MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - C.504 Unexpected Ally


C.504 Unexpected Ally


'A very intrusting illusion,' Alex thought, seeing various figures manifesting in his surroundings, with all of them bearing his face.

Alex saw a copy version of himself clad in light armor made of pitch-dark leather, with a dark feathered cloak enveloping most of his body, leaving only his right-hand side exposed.

Another version of himself appeared, clad in dark armor accented with golden lines and a crown atop his head. Six familiar knives floated behind him, appearing exactly the same as he had looked a few days ago.

There were multiple other versions whose appearance matched how he looked in different stages of his life, but there were also those that looked nothing like he had ever looked in both of his lives.

Yet Alex knew all of them, like the one wielding an ebony dark staff with a winged skull cloaked in ever-burning ashy gray flames, was how he envisioned himself after acquiring the Legacy of the Dark King.

There were versions belonging to his past life, but the one that caught his attention the most was the version suspended mid-air, looking down on him with an aloof look in his eyes, with a giant timepiece with a prominent middle clock surrounded by twelve other, each having various runes etched on it.

This was how Alex envisioned himself if he had acquired the legacy of Cronos, and seeing these versions did not disturb him one bit because he knew they were mere illusions, but he was quickly forced to think otherwise.

'Is she an outsider Elemental Ruler?' Alex questioned, seeing that his various variants did not disappear into thin air even after he activated the Veilbreaker skill.

Alex knew that both elders of the Morvoren clan were male and did not have illusion abilities, at least not known to the public, so unless one of them changed his appearance to approach him, his opponent could very well be an outsider elemental Ruler.

Alex believed it because his skill should have completely removed or at least deterred the effects of the illusion, yet his surroundings and the appearance of his variants remained the same, like they existed in real life and were not mere illusions of his mind.

'I was planning to kill one of the elders, but seeing they are not approaching me, I will simply kill her to make my statement unless she plans to offer me entry into the realm,' Alex thought as he looked at the cold beauty standing in the distance.

Alex knew that he was stuck inside an illusion that controlled his senses, making him see reality as its user wanted, but he was not worried about anything because he could leave at any time he wanted because he had long made preparations to deal with such a situation.

"You will need to agree to my terms to obtain the means to kill your rival."

"If you plan to threaten me with my life, you're welcome to try, but know that by doing so, you would be signing your own death warrant," Alex said, attempting to discern the purpose of the meeting, yet the cold beauty only stared back at him, her face betraying no emotion.

While Alex was talking, one of the variants wielding spiked knuckles rushed toward him and swung at him, and without even diverting his gaze, he shifted to the side, caught the variant's arm, and pulled him forward.

In one swift motion, he threw a quick uppercut with his free hand, his fist tearing through the variant's jaw and emerging from the upper side of his skull, killing him in an instant.

Alex was surprised at how easily he had killed his variant, but the thought did not linger for long as an arrow came zooming at him.

Alex used the void walk to disappear and appear before the variant who had a timepiece suspended behind him, and in a swift motion, he slashed his sword and sliced the individual in half.

Alex moved to the next target, avoiding the variant who appeared behind him, and delivered a slash aiming to decapitate him.

'It was messy and slow, but it was a void step without a doubt, but by copying my moves, what is she trying to accomplish?' Alex thought, not missing the familiar disturbance of space when his variant appeared behind him.

Alex knew that in an illusion created by an Elemental Ruler, it was easy for the user to even create mind-bending reality, so by copying his skill, what was she trying to prove.

'Maybe she wants to test my strength because she sensed the elemental disturbance from the slow death curse on me,' Alex thought, considering the only possible scenario.

Alex kept destroying the variants that were soulless puppets, and in just a few seconds, he sensed the clear change in them.

In the beginning, their strength was merely Fifth rank at best, and while they recovered quickly from his attacks to their peak, it did not help much with their weak defensive capability.

However, as seconds passed, each of more than a dozen variants became strong, nearly rivaling him in everything from strength and speed to his technique.

It was getting harder and harder to fight, and Alex was now receiving minor injuries as the damm puppets were using his fighting style against him, and the only reason he was not overwhelmed was because of his experience fighting against a better version of himself in the training chamber.

'Let's get this over with,' Alex thought, a bit frustrated at the unknown lady who showed no signs of stopping this assault.

The ring worn by Alex broke, as the only skill on it was activated, instantly cloaking him in a golden aura that protected him from any mental attack and removed the one affecting him.

But to his surprise, instead of disappearing completely, just the appearance of his variants changed, as they went from looking like his clones to white faceless figures wielding various weapons built of the same material as their bodies.

The faceless figure, who was ready to plunge a sword through his back, stopped before his and all other's bodies began to crack and shatter before dissipating into thin air.

"If you can help me kill the two Morvoren clan elders, then I can promise you entry into the ancestral realm," The female said in her cold, emotionless voice as she appeared before him.

"You are not an Elemental Ruler?" Alex questioned, Alex's appraisal revealing no information about this female just like before, but Alex was certain she was not an Elemental Ruler as he previously believed.

Alex thought her to exist an Elemental Ruler because Alex's skill didn't work, but seeing how their exchange was more of her showing her strength than anything else, it was clear she was here to make one deal with him.

"You are correct,"

"But it is also true that without my help, you cannot enter this Ancestral Realm, even if you manage to convince the old fogies to let you in," She said calmly before she took one law oath, repeating the same words, leaving no room for doubt whether she was telling the truth or not.

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