My Celestial Ascension - C.408 Rest The Night

My Celestial Ascension

C.408 Rest The Night

?Three days have passed since they started heading towards the Forest of Never Return.

They encountered no big challenges during those three days, except for a few high-ranking creatures blocking their route.

The majority of the monsters are merely B-rank, and they rarely face monsters higher in rank, who are easily dealt with by the high-ranking monsters. Which posed less threat to them in comparison to the lower-ranking Hunters.

Yuan does not take any action against the monsters throughout the expedition, instead allowing the other Hunters to deal with the issue, because he is not a hero who saves everyone out of self-righteousness.

He will not feel pity even if someone dies fighting the monsters; after all, people die every day, and he has no control over who dies.

Not just Yuan, but not a single one of his girls, didn't assist the Hunters in defeating the monsters, and Mireya and Sylvia both harbor intense animosity for the whole human race, except a few individuals.

None of them were cultivated over these three days since there were too many people around, and a few people despised them, so Yuan chose not to 'cultivate' throughout their voyage because it would draw a lot of attention if they sat in lotus posture meditating in one area for hours.

And they would attract a lot of unwelcome attention from people, as well as representatives from many countries, so it would be a major risk.

Although he was confident in his strength, he opted to keep a low profile and not divulge their secret in public because it would cause too much commotion for them to handle.

And there's Valeria Lionheart, his new wife. Yuan was initially hesitant to accept her because her confession was too quick, but he eventually chose to embrace her because she had a good heart.

Even though he had accepted her as his wife, he had only kissed and held her, and every time he hugged her and pulled her into his grasp, he could feel her muscular build fairly well.

Not only with Valeria, but he refrains from doing anything other than kissing his girls because there are many people traveling with them, and doing 'that' would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention.

Yuan was currently sitting in his seat inside the carriage as it continued to travel forward beside the other carriage, and Xi Meili was sitting on his lap, leaning on his chest and laying her head on it.

"Are you feeling comfortable, my dear?" Yuan kissed her slim neck before asking, causing Xi Meili to smile.

"Very comfortable," she said with a charming smile and buried her face in his chest, her cheeks turning a bit crimson.

"Then it's good," Yuan said, gently kissing her on the cheek and making her laugh with delight.

He then pulled her closer and held her hard, making her grin even wider, and Lily felt a little jealous because she was driving the carriage alone with no one beside her to converse with.

The carriage was designed so that Lily could readily see what was going on inside, and she could even enter the carriage without stopping it.

'Look at my little Yuan; I'm working my ass off to drive this dumb thing. He even forgot about me and is now flirting with Xi Meili; I am very jealous!' Lily wept inside, her face twisted in frustration.

With a frustrated expression on her face, she continued to drive the carriage, knowing that she had no choice because she was the only one who knew how to drive a carriage among them.

Yuan then turned his gaze towards his mother Grace, who was seated next to him on his right side; he rapidly grabbed her wrist, drew her into his embrace, and forced her to sit on his other lap.

"What is it, darling? Do you want to do something nasty with Mommy?" Grace asked him with a sultry smile, her tone full of lust and eagerness.

"Well, I'm just bored sitting here doing nothing." Yuan let out a loud sigh, pushing her closer until he could smell the lovely perfume of her skin.

Yuan could tell that simply smelling her body perfume made him sexually thrilled and aroused.

"With me around, you won't be bored at all; you may play with my body as much as you like, dear!" Grace responded with a seductive grin on her face, and her gentle voice enhanced Yuan's desire, causing his dick to press into her buttocks from under his trousers.

"Oh! You seem extremely excited, sweetie! You're so hard!" Grace exclaimed in a seductive tone, laying her hand on Yuan's trousers, and she could sense how hard Yuan's dick was at the moment, as it began to throb inside his trousers when she touched it.

"Mmm…" Yuan let out a small groan as he felt his mother's seductive touch on his fully erect dick; even though she did not touch it directly, it still gave him a good feeling.

Hearing the groan, Anna turned to face him and inquired, "What is it, dear? Are you uncomfortable having Grace and Xi Meili sit on your lap?"

"No, that was nothing... " Yuan reacted swiftly, trying not to raise suspicion; his voice was barely above a whisper.

Anna felt odd after hearing her son's reaction, but she disregarded it, believing she was only seeing things.

"Alright, and if you're uncomfortable, let your mom Grace sit in her own seat." She said something provocative near the end of her sentence.

Grace's face pinched in disgust as she saw Anna was jealous of her because her son was treating him so well.

After riding in the carriage for about six hours, they heard a loud announcement from the front, and the carriages came to a halt one by one.

"Everyone, after three days of nonstop travel, we have arrived at the Forest Of Never Return!"

"We've decided to put up our camps here tonight, and the woodland Of Never Return is only 10 minutes away. We've decided to enter the woodland tomorrow morning."

"In a few moments, it will become dark. So, everyone, please set up your campers and help prepare supper for everyone. And the following morning, everyone has completed their breakfast, we shall enter the Forest of Never Return!"

"Now, everyone! Let's get started right now. So everyone may sleep early and get up early the next morning."

After the announcement, everyone got out of their vehicles and started doing their jobs, such as caring for the horses, assisting with the large-scale preparation of the supper, gathering firewood, and much more.

Meanwhile, Anna made their meal with Emma and Leah's aid, as they had never eaten food provided by others before, preferring to eat their own.

It just took about half an hour to prepare something tasty, simple, and not overly fancy. Anna summoned Yuan and the girls to eat when the food had been cooked to perfection, and they soon shared a lovely dinner together.

After they had finished their dinner, King Richard arrived at their campsite and spoke with them for a time, asking about Yuan's thoughts on entering the forest in the morning.

To be honest, Yuan liked the notion of approaching the forest in the morning; everyone was fatigued from their travels and needed plenty of rest before fighting powerful beasts once they arrived.

Not only that, but after resting for the night, everyone will be able to employ their full powers and defend against powerful monsters with ease, increasing the survival percentage of lower-rank Hunters, Warriors, and Mages significantly.

They had a higher chance of avoiding the huge creatures' surprise strikes, and upon hearing this, King Richard breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking that a tiny decision could save many lives.

After discussing a few other topics with Yuan, King Richard quickly fled the situation, feeling Valeria's frightening glare concentrated on him for some reason, which caused him to sweat heavily.

Following King Richard's departure, Yuan spent a few more moments with his wives, as well as Mireya and Sylvia, conversing pleasantly around the bonfire.

Valeria used the opportunity to tell them a few things about herself, including her loves and dislikes, as well as anything else she felt like telling them now that they were her family.

Yuan and his wives also tell Valeria a little about themselves, and they all strive to be friendly to her because she is a new member of the family.

Not only that, Anna and Grace portrayed her personality extremely well; despite her intimidating exterior, she is a kind-

hearted woman.

A few minutes later, Yuan rose up from his sitting position and said, "It's about time we hit the bed. We have to get up early tomorrow morning, after all."

"Very good. Let's conclude our conversation now and go to bed; everyone has already fallen asleep." Valeria spoke, nodding her head, realizing that they were the only ones left outside the camp.

After that, everyone stood up and entered the carriage, with Anna and Grace rapidly preparing the mattress on the carriage floor.

Yuan then kisses all of his girls goodnight before lying down on the mattress, where Xi Meili, as usual, takes her place on top of Yuan's body first.

Once everyone had fallen asleep on the mattress, Yuan passionately kissed his two mothers, who were pretending to be asleep. After the intense kiss, they all fall asleep.

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