valeria moved towards Yuan, a stern expression on her face behind the helmet.

When she arrivedin front ofher husband, she stared at him with love."My love, I hopethat this timeyou will help us vanquish those creatures."

"And give that arrogant good-for-nothing Holy Son a fitting lesson that he will never forget in his entirelife,and destroy his foolish mindset." She spoke in a frigid tone tinged with scorn and disdain.

Yuan smiled gently at General Valetia and said, "If my wife says I should participate, I won't refuse. Besides, I have something to settle with that crazy bastard."

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