Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - C.5922: Proving Me is Me

Martial God Asura (Web Novel)

C.5922: Proving Me is Me

Chapter 5922: Proving Me is Me

“Do you really have something good to offer Chu Feng, or is it just an excuse to lure him here?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course, I have something good for him,” the old voice replied.

“Will you return Tan Yu’s dantian as long as Chu Feng stands before you right now?” Chu Feng had already asked this question, but he wanted to verify it once more.

“That’s right.

“Good. Hand Tan Yu’s dantian over right now then.”

Chu Feng removed the spirit power enveloping him, revealing his original appearance.


Everyone present witnessed the transformation, and they were all shocked other than Zi Ling.

“Bloody hell!” a curse bellowed through the barrier. “Brat, I know you’re a smart-ass, but you shouldn’t take me for a fool! Do you think I’d return Tan Yu’s dantian to you just because you transformed into Chu Feng? Try that once more, and I’ll smash Tan Yu’s dantian right now!”

“Elder, you must be a formidable world spiritist to be able to decipher this formation. You should have treasures to determine whether this is a disguise or not. Try something then; I’ll cooperate with you. You’ll get your answer then,” Chu Feng replied.

“Hoh, I don’t know whether you’re smart or foolish. Are you trying to agitate me now? Do you think that I don’t have the means required to see through your disguise? Or do you think that I can’t throw them across the barrier? Very well, I’ll make you give up right now!”

A talisman paper was tossed out from the barrier.


The talisman paper exploded, releasing a whirl of spirit power. Any disguise formation would automatically unravel if one stepped within the whirl.

Chu Feng could tell from this formation that the person trapped in the barrier was a powerful world spiritist, likely having reached True Dragon World Spiritist.

“Obediently look for Chu Feng right now, and I’ll keep Tan Yu’s dantian for you. Otherwise, I’ll smash it right now,” the old voice said.

He didn’t believe that Chu Feng was Chu Feng. He tossed out the formation to make Chu Feng give up on this farce.

However, Chu Feng revealed a confident smile. I am me. What do I have to fear?

Thus, he walked into the whirl of spirit power created by the talisman paper. The spirit power gushed through his body as if it would tear him into shreds, but he remained safe, and his appearance didn’t change either.

This sight shocked the entity inside the barrier.

“Milord, is there a chance that your talisman paper... doesn’t work?” the Sunmoon Sect’s old ancestor asked.

They didn’t believe that Chu Feng was Chu Feng either, so if Chu Feng’s appearance didn’t change after walking into the whirl, the problem had to be with the talisman paper.

“Tsk, this sure is a darned coincidence. Are you really Chu Feng?” the old voice spoke once more, but this time, his tone was much more polite and excited.

“...” The sectmaster’s body stiffened up and began convulsing.

“Grandfather, what’s wrong?” The sectmaster’s grandson rushed forward to support his grandfather.

“It’s over. Tan Yu got Chu Feng here. Our Sunmoon Sect is over. How can we afford to offend someone like that?” The sectmaster was in despair.

“Is milord... really Jie Ranqing’s son?” Tan Yu looked at Zi Ling.

“He is,” Zi Ling replied with a smile.

Tan Yu looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with respect and admiration.


Another item was tossed out through the barrier. It was a jar covered in talismans.

“Chu Feng, this is Tan Yu’s dantian. The Sunmoon Sect has committed many atrocities, so feel free to deal with them as you deem fit. I won’t interfere,” the old voice said.

“Thank you, elder.”

Chu Feng casually waved his hand.

Before the old ancestor, the sectmaster, and the sectmaster’s grandson could say a word, the three of them were simultaneously reduced into a puddle of blood water.

Chu Feng waved his hand once more, and their Cosmos Sacks and treasures fell into his grasp. He first unraveled the restrictions in their Cosmos Sacks and transferred all of the items into one Cosmos Sack before passing them to Tan Yu.

“Take this as their compensation.”

“Milord, I can’t accept this. You have already exacted vengeance for me, and I have no idea how I can ever repay you. How can I...”

Tan Yu’s first thought was to turn down the offer. He couldn’t bring himself to accept it, not to mention that he didn’t need them since he was a cripple. He thought that it was already an act of magnanimity that someone of Chu Feng’s stature was willing to take the trouble to help him.

However, Chu Feng stuffed the Cosmos Sack into his hand. “These things are useless to me, but you’ll need them once you regain your cultivation.”

Tan Yu was taken aback to hear that. “Milord, y-you mean...”

“Your dantian is intact. You can regain your cultivation.”

“I-is that for real?” Tan Yu’s breathing hastened. He dared not to even dream of regaining his cultivation.

“If big brother Chu Feng says it’s possible, it must be,” Zi Ling added.

Tan Yu was stunned. Everything felt so unreal to him that he wondered if he was in a dream.

“Elder, can you tell me now why you’re looking for me? “Chu Feng asked.

“Tell the other two to excuse themselves for the time being. I’d like to have a private chat with you,” the old voice replied.

“Tan Yu, you step aside for a while,” Chu Feng said as he constructed an isolation formation around Tan Yu. “Elder, you can speak now.”

“What about that woman?” the old voice asked.

Zi Ling wanted to excuse herself, but Chu Feng grabbed her hand and looked at the barrier. “She can stay. If she needs to excuse herself too, perhaps we shouldn’t have this conversation at all.”

“Is she your lover?” the old voice asked.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded.

“I see. That’s fine with me. Do you still remember your visit to the Dragon Breath Spring Chamber?”

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