MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - C.503 Kanut Wasteland


C.503 Kanut Wasteland

?It had been six days since Alex arrived at the unknown island cloaked in perpetual night, and in that time, he had learned a lot about his surroundings and had adapted to his new condition.

The island was large, at least a couple of thousand kilometers in all directions from the center, and the strength of island inhabitants ranged from mortal rank to peak Sixth Rank, with the latter being very rare and only coming in the form of World Bosses.

The best or worst thing Alex had learned was that the entire island was inhabited by clans of Elves, Dark Elves subspecies, to be precise, and none of them seemed to be friendly, as both of his encounters with them ended in battles.

Alex had also learned from the dark elves he had encountered before that the island was located in the area known as Kanut wasteland and was ruled by the Morvoren clan.

But when he asked them about anything related to the Ancestral realm portal, all of them said they knew nothing and only the clan leader knew of its location, who was missing.

Alex did not trust their words, but after the captured elves took the blood oath to prove it, no room for doubt was left.

Alex did ask about why their patriarch was missing and what they knew about the Ancestral realm, but besides telling him that their patriarch had gone missing a few months ago, they knew little to nothing about both things.

Alex also learned that, with the Morvoren clan patriarch missing, two of their own clan elders had divided the clan in a power struggle, each aiming to become the next patriarch, and the war between the two sides had officially begun six weeks ago.

The surrounding island clans were joining the struggle for power, either agreeing to help a side for benefits or outright attempting to take control themselves, so at the moment, the island was plunged into a state of Chaos.

It was ironic how Alex had found himself going from one war to another, but he had no interest in the ongoing struggle, as his sole goal was to locate the portal before the four weeks came to an end.

Alex knew that without the complete support of one of the elders, he had little chance of locating the portal, and even if he did, it would be near impossible to enter it.

So, after learning all there was to know about the two elders, Alex came up with a plan to not directly get involved in their power struggle and still get what he wanted.

'There are sixteen of them in total, with the strongest being a peak fifth Rank mage,' Alex thought as he scanned his surroundings, his eyes jumping from one target to another.

'It's a stupid plan, but it's still better than butchering random elves to make a name for myself,' Alex thought as he walked out of the shadows, knowing the party of dark elves knew of his location.

Alex left the shade of the tree and stepped into the open as he removed the hood of his cloak, revealing his face, and upon seeing him, the elf at the forefront, with a deep frown appearing on his face, spoke with visible anger.

"Ilan thor'in, tana'ssar, ar'silil esla amarth,"

"Human, show me your badge of fealty." The auto-translator spun to life and translated the dark elf's words for Alex.

"I belong to no faction, nor do I plan to join one," Alex said, his words automatically changing to the tongue of elves.

"However, I do a proposal, and whoever would accept it first will become the winning faction,"

"I will offer your master the means to kill the other faction leader, and in return, I want him to promise me entry into the Abyss realm," Alex said with a cold look, and upon hearing him, all the elves exchanged shocked glances to confirm they had heard the same thing.

The fairy folk were astonished to hear a human speaking perfect Elvish, something unheard of, but even more surprising was his seemingly insane offer, yet none of them dismissed it as nonsense, and on the contrary, they felt he might be telling the truth.

"Who are you, and how will you help kill a Law Ruler?" The leader questioned, his staff raised and his gray eyes pulsing with mana, a warning in his stance.

While Alex had been stripped of all his weapons and armor, this only applied to what he was wearing at the moment, and the items stored in his inventory were still in his possession.

Although he didn't have equipment of similar quality in his inventory since most of the good loot was stored in the Organization warehouse, which was accessible only within the domain, good equipment was never a concern for him as he could easily buy what he needed from the Ruler Shop.

All that aside, Alex had more than a dozen scrolls, in addition to other items stored in his inventory, that could easily help him deal with even an Eight Rank Ruler, and he planned to use them to deal with one of the elders.

"I am not your enemy, and as for how I will kill a Law Ruler, it is none of your concern,"

"You just need to deliver my proposal to your leader, and once he decides to agree to my request, he must take a law oath to accept my demands in front of a group of his men."

"Those men will roam the island, waiting to be found by me, and once I find them and confirm your leader has indeed taken the law oath, I will gladly meet with him and take the law oath to fulfill my side of the deal."

"That is if I have not already struck a deal with the other side," Alex said, a cold smile breaking across his face.

"Capture Him," The leader roared the order as he slammed his staff on the ground, making shadowy chains manifest and lunge at Alex, but all they captured was his mirage that broke into a blend of light particles.

Alex spent the next five days delivering the same offer to other groups before he was forced to stop making contact and focus solely on hunting creatures, as both sides were now relentlessly pursuing him.

Both sides promised not to harm him, and their leaders were even willing to take oaths to prove their words, but they were not willing to offer him an entry spot.

Their reaction told Alex that either they did not know the location of the Ancestral Realm portal or it was too precious for both sides for them to accept his offer, so he decided it was best to give them some time before moving on with the next part of his plan.

It was the start of the twelfth day, and as usual, Alex was busy hunting creatures to maintain his level when he sensed a powerful individual approach him.

"If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't have even sensed my presence," A feminine voice, cold and unsettling, sounded right next to his ear, catching Alex by surprise.

"You are welcome to try," Alex stated as he stepped away to have a look at this individual, and what he saw was surprising, to say the least.

The female stood at a height of 6.1 feet, and her appearance was that of an ethereal beauty, with thin eyebrows and high cheekbones, with long, flowing platinum blonde hair that framed her refined face.

She had piercing eyes that were a mesmerizing mix of flowing dark and bright white, like swirling energies, while her smooth, fair skin contrasted with her elegant, form-fitting black attire that left no part exposed.

"I will take you up on your offer," The female stated before Alex's environment began to blur and shift like they were melting away.

'Let's see what I can learn from her,' Alex contemplated as he began to examine his surroundings, which had returned to normal.

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