Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - C.5920: Trapped in the Sacred Land

Martial God Asura (Web Novel)

C.5920: Trapped in the Sacred Land

Chapter 5920: Trapped in the Sacred Land

Tan Yu initially thought that Chu Feng was an amicable and reasonable person, but only now did he realize that the other party had a vicious side to him.

The sectmaster, the old ancestor, his grandson, and the others were horrified.

“Spare us, milord! Spare us! We were foolish! We committed an unforgivable crime out of greed. Milord, please give us a chance to turn over a new leaf. We’ll do anything as long as you spare our lives!”

“Where’s Tan Yu’s dantian?” Chu Feng asked.

That was his true goal. He did earnestly want to help Tan Yu, but he also wanted to acquire the latter’s dantian as he believed that the change in the formation two hundred years ago might be related to his bloodline awakening.

“Milord, Tan Yu has a special bloodline. We were planning to fuse Tan Yu’s bloodline into Shi’er’s body, but we soon realized that they wouldn’t fuse, so... so...”

“So what? I’ll take your lives if you lie,” Chu Feng said.

“I dare not to lie! Tan Yu’s dantian is valuable, so we have been keeping it all along. We have been searching for a method to use it on Shi’er or our other juniors. Not long ago, a powerful existence appeared in our Sunmoon Sect’s sacred land, and it was trapped there. So, we freed it and offered many treasures to it, including Tan Yu’s dantian,” the old ancestor said.

“Sacred land?” Chu Feng sensed that something was amiss. “Tell me more about your sacred land.”

The old ancestor quickly recounted what happened.

According to Tan Yu, the founder of the Sunmoon Sect established the sect here after realizing that there was something special about this land. All in all, the Sunnmoon Sect had more than a hundred thousand years of history behind them.

In this hundred thousand years, the Sunmoon Sect had never stopped trying to uncover the secret hidden in this land.

They realized each time the phenomenon appeared, a piece of land would display an anomaly. They invited powerful world spiritists over to help them decipher the anomaly, but they weren’t able to get to the bottom of it.

Nevertheless, the Sunmoon Sect took that piece of land to their sacred land.

Not long ago, the sacred land suddenly displayed a reaction. A powerful surge of spirit power burst forth from it, and a vague voice could be heard.

It turned out that a powerful existence was trapped in the sacred land and wanted to break free, but it needed the cooperation of the Sunmoon Sect. Thus, the Sunmoon Sect paid a hefty price to purchase many formation deciphering resources. Furthermore, it tossed many of its treasures into the space it was trapped in.

“What does Tan Yu’s dantian have to do with this?” Chu Feng was vexed.

He couldn’t understand what the Sunmoon Sect was trying to pull here. They were a sect with over a hundred thousand years of history, after all, so how could they be so ignorant?

Considering the unique nature of this place, the fellow trapped here might just be a powerful monster from the Ancient Era. It wouldn’t be easy to retrieve Tan Yu’s dantian from it, given that he was just a junior right now.

“W-we did it out of desperation. That powerful existence opened a teleportation passageway for us to toss treasures in to help him, so we tossed most of our valuables in without much thought. We thought that powerful existence might just find great use for one of the items we threw in,” the old ancestor explained.

Chu Feng let out a deep sigh. It was similar to a terminally ill patient resorting to folk remedies in hopes that one might cure him. They were trying to clutch onto any straw of hope within reach.

If they could free that powerful existence, their Sunmoon Sect might just rise through the ranks.

“Where’s the sacred land? Bring me there,” Chu Feng ordered.

“Milord, this way please.”

The old ancestor quickly led the way. He lowered his stature and bent his back, giving off none of the powerful disposition he displayed earlier with his entrance. He looked no different from an old servant.

Chu Feng waved his sleeves and constructed a sealing formation around the Sunmoon Sect.

Most of those remaining hadn’t done anything to Tan Yu, but he didn’t want the news here to get out until he resolved this matter.

Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Tan Yu, the old ancestor, the sectmaster, and the sectmaster’s grandson made their way to the Sunmoon Sect’s sacred land together.

Chu Feng immediately sensed how extraordinary the sacred land was.

There was an extremely powerful barrier that appeared to be from the Ancient Era here, and they wouldn’t have been able to see it at all if not for the peculiar circumstances. Due to that, Chu Feng was unable to discern much from it.

Chu Feng could tell that this barrier enveloped an unimaginable area, and it probably became visible because of a crack in the barrier. It was also likely the reason they could hear the voice of the entity trapped within.

He could sense spirit power flowing inside the barrier, a hint that someone was trying to breach it. There was no mistake in that person’s deciphering, but he was still unable to come out.

There could be two reasons for that.

The inside of the barrier could have been too firm for anyone inside to leave, or that person had a formation planted on him that prevented him from coming out.

“Interesting. A formidable lad is here.”

Just then, an old voice echoed from within the barrier.

“Milord, save us!” the Sunmoon Sect’s old ancestor pleaded.

“Calm down. I’m here. He won’t dare to kill you,” the voice in the barrier said.


Right as those words were said, the old ancestor was kicked to the floor. Chu Feng proceeded to stamp the old ancestor’s head into the ground.

“What makes you think I dare not kill them in your presence?” Chu Feng replied.

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