MMORPG : Ancient WORLD - C.496 Emergency Quest


C.496 Emergency Quest

In a grand chamber lit with cyan blue light, with many areas cloaked in darkness because of the large crystal pods placed on the ground and hanging from the ceiling, a figure dressed in a white coat could be seen standing before a stone bed.

A massive humanoid figure lay atop the dark stone bed, stretching at least three meters in length, its muscular physique appearing to be made of dark fibers, with seemingly no skin covering his bare flesh.

Its face was humanoid yet alien in nature. It had a broad, flat head and three sets of eyes, all placed at different angles. There were no signs of a nose, and at its mouth, there was just a circular hole lined with rows upon rows of sharp, fleshy teeth.

Its body was cut open from the center, multiple tools stuck inside its abdomen, and the female in a white coat by its side could be seen using them to sort through the inside of the strange creature.

"The appearance of the Chaos Queen is unexpected, to say the least, and the first question is whether she is the real deal or not."

"From what we have seen, she is using the Chaos convergence technique, but it's a skill that could be replicated,"

"So her appearance could be a ploy orchestrated by Ahrimon, but it's also possible that she is the real deal, so let's go on with the belief that she is the real deal," Guardian Elmara voiced her opinion through the mental link while she kept sorting through the creature's insides.

"If Ahrimon was doing all this to attract our attention to lure us into a trap, then it would have been more convincing if more of the chaos generals went missing in the recent months,"

"It appears that Ahrimon found out about the presence of the Chaos Queen in recent months and altered his original plan to set the stage with all the demon generals in one place to attract the newly born Chaos Queen,"

"If it worked, he would have immense gain, and if it did not and his finding were wrong, then his plan would work as usual, just at some additional cost," Guardian Elmara said and momentarily went silent that she spent taking out twisted organs from the inside of the creature.

"However, it is also possible that Ahrimon is using reverse phycology on us by laying out this sloppy plan, making us believe she is the real deal,"

"We don't have much of an option but to believe she is the real deal, so in our current circumstances, our first and safest option would be to send someone inside and have a conversation with the chaos queen, explain to her the circumstances of the world and what is Ahrimon and what he plans to do,"

"Tell her how as much as she could gain from Ahrimon, she could gain most of that without getting involved with him and working with us, and convince her of the danger, and it could be done by simply sharing some of your related memories,"

"A simple oath would make her understand that you are not lying, and going to the Demon continent would make her stuck in a contract that could eventually doom her,"

"This is an option if she is willing to listen because we can not be certain if she is newly born or the chaos incarnate Malgortha, the original calamity that invaded our world,"

"If she does not listen, then the next option, a risky one, would be to kill her if you can, knowing she can not be an ally, and even though she would be reborn within a few years, that would still be much better than letting her grow unchecked,"

"Now the very, very risky yet the best option would be to make the Domain Ruler use continental teleportation to bring her to the domain if it confirmed that she is the real deal and willing to cooperate,"

"However, If this is a trap, then this is exactly what Ahrimon would want because we all know that while continental teleportation is a great tool, the kid does not have control over it, and a strong individual could easily change the endpoint,"

"This entire situation is strange because even if everything goes well, we can't be certain that those two are not already working together, but besides staying out of this, those two are our only options, and as for what you want to do, I leave it up to you guys," Guardian Elmara said and went silent, having nothing more to add.

"Margaret, you will need to act on the first option, and if this chaos queen agrees to work with us, then great otherwise, kill ----"

"Great Guardian, We have a big problem,"

"Domain Ruler suddenly vanished," Lady Margaret's panicked voice roared through the mental link, cutting Varon off.

"WHAT??" Varon questioned, his always calm voice laced with visible panic, knowing she was not pulling a prank on him.

"After saying, 'I apologize for the trouble, but I have no choice' 'I will be back soon,' he disappeared using the temporal Beacon skill, teleporting to the city in the Human Empire, but in the small instant it took for me to arrive at the city, he was gone,"

"It's as if he vanished from existence completely, but I can not feel any trace of him, neither physical nor spiritual." Lady Margaret shared, trying to explain what had transpired in the past few seconds.

"HOW, How can he disappear just like that?" Varon roared, but it was more of a question to himself because he could no longer feel Alex's presence.

Varon knew Alex did not have access to any artifacts good enough to pull this off, even if he suddenly had the mind to pull a prank on them, and the only possible conclusion he reached sent a shiver down his spine while filling his mind with a thousand more questions.

"This is interesting, very interesting," Guardian Elmara said, not even bothering to lift her eyes off the specimen, let alone stop removing organ samples from its body.


(Five Minutes Ago)

'What is this bastard up to now,' Alex thought with a deep frown, his eyes fixed on a projection displaying a silver knight.

The knight's eyes were as dark as two bottomless wells, oozing with ominous darkness, and Alex could recognize those pupilless eyes even in his sleep, knowing for certain they belonged to Ahrimon.

Alex was surprised that Zanthean the Human Saint, a figure of immense power, was a mere puppet of Ahrimon, but once Elder Darrien appeared and that foul mouth began talking, he was left staring at the screen with wide eyes and a slightly hanging jaw.

"What he says is true, but don't mention it before Darrien, as he does not like talking about his past," Lady Margaret said, answering the question before Alex could bring it up.

Alex was surprised but not really surprised, understanding that at one point, Ahrimon was a respected member of the Domain Royalty, brother of the Ruling King, and also a strong individual, so such relations were bound to be present.

Alex was brought back to their senses by a calm ringing in his mind that was familiar to him as the system sound and the quick, transparent window popup proved it was the system.


Emergency Ruler Quest

Objective: Get within a ten-meter radius of the Chaos entity and activate Continental Teleportation.

Resources: World'sEmbrace Potion

Restriction: The Ruler must keep all details of this quest a complete secret until the task is completed.

Time: 9:59 Minutes

Reward: A Ruler's Wish

Description: Time is of the essence, so the Ruler must act swiftly, or a great calamity will befall the world.


'What the f**k, is this supposed to be a prank,' Alex thought, his heart pounding with a mix of shock and disbelief as he read through the quest details.

"Elder Darrien is one of the strongest figures in the domain, so don't worry about him," Lady Margaret said, sensing the sudden heart rate spike, believing he was worried about their clash.

Alex might only nod as he tried to calm his emotions, trying to make sense of this sudden emergency quest and its unusual restrictions.

Alex did not know what to do because even though it was a Ruler Quest, it was asking for a lot. He was not only being told to dive headfirst into danger to do something crazy but also to keep it a complete secret from his guardians, and then there was the damm time limit of seven minutes.

Alex looked at the potion that was listed as the resource and perused its description, and to say he was surprised by its effect would be an understatement, but seeing it, he could not help but curse, knowing this was not a strange prank.

"I apologize for the trouble, but I have no choice," Alex stated as he rose up, realizing time was of the essence.

"I will be back soon," Alex stated to the confused Lady Margaret before he swiftly used the temporal Beacon skill to teleport to the nearest location to the Capital City Nova.

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