My Celestial Ascension - C.407 Won’t You Entertain Your New Wife?

My Celestial Ascension

C.407 Won’t You Entertain Your New Wife?

?Seeing this, Sylvia couldn't help but sigh inwardly, 'If Madam Mireya keeps her feelings to herself, she will definitely lose her chance to confess her feelings for him, and someone else will take her place.'

'And knowing her personally, I don't think she will confess her affections for him anytime soon... She lacks understanding of romance and related topics.' She sighed heavily, wondering when Mireya would reveal her feelings to Yuan.

Mireya stared at Yuan with a bewildered expression on her face, disregarding everyone else on the train. Her heart was thumping quicker than usual, and her cheeks were turning crimson with each second.

With a dubious mind, she reflected, 'Why am I so jealous of General Valeria? Is it because I am in love with Yuan? Should I approach him and declare my feelings to him when the opportunity arises?'

'I shouldn't be afraid to convey my genuine feelings to him or someone like General Valeria, as they could steal my spot. That is it, I have decided! If an appropriate opportunity arises, I will confess my affection for him.' She finally admitted her sentiments and chose to profess her love for Yuan.

When Yuan noticed Mireya's stunned expression, he gave a gorgeous smile on his immaculate handsome face, causing Mireya to blush instantly.

She quickly averted her look away, embarrassed to make eye contact with him, and nervous since her heart was thumping faster than usual.

'Did he know I was staring at him?!' Mireya cried inwardly, and her face got even redder.

While the carriage continues to move while following the other carriages from behind, Yuan enjoys a romantic time with his girls inside the carriage, even if it is restricted to a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, the Hunters at the front face a strong magical beast known as the Dark Flame Hound.

And, with so many strong Hunters and Warriors entering the carriages ahead, Yuan didn't bother dealing with something like this.

However, while fighting the Dark Flame Hound, a few low-ranking Hunters were injured when they were ambushed by the other Dark Flame Hounds, who were hiding in the dense adjacent bushes.

Fortunately, the injuries were minor, and they were able to recuperate using inexpensive healing potions that everyone could afford.

The high-ranking Hunters and Warriors had little trouble dealing with the monsters and easily defeated the group of magical creatures, even though the monsters were close to S-rank.

After collecting useful resources from the monster carcasses, they resumed their march; everything went smoothly with only a few casualties, so there was no need for them to waste time, as the wounded were treated with healing potions.

The voyage lasted more than six hours before halting for a lunch break and allowing the horses to rest for a while, as most of the horses were too tired to pull the carriage.

Anna and the girls soon prepared a delicious meal for them, and General Valeria, who now considered herself his wife, came in for lunch.

While they were preparing the food, Yuan provided grass and water to the horses that were dragging their carriage and cared for them to ensure that they were healthy enough to pull their carriage.

Yuan returned a few minutes later and they all ate lunch together. Anna, with the assistance of Emma and Leah, made a supper that everyone appeared to like.

Yuan drew his mother Anna into his embrace after everyone had finished filling their bellies, making her laugh with anticipation and delight.

"Dear, what are you doing? Look, everyone is gazing at us." She said to him with a faint flush on her face, as her gaze wandered around the surroundings, noticing many other people watching at them with disgust on their faces.

However, Anna felt a rush of excitement run down her spine as she saw them like way. But she wouldn't show it on her face since it would allow Grace to mock her, which she couldn't tolerate.

Before she could say anything else, Yuan moved his face closer to hers and kissed her on the neck, sending an electric current through her entire body.

"Please don't tease me like this... You know I'll be excited..." Anna whispered into his ears, her tone full of want and love for him.

"I apologize for that... I'll be careful with you from now on, but only in public." With a cheeky glitter in his eyes, he gently brushed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately for the next second.

Meanwhile, Mireya and Sylvia turned their heads away, feeling uneasy about watching two individuals having a good time, but War General Valeria did not.

General Valeria watched Yuan kiss Anna on the lips, intrigued by how it felt to be kissed by a male, as she had never kissed anyone before.

Furthermore, before meeting Yuan, she did not get along well with males, since every male kept a distance from her, maybe due to the large scar on her face and the scary aura that always encircled her body.

Making it more difficult for males to approach her with a romantic interest, even though her face was extremely attractive if one looked closely and ignored the large scar on her face.

'Does it really feel as fantastic as Anna's face suggests? I would like to find out for myself. Since I'd already considered myself his wife, sharing a passionate kiss with him is regarded pretty common for couples.' General Valeria pondered, and a small, anticipated smile developed on her face.

When Yuan separated from Anna, he noticed General Valeria's gleaming eyes, as if she were a predator looking at its prey.

He felt a chill run down his spine as he noticed the broad grin on her face and couldn't help but smile uncomfortably at her. "What is it, Miss Valeria? Do you need anything from me?"

She nodded and, with a tiny blush on her cheeks, said, "How about we share a kiss? After all, you've vanquished me, and I'm now your wife, so it's normal for us to kiss...And I'm very curious about how kissing feels."

"So, my dear, won't you entertain your new wife?" She inquired with a sultry smile and a tone tinged with eagerness and anticipation.

"But aren't you attempting to move too quickly? After all, we should wait till we get to know one other better." Yuan remarked, hesitant to accomplish General Valeria's request because they barely knew one another.

"That isn't essential. I offer my body and soul to you, and we can share passionate kisses and even sleep together." She replied with a huge smile on her face as if she was not embarrassed to say that at all.

"What?!" Mireya and Sylvia both exclaimed simultaneously as they stood up from their seats in disbelief.

"I can't believe she's asking for a kiss right now..." Mireya mumbled in frustration.

"So you really see me as your husband, huh?" Yuan gave a gentle sigh.

"Without a doubt," General Valeria smiled and nodded her head several times. "Even though there is a significant age difference between us, and I am regarded quite elderly, I am unconcerned about how others perceive us."

"I also share the same thought; I don't mind being with an older woman like yourself; age is just a number to me," Yuan said with a smile, making General Valeria happy.

"I see…I'm glad to hear you don't disdain me because of my age; after all, at my age, I could be considered a grandmother. Haha~!" She responded with a soft laugh.

Yuan glanced at her for a time before standing up and approaching her with a friendly smile. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her into his hug, causing her to crimson with shame.

Mireya and Lily were envious, twisting their faces in irritation.

"You have gorgeous eyes, Valeria..." Yuan remarked, carefully bringing his face closer to hers until their lips were just inches away.

"Thank you, my dear." A pleasant smile spread across her face, and she felt an astonishing new sensation when Yuan's warm breath touched her face.

Yuan then cradled her face, placed his lips against her lovely mature lips, and kissed her passionately while wrapping his arms around her slender waist.

"Mmmm…" Valeria let out a tiny groan as she realized how nice it felt to kiss Yuan, and she unconsciously placed her arms around his neck and took the initiative to kiss him again.

Her big breasts rubbed against Yuan's chest, giving him an incredible sensation that made him quite sexually thrilled as the sleeping dragon beneath his trousers began to awaken from its slumber.

'What's this hard object pressing against my stomach? Is this what I believe it is...?' With a surprised expression on her face, she thought, felt something hard poke her belly button.

After the kiss, they entered their carriage, which soon began to move forward, along with the rest of the carriages.

They're traveling quickly through the woods because they need to traverse this small woodland before dusk, and they also need to locate a suitable location to make up camp for the night.

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