MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - C.500 Consequences


C.500 Consequences

'If even half of this army entered the Human Continent, they could burn everything to the ground in less than a year,' Alex thought as he saw gathered soldiers covering the ground and sky for as far as eyes could see.

Alex could see countless battleships and flying demonic beasts suspended in the murky, dark sky, stretching as far as his eyes could see and casting ominous shadows over the land.

Below, armored soldiers stood in impeccably straight lines on the barren land, their sheer numbers creating an unending sea of darkness.

'I don't have the luxury to waste time,' Alex thought in panic as he began to look around in search of his target, hoping he was not too late.

'I am not missing this chance,' Alex thought as he located Leviathan, standing in the sky before a portal, ready to step inside.

Alex used the Temporal Dilation Aura skill at maximum capacity without a moment's delay, knowing this was his last chance and being a step too late was not an option.

In an instant, twenty-five hard-earned levels were gone, and for Alex, the world came to a near-complete halt. Every noise from the roaring of demons and the flickering of twisting space from the massive gateway behind him went silent, while Leviathan, who was one step inside the portal, also slowed down to a near halt.

It was a surreal experience, one that stunned Alex so much that he forgot to even move when he used it the first time, but with his mind and body occupied with the only goal of reaching the chained entity, he did not even pay attention to the frozen surroundings this time.

Alex crossed the distance in a single step, appearing a few feet away from Leviathan and inches away from the chained-winged entity.

'It would be nice if he is dragged with me to the domain,' Alex thought as he clipped his hand around the winged entity's neck, his fingers tightening into a firm grip.

A mear moment later, violet runes began to manifest intricately, weaving together to create a large magic circle.

Leviathan, who was about to vanish into the portal, stopped and took a quick step back, with oceanic blue eyes stopping at the ancient runes weaving together to create the massive circle.

"I forgot to tell you, but the Demon Continent is—------ " Leviathan began to speak with a smirk, likely planning to explain how foolish it was and whatnot, but he stopped like he had seen a ghost.

Alex knew he was discovered, but he could do nothing besides try to clench his grip harder and hide behind the chained entity while he hoped for the best.

Leviathan, who had received the revelation of what was happening from his king, manifested a nocturnal blue mist that spread to hundreds of meters of surrounding space instantly, erasing the very fabric of space and turning a large area into a pitch-dark void of space.

Yet nothing happened to Alex, the winged entity, the blue ethereal chains, and expressly, the teleportation circle, as the violet runes could care less of the erasing mist and kept weaving into intricate circles.

Leviathan appeared behind Alex, sensing his position from the flow of erasing mist, but before his hand could take hold of him, the winged entity ducked down, making him while simultaneously delivering a kick that sent him flying back.

Alex saw or heard nothing because it all happened too quickly, but he sure felt the sudden shift, and for a moment, he imagined that his neck was being crushed, only to realize he was still hanging on the entity.

The circle was almost complete, as Alex could feel his vision turning pitch dark, and the surrounding space began to become heavy.

The final moment stretched into what felt like an eternity, with thoughts of failure flooding his mind. Although he was confident that the continental teleportation couldn't be stopped, as the final moment crept closer, he was unsure.

Alex's heart was pounding out of his chest, and a cold sweat broke out as he grappled with the possibility that he might fail, but before he knew it, the last second was over, and the familiar feeling of lightness washed over him.

As the ringing of system notifications filled his mind, Alex was on cloud nine at the successful execution, not realizing that the entity he was firmly holding on to was gone and he was being held by a firm grip.

"YOU SWINE, I WILL ERASE YOUR WORTHLESS EXISTANCE," A deep guttural roar brought Alex back to his senses, and with a quick gaze around, he saw himself suspended midair, being held by the enraged Leviathan.

The worst part was that Alex realized his surroundings were nothing but a boundless dark ocean that stretched in all directions for as far as he could see.

The feeling of horror quickly gripped his heart as Alex realized that he was not in the Domain and that the ugly creature roaring at him in rage was none other than Leviathan.

The handsome creature was gone, and in its place stood a tall creature, its sinewy frame covered in a tough, black and blue exoskeleton that gleamed with an oily sheen.

Its ghostly white skull was elongated and crowed with a short horn in its center that reached all the way back, with numerous onyx, blue eyes, and its lower face being countless tentacles that hung till its chest.

The creature had four arms, all ending in clawed webbed hands, while its towering physique was covered in deep onyx armor, and as much as he appeared different, Alex knew instinctively that he was Leviathan.

The winged entity was gone, so the mission was a success, but happiness was the last thought that crossed his mind because he realized that he had messed up big time, and it was going to cost him dearly.

There were barely a few seconds left before the potion effects wore off, and Alex didn't see any way of escaping from the twisted monstrosity before him.

The sheer pondered of getting his existence erased, his link to the Ancient world cut off, made pure fear grip his mind, but he also realized that Zero could help him.

[Protection wish rejected]

[Player Hidden One Avatar is not in danger of getting erased]

'Is this bastard joking with me?' Alex thought, seeing his protection wish getting rejected.

Leviathan, who was crushing his neck with all his strength, suddenly let go of it, with his eyes going dull for a moment, and while Alex noticed it, he couldn't care less about it in his current situation.

'My king, I take full responsibility for my failure,' Leviathan said after the enraged voice of Ahrimon led him back to his senses.

'Erase all of his skills, strip him of his armor and weapons, erase the soul mark on him, seal away his continental teleportation skill, and then place a mark of death on him, before throwing him on the closest island,' Ahrimon's voice sounded in his mind before the connection was cut off.

'My king, My king, My king,' Leviathan repeated the words, yet they fell on deaf ears, and the realization of not being acknowledged by his master tore his very being.

'I was so close to perfectly executing my orders, yet this hateful vermin ruined it all,'

'It is all his fault,' Leviathan thought, rage filling his mind, yet his king's orders were as clear as day in his mind.

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