MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - C.499 A Wild Desition


C.499 A Wild Desition

The Human Saint, a figure of immense influence in the Human Empire of the Domain, died a death where even his body was not left intact, a deserving death for a blind traitor.

However, where his death closed the slit in space, acting as the gate for the Devourer beasts to flood the area, his death also fueled the growing dark portal that now stood as a giant ominous hole in the fabric of reality.

It was surprising because Alex was expecting the portal to close as the power source was cut off, but it seemed that the last crystal was not on Zanthean.

Alex was no longer in contact with anyone, so he did not know if the last crystal was located or not and if they had any chance of closing the growing portal.

Alex felt really frustrated with the entire situation as nothing was going right, and even his little mission was edging closer to failure, with him seeing little to no success in sight, and he could do nothing but wait, hoping for the best.

What followed after Zanthean's death was a complete blood bath, as the summoned devourer beasts numbering close to a hundred, led by the nine humanoid creatures, all went on a mad rampage.

Elder Darrien chained every moving thing in blood chains, but where the maddened beasts struggled to break a few chains, the humanoid creatures broke free in mere moments.

Unlike the beastly creatures, who showed no elemental abilities and struggled against their restraints with brute strength alone, the Humanoid creatures were different.

Few of them completely erased the chains using a veil of dark energy, shattered them into pieces with brute strength, or ate them like candy by manifesting faceless jaws created out of dark energy, with one of them even vanishing like a ghost.

Alex couldn't gauge their strength, but he knew that if Elder Darrien wanted to, he could kill them in no time.

However, he understood that they were only here to become fuel for the portal, and that was the only reason the beastly creatures were in chains and not reduced to a pile of blood and gore.

However, the devourer beasts didn't need Elder Darrien to kill them, as the Humanoid creatures, freed from chains, moved on to their underlings with the sole intention of killing them.

Elder Darrien protected the chained beasts as he dealt with the humanoid figures, but he couldn't save everyone when everyone was trying to kill everyone.

Alex was shaken to the core after watching the insane regeneration of the chained beastly creatures with them regenerating losing libs to almost getting slipt in half, and how viciously they used their tendrils, tounges, or any means to damage each other, even in their near-death state.

These creatures were pure monsters, driven by a singular goal of killing each other without any perception of pain, fear, or hesitation, and the sheer thought of millions of such creatures ready to plunge the world into chaos sent shivers down his spine.

The following minute and a half passed quickly, and at the end of it, more than half of the beastly creatures were dead, having become the fuel for the portal that now stood as a giant dark hole of revolving darkness.

Alex was hoping that these humanoid Devourer creatures would intervene and break the domain of Lady Margaret, giving him a chance to pull off the kidnapping, but that was wishful thinking with the presence of Elder Darrien.

Now, the only chance Alex had to complete the mission was the arrival of the Demon Duke, and while he hoped that the portal closed and the world would spared from impending fate, he understood by now that the descent of the Sin bastard was inevitable.

'So we failed to stop him,' Alex thought as he heard a deep, grueling noise.

A small hole the size of a little marble appeared in the massive, revolving vortex of twisted space that stood firm at the end of the blinding pillar of light, and on the other side of the small hole, a blend of colors could be seen.

The small portal began to expand at an alarming rate, devouring the dark space and creating a proper passage connecting the two sides. Seeing the shift, Elder Darrien stopped holding back and began tearing the Devourer beasts apart.

Barely ten seconds had passed when the portal grew to a few meters in diameter, and Alex could barely make out the other side, a glimpse of the demon continent.

"At last, the fresh air of freedom," A melodious voice, clearly masculine yet serene, resounded amidst the ongoing chaos.

'Duke of Envy?' Alex questioned the identity of the man who stood mere meters away from him in the sky, wearing blue robes that covered one shoulder and left half of his upper body exposed.

The man appeared human to his last strand of black and blue hair, yet Alex could tell he was not human because of the strange aura he released, as that made him not even want to use appraisal on him, even though he knew he was hidden from all senses.

In an instant, Lady Margaret and the Winged entity appeared both, appearing uninjured, and seeing it, Alex felt that this was his only chance, so he moved toward the entity.

'DAMMM IT, NOT AGAIN,' Alex cursed, as once more both elders, the winged entity, the Sin duke, and all of the Chaos general and the Devourer beasts vanished into thin air, only leaving Alex behind.

Now that it had happened for the second time, Alex knew for certain that the potion effects that protected him also made it impossible for the elemental domains to affect him, and at that moment, it was less of a blessing and more of a curse.

'Two minutes and eleven more seconds,' Alex thought, looking at the countdown, still hoping to pull off, but with every failed attempt, he was losing hope and was getting frustrated.

The following minute and a half passed quickly before finally, the elders, the entity, demons, and the six Chaos Generals appeared with all of the Devourer beasts missing, but that was the last of the concerns.

Leviathan, the Duke of Envy, was holding the winged entity who was insnared in blue ethereal chains, and the six unconscious Chaos generals, while both Elders were frozen in place suspended in the sky, ensnared by similar bonds whose ends were attached to thin air.

"I will be leaving, but you two are welcome to follow me," Leviathan uttered as he shifted toward the still-growing gateway and quickly disappeared into it with the struggling entity.

Alex stood frozen, watching the scene unfold, unable to comprehend how both of the Elders could be immobilized, and seeing them in such a vulnerable state, the gears in his mind shifted.

Alex quickly decided that if Leviathan was going to attack them, he would use the continental teleportation on them, disregarding the emergency quest altogether.

After Leviathan entered the gateway and the last of the Six creatures disappeared into it, Alex saw the blue ethereal bonds cracking before shattering into nothingness.

Alex felt relieved that both elders were safe and not in any real trouble as he expected, but he also realized that his target was gone, and less than half a minute was left before the quest time ran out.

Alex did not know what would be the consequences of his failure, but seeing the visibly angered and shaken expression of his Elders, he knew that the winged entity was important, and it being dragged away in bonds could only mean it was very important to Ahrimon.

'What should I do?' Alex questioned as the panic clutched his heart, not knowing what calamity the world would suffer if he failed to save that entity.

The adrenaline rush from all the ups and downs was not helping Alex think clearly, as he was imagining the worst of the worst, so as he took deep breaths, he looked at the glowing portal.

'I can always use teleportation to return to the Domain,' Alex pondered as he rushed into the portal, making a decision that would change a lot for many people.

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