Lord of Flames - C.441: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

Lord of Flames

C.441: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

: You are a good person! An angry Dark Elf!

The aura of darkness did not emit from her body. The darkness was so dense that it could not be dissolved. If she rushed out of the Dark Forest and reached the sky above a city, she could release the aura of darkness and turn the city into darkness in a short period, turning countless people into dark creatures.

These were the Dark Creatures of the Sanctuary.

However, they would not do that. The risk was too meaningful. If they were suppressed by the laws of the Continent of God, they would be easily killed by others and it would be meaningless.

He really has become a Sanctuary! Hahaha, when the power changes, your heart will lose control. These Fallen Elves are all mine. When Angstrom returns, you will definitely go mad with anger, hee hee!

Under the excitement of the Dark Elf, one moment haha , the other moment hee hee , it was like an authentic madwoman!

Other than Angie, the additional Fallen Elves strength had also increased.

The first 500 Fallen Elves had all become seventh-rank Fallen Elves.

Many of the Fallen Elves had reached the eighth rank.

The Fallen Elves who had just arrived had also gained quite a bit. Each Fallen Elf had almost raised a rank.

Even Judith and another legendary Fallen Elf took a big step towards Sanctuary.

However, the Sanctuary needed to understand the rules. Just the increase in strength alone could not push them to the Sanctuary. The two of them had absorbed so much dark energy, and their strength was enough. As long as they understood the rules, they could become Sanctuary.

In short, the Fallen Elves had gained too much this time.

The Dark Elf and the cold will give a lot.

It could even be said to be quite large.

However, if all the Fallen Elves had turned into Dark Elves, their gains would be unprecedented.

More than a thousand powerful Fallen Elves.

If they all turned into Dark Elves and fell into the darkness, their strength would increase even further. That was a terrifying power.

More importantly, compared to the many dark creatures born and bred, their growth space was much larger.

This was also the reason why the Dark Elves and the existence behind them had sacrificed their lives.

Taking advantage of Angsts absence, she captured all the Fallen Elves that Angstrom had painstakingly gathered and turned them into Dark Elves. This kind of thing was enough to satisfy her!

The Dark Elf waited patiently, waiting for Angies advancement.

Finally, Angie opened her eyes.

Her body was so dark that it could not be dissolved, but her eyes were incomparably bright as if there was all the light in the world.

When the Dark Elf saw Angies eyes, she was shocked.

The Dark Elf was feeling worse and worse.

All Fallen Elves leave the rift.

Angie suddenly gave the order.

Following her order, all the Fallen Elves rushed out of the crack before the Dark Elf could react.

The Fallen Elf was above the seventh rank, so she could fly.

In this rift, the suppression of the Laws of the Continent of God was not strong, but outside the rift, the suppression of the Laws of the Continent of God was relatively stronger.

Although there was a Dark Forest outside the crack, and the Dark Forest was equivalent to the outpost of dark creatures, it would take some time for it to fit into the Dark Forest.

When the powerful being crawled out of the crack, the pressure was still quite strong.

You guys

The Dark Elf was still a little dumbfounded. Before she could finish her sentence, Angie was also rapidly rising.

Thank you for your generosity. If you help us increase our strength, you are a good person.

After Angie finished speaking, the whole person left the crack and reached the ground.

In the darkness, the Dark Elfs face slowly changed.

Up until now, how could she not know that Angie had tricked her?

Although she did not know the reason, now, the reason was no longer important.

The most important thing was that these Fallen Elves had absorbed a large amount of dark energy. After quickly increasing their power, they were not attacked by the dark energy!

The Dark Elf could not understand how they did it!

However, this was not important anymore!

What was important was that she was tricked!

It was no problem for her to make such a solemn promise to that cold will!

But now, she was going to die!

Ah, you dare to fool me!

The Dark Elf was on the verge of exploding from anger. She rushed out of the crack desperately.


She activated her energy and attacked the Fallen Elves.

However, Angie and the two legends easily blocked her attack.

If you dare to come out, then you wont be able to leave.

Angie decisively attacked the Dark Elf.

This was the first time the Dark Elf broke through the crack. After being blocked by Angie, she regretted it in her heart.

She could already feel the suppression from the Continent of God.

This kind of suppression, as if the entire continent of the gods was pressed on her body. it was so heavy that she could not breathe completely.

Angie joined forces with the two legends. Angie attacked while the two legends blocked her path of retreat, causing the Dark Elf to fall into a sorry state.

Not long after, the Dark Elf was heavily injured.

However, she still found a chance and rushed down the crack.

Angie saw that she was injured and chased after her, leaving a few wounds on the Dark Elf.

Angie finally stopped when she reached the entrance of the Dark Abyss.

Just like Angstrom, she did not want to enter the Dark Abyss.

Just you wait, this is not over!

After the Dark Elf left a vicious sentence, she quickly rushed down the crack and fled back to the Dark Abyss.

Angie snorted and flew into the crack.

She was now a Sanctuary. With her here, she was not afraid of the Dark Elf coming back.

As for whether there were gods behind the Dark Elves, Angie was not worried either.

They were not Fallen Elves without the blessing of God.

In addition, Angstrom was about to return. If that Dark Elf came back, Angstrom would give her a bigger surprise!

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